Janice Collins – Calm Amid The Chaos – 27 June 2012

(Steve Beckow:  You’ll see us posting more and more “new” writers, as we make room for lightworkers to expand their service and address a wider and wider audience. You’ve seen Janice Collins’ poetry and we now welcome her prose as well. Now follows the Article.)

What if those of us who have come to know what we really ARE can subtly transmit this knowing to others just by being quietly present, by holding dear to what we know despite everything?

Perhaps our number one job as lightworkers is to remain calm amid the surrounding chaos and fear.  My grandmother, who was half Cherokee Indian, was always such a serenely quiet presence.  How powerful it was!  Just that!  She hardly ever said anything, but I learned so much from her!

In knowing what we ARE, there emerges an easy confidence, unfettered by ego, at its best.  And at its best, it’s a reassuring wave that reaches quietly toward the heart of those we meet.

It reminds me of the story of Krishnamurti’s first visit to America.  The hundreds in attendance were awed by his presence.  The first question to him:  “What is your secret to living life?”  Krishnamurti just sat there unmoving for a long time. The crowd waited and waited with bated breath for him to speak.  Finally, he said simply:  “I don’t let anything bother me!”

It’s so easy, isn’t it, to be drawn back into the 3D matrix of fear that has enveloped this world for so long?  This is why we lightworkers need each other so much now.  As a group, we can hold the space–the space of TRUTH.  The truth of our unlimited Being.  The truth of natural abundance.  The truth of our nature as Love.  The truth of Oneness.  We can hold this space for each other, for ALL others.

Who can know when and how Peace and Love suddenly emerge all around – like the Phoenix.

a sparrow feather blows
helpless in the unheeding wind
to finally meet the willow leaf
a kiss is born
despite everything

Janice Collins

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