American Kabuki – Advice From The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – 27 June 2012

I’ve decided not to post rumors of pending military or arrest actions until there are hard facts. I don’t want to contribute to the panic some are feeling. The Internet can act as a kind of an echo chamber or rumors, what I find to be of substance I will report on immediately.   This seems to me to be the important thing right now, to maintain a space of peace and calm while the hurricane swirls about.   In my youth in Arizona we had a type of storm we called “dry lightening”.  It would get gloomy, threatening, and lots of thunder and lightening but whatever rain fell never hit the ground before evaporating.  There seems to be a bit of dry lightening on the web right now, especially on Facebook.

Regarding the June 25, 2012 Presidential Executive Order, it appears to be an extension of a Bush order, like many others.  Its relative importance I am not completely clear on. If John Kettler’s past reports are true,  the Russians did sell a number of countries nukes, like German (which were transshipped to Israel via submarine), and Greece also got a couple of them.  In both cases ETs have confiscated those. It is true its a dangerous time, but its also true that we are getting extraordinary help to keep the cabal from doing major damage.  They can have all the weapons they want, but if they are rendered inert, they won’t do them any good.  Our destiny is too important for these bloodlines to get their last stab at humanity before they are hauled off and never seen again.

Energies are very high right now, the illusion will fade as all illusions will, but time to remain centered in the knowledge that God is within and will see you through no matter what.  There’s going to be lots of smoke and mirrors in the next few weeks, helps to observe it with a sense of detachment from the illusion, knowing it is but an illusion.  That which is real will carry on. link to original article


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