Lisa Gawlas – Quickened Manifestation, Aware vs Awake, Jesus And Mary! – 27 June 2012

Have you noticed how fast you are manifesting these days??  For better or worse (depending on your thoughts and actions in life) we have been pretty much handed the mantle of creation with very little buffering in the (perceived) timeline!!

I noticed really for the first time a couple of days ago when I was refilling the hummingbird feeder.  I have about 10 very thirsty hummers that feed at my two (really cheap) feeders I have hung out for them.  When I went to wash one of the feeders a little bit of the nectar was at the bottom and spilled onto my hand, it was flipping hot!  Of course these days have been consistently in the mid to upper 90′s so their food is cooking out there.  One of the feeders was just imploding in on itself… I have never seen plastic do that before!

I thought to myself, first I am going to the dollar store today to replace the imploding feeder (a whopping $2.50 investment) and then my mind went to a thought of having a little cabana for them… a shaded area just for their food.

I went to the dollar store only to find they were sold out of the feeders for the season.  I had to go across the street and get bird seed too, so I spontaneously asked them if they had any hummer feeders.  The guy came out from the back and said they had one left and handed it to me.  I went into sticker shock first (it was $22.00) and handed it back to him and said I wasn’t willing to pay that much… until I noticed it had a built-in cabana at the top, shelter from the sun and rain.  I plucked it back out of his hands and bought it!!

I only had a $50 surplus above my “bill money” in my bank and this trek to the feed store just cost $40.  On my way home I just ok spirit, cover it!!  I have an added expense next week with propane coming for the tank.  By the time I got home I had over twice as much now in my paypal to “cover it.”

Yesterday Rick and I decided to dinner and a movie.  I treated him to dinner, he treated me to the movies.  I didn’t even have to ask for the splurge to be covered, it was more than covered just before I leaving.  And even tho I am still (modestly) spending, I already have almost enough for the propane addition to my bills.

But there is an opposite side to this that we must acknowledge and realize too.  When something seems “withheld” from you.

In mid-June my son told me he will be getting his son for 2 weeks the end of July going into August.  I was so excited and asked him if I can come to hang with them for the two weeks.  My son was thrilled to have a built-in babysitter for that time frame and said yes!  There is a week or two period during any given month that I have what I call “free money.”   All my bills are paid and this is for anything extra I may need or want.  I wanted airfare.  It didn’t happen, actually, quite the opposite, it seems the financial flow was no longer flowing but trickling.  So no ticket for the visit back to Virginia.  But even this seemed purposeful for all involved.  I wasn’t sad or disappointed at all, actually I felt the opposite, it just isn’t time for me to leave my own nest that I am growing in here.

Last night over dinner, we talked about money and the lottery.  We have pooled our dollars together and had an ongoing ticket on our roadrunner lottery here, after 10 draws I think we won $3

As we talked, I heard spirit explain that having a large excess of money will take you out of the creative moment.  Having a surplus of anything is what the ego desires, spirit knows all needs are more than met in the moment.

I think, for the first time in this crazy journey, I got really got that.  Co-Creation  in all its splendor.  It really does allow us to sit in harmony with all the spiritual beings (each other) and move with each other thru each co-created day for the greatest good of All involved.  Otherwise, we could (and would from the beginners standpoint – newly empowered semi-conscious creators) move out of alignment and harmony with the All and never really lift an eye to what is really needed.

It was a weird, comforting thought really.

But these days have all become beautifully weird!  I went into my bath meditation since I was in a spinning void and could not tap into the field at all to do readings.   I have not been on such a light black out in quite a while.  I actually didn’t expect much to happen via my bath, but I needed to get clean anywayz so why not!

It was the strangest thing, my entire spiritual team was about a foot beyond my feet, all dressed up in a silver-white light body suit.  Now my “team” has not come to me individuated for a very very long time… many years.  Just to be clear, they all speak from a single collective voice and energy body.  So I was surprised to see them all… very happy, but equally very puzzled.

I only had one real question for them all…. how do I become “awake”  I really have no idea what the difference between being aware and being awake is and asked if they can help me.  I made a commitment to taking up the task of being “awake.”

They took me to never never land.  It has been really quite a long time that I went into meditation and was so deep I have no conscious memory of what transpired.  I surely didn’t feel any more awake or even more aware when I came out of meditation, maybe a bit of the opposite since I wasn’t aware of a damm thing during my hour-long meditation!

