Linda Robinson – Archangel’s Zadiel Message For July – Re-Unification Of Soul Fragments – 27 June 2012

Greetings My Beloved Ones,

This is Archangel Zadkiel with a message from the Divine Light.
Today, I would like, along with the assistance of the Divine Light, to bring through a message about the re-unification of the Soul fragments, for this is a most important aspect for each person to consider at this point in their path on the ascension process.
As you have had many incarnations on your Earth plane and on other planes, you have created a Soul fragment in each place to which you have journeyed.  Of course, you know that all time is happening all at once, but from your perspective in the third dimension, many times you have to view this as a linear process rather than a circular process that is happening all at once.  So from this perspective, if you consider this in whatever pattern, whether a linear pattern or a circular pattern, you have had many experiences both here on the Earth plane and here with us on the other realms.  Each time this has occurred, you have incarnated for a specific learning or a specific lesson.  Some lifetimes have been pleasant, some have been less than pleasant.  However, each lifetime contained a great lesson for you, and many times you did not realize the lesson until you journeyed back to the other side for a life review and a decision about how to move forward in your next incarnation.
With the many energy shifts that are occurring in these times, many of these past remembrances are coming forth to you.  They may occur during your pilgrimages to sacred sites, they may come to your awareness through something you are reading in a book, or they may come to you in a dream state.  However they come to you, it is important to spend some time in meditation with these past life remembrances, for indeed, they are Soul fragments that are part of your greater Soul, your greater Oversoul, and they need to be brought back into alignment in order for you to progress to the higher levels.
Each of these Soul fragments, after you examine it, transmute any unpleasant situations about it, and gain from the greater experience, will then line up into your Column of Light so that this will allow you to move to higher and higher levels.  The way to approach this is to first surround yourself with Love, for whatever experience is being brought back into your mind, know that in that particular lifetime or Soul fragment, you were there for a specific purpose of learning.  Therefore, it is to be approached from the heart center from a look of Love and greater understanding and compassion for what your Soul experienced at that particular point.
You may wish to call forth and ask for scenes to be shown to you, or it may be a general knowing that is coming forth to you.  Whichever it is, it does not have to be a complete lifetime that you are shown.  It may just be a snippet or a fragment or a particular scene of that lifetime.  Most likely what you are shown will be the crux of what you need to know to bring that aspect back into alignment with your Column of Light.
As you look at the situation and see what took place, you will most likely have a great sense of compassion for yourself and all others who were involved in that situation.  For before you incarnated into that situation, all of the other supporting players in your scenario also agreed to come forth to play their parts.  You each were there to help each other learn.  It was not a situation where you were being punished, or where you were being put in an exalted position just for the purpose of an experience.  You were there in that particular scenario for greater Soul growth, not only for yourself but for everyone involved.
When you look at things from this perspective, you are able to surround it with the Violet transmuting Flame of Light to bring balance and harmony and to give thanks for the part each one played in this particular scenario.  You may ask for anything that needs to be brought into balance to be transmuted and transformed by the Violet Flame.  This may be followed with filling the situation, and each person involved, with the beautiful Light that comes from above, for indeed, these contain the Adamantine Particles of Light, which can transform not only the situation but each person involved.  When this happens and you realize within your own Being what life lesson was learned or what the purpose of the scenario was, then you are able to bring that fragment of understanding back into your own ascension Column of Light that contains your greater Soul, your Higher Self, or your Oversoul.
As more and more of these fragments line up into your Column of Light, you are able to progress to higher and higher levels.  Many of you are finding that these Soul fragments are coming very rapidly into your awareness.  This is a great gift, for as each fragment comes into your awareness, you are able to review it by the process we have given you, and you are able to allow this to move into your Column of Light.  As you gain understanding about these situations, these are lessons you are incorporating into your greater Soul so that you do not have to repeat these experiences again, for you have gained the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that came from the experience that you have just transmuted and brought back forth into your Column of Light.
Your Column of Light will grow brighter and brighter as you review each experience and each Soul fragment and bring it back into harmony with the greater Oversoul that exists.  As more and more of these fragments are brought into harmony, you will feel a gradual rising of your entire Being into higher and higher levels.  You are moving up through the dimensions and through the levels within each dimension.  It is a gradual rising that occurs because you are looking at each situation with Love.  You are showing Love and compassion for each aspect of yourself and for all others involved.  This gradually lightens your load, so to speak, and brings back into harmony all aspects of yourself.  Just as a balloon rises when it is released, so you begin to rise to the higher and higher levels.  This is the intended plan, for re-unification and harmony with all other Light Beings and ultimately with the Creator Source is the plan that has been there all along.
You are leaders in the forefront of this process, for you are brave in looking at the Soul fragments and bringing them back into harmony.  As you do this, you help to light the way for others, just as those who have gone before you are lighting the way for you.  Throughout this process, this provides an unbroken bridge of Light that stretches from your current third dimension all the way into the highest dimensions imaginable and even to those beyond your wildest imaginings.  This is as it has always been in the intended plan, and we are very happy that you are participating in this process, for we in the Divine Light need all of you as Lightworkers to participate.  The more of you who participate, the easier it is for all.
We wish to encourage you to continue to welcome forth your Soul fragments for examination with Love and compassion and for transmuting them, incorporating the lessons, and bringing them into your Column of Light.
We surround you greatly with the golden white Light of the Divine Creator.  Know that you are greatly loved, and we are ever present with you.
We surround you with the golden Love and Light that is around everything.
I AM Archangel Zadkiel with the Divine Light
…and we surround you with Love.
And so it is.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson,
You may copy freely and share.  Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson/

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