Drake – BREAKING NEWS – The Cavalry Is Coming, Watch The Fireworks – 28 June 2012

Drake has just told on radio that the cavalry is coming. The UN Agenda 21 declaration was the last straw. All necessary paperwork is ok and some other minor paperwork will be done underway to cover all states . The military now are coming into action.  They will if necessary call upon the standby militia or civilians and contact them or you.  So do not fear the military. As you know there is also the ET support to this all.  The news will come out in chunks fast. The message is  watch the fireworks. The military hopes they will surrender peaceful and have not to shoot them at sight or take them out. The green light has been given. Keep calm and sit back. Watch freedom unfold.

Thanks Drake and all allies who have helped to make this possible. Above and  on the ground.

Love and Light,

Lucas ( This message was first published 01.43 AM  European Standard Time – Amsterdam)

The show you can in full listen to again at :  Direct link to blogtalkradio Global Voice Radio 2012 Network – Drake’s Midweek Update 27-28 June 2012


8 responses to “Drake – BREAKING NEWS – The Cavalry Is Coming, Watch The Fireworks – 28 June 2012

  1. everyone needs to know this Please find a way to get to everyone. Don’t let anyone take this lighly

    • darren wilson

      Im so confused? what did I miss?

      • You missed thata new world order of illuminati will nog happen. You missed that you will be having a real free constitutional new USA where sovereign people reign as the last of the dark cabal/illuminati is being removed and neutralized. You missed a lot, you where not awake. Now wake up! This is your new reality and great news. Do not fear not worry as all will go well. All will unfold in short time. Probably before 4th of july.

        Love and Light,

      • Darren, the people will be informed for tactical reasons by the military via the media short before the events take place. We, the alternative and spiritual media have been doing our part now for years to help get people awaken to the reality of the oppression and control by a little group of illuminati and dark cabal. The time is over now. What happens in the USA will have its influence towards the rest of the world. The last remnents of dark will be removed one way or they other as our galactic positive light force friends are also doing their parts for years. Now they can fully support our own freeing of the dark.You can also do your part in waking up all who will and have a listening ear. The message is out here for everyone to learn, educate yourselves and spread it far and wide.

        Love and Light, remember your a sovereign human lightbeing.


  2. jorge valladares

    We are ready, lets do these, if need it you know how to get hold of me.

  3. “the Charge of the Light Brigade”

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