Ohhh the every dropping puzzle pieces for us to find where and how it fits!

So as I sit here pondering the aware vs awake thing that Jorge woke me up 3 times the night before last loudly repeating to me (not to mention the shaking.)

The dream.  Even those who have the gift of lucid dreaming are aware of being in the dream and consciously dreaming.  I could call that meditation too lol.  That is not the same as being awake.  And I can really feel that…. but how to change the perception of being awake as opposed to aware.

Even with that question, I feel the (semi) answer.  We have programmed ourselves to say this is a dream… life is a dream.  If that is the case, then we are aware we are in the dream and participating within the dream, but the true power lays in being awake.  I hear that, but at the same time my entire consciousness is screaming… what the hell does that mean to us!!??

Instantly I see the Light field that I read from, your soul energy that emits tremendous energy and wisdom thru out connections.  I see the light of the new Tree of Life growing in the field.  I am aware of it all.  I feel the energy of it all.  But once again I hear and actually see (sorta) that’s being aware of it all.

Man I think spirit is trying to crack a very touch nut here (me.)  Bear with me as I process this out loud.

I have got to go back to the field of readings.  When you and I are together in that connected space… it is so real.  So real that what is actually the 3D created reality in the back yard really isn’t there any longer.  It is pure light, imagery, feelings and energy that supersedes what was once 3D.  In that intimate connection, we are awake, very awake.  Even if we may not fully understand together what we are seeing… in our own way we are wiping the sleep out of our eyes together.

But when the reading is over… so is the Light field that I see and am connected to.

Thanks to everyone who has ever had a reading with me, a massage with me, allowed me in whatever way to alter my vision has also taught me how to “shift” on a dime and at will.  So what I am hearing and feeling now is that the task at hand is to stay in that light field.  Geez!!!!

That orientation alone… man!

Just feel with it for a moment… if we are no longer walking on “solid ground” but an ever mutable light field… then we must also alter the perception of our 3D bodies to the true form of Light they actually are.

Actually, I think I just understood something in a way I never did before.  When we are in a reading, especially now post-solstice, we are connected via the Light energy of your pure soul energy.  In that space, no illness, disease, dysfunction of any kind exists.  I had a lady ask the other day about her health and we had to literally back up out of the space I read from to look and her health.  We moved completely out of the Field of Light back to a 3D perception and all I could see was the “darkness” running out of her right leg thru the sole chakra.  Her spirit was already purging any residual darkness from her body so she can fully Be the Light of her True and Awake Being.

I so understand now when spirit has said, many times over the last several months that “healing is a thing of the past” and old energy system that keeps running.  Of course, we can play anywhere we want to… but holy shit, why not in the pristine light field that is You??

I am going to close with this profound thought, and it really isn’t a thought at all.  I have said before, the Guardians have been consistently giving me a whole different view and understanding of the various quotes from within the story book we call the Bible.

Jesus had said (paraphrasing here) “I of my own self can do nothing.”  Thru my entire journey that phrase stayed with me.  I learned the energy body thru him so for the first 8 years I assumed (but never thought to ask) he meant, him without his spirit/soul can do nothing.  The more I understood about our energy field, the more that understanding didn’t make sense.  If our soul was not connected to our body, we would be dead.  So what could it have meant.

The Guardians, several weeks ago, really shed some serious light on that phrase as Rick had been talking about that quote and the same understanding I had too.  Wrong!! lol

Shambhala – Heaven (if you will) is not a single organism system at all.  Jesus had a full and complete energy merger with Mary Magdalene.  By that… I can see this picture so clearly now… imagine you have two separate glasses of water sitting on the table, poured from one picture.

We started as one, poured ourself into the illusion of being two, and now we must return to oneness again.  The binding spirit talked about was the commitment of soul to merge back into one full energy field.  Yes, starting with divine counterparts and taking up the fullness of All vibrationally ready to Be that Tree of Life.  We are a massive group energy living, breathing, creating as One organism.

To fully Be that living organism of Life (pure group energy if you will) we must move beyond being aware of our connectedness and Be fully Awake in the experience of our Light Field.

Phew… I do believe we have a peek into the depths of July’s energy!! link to original article


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