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American Kabuki – Advice From The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – 27 June 2012

I’ve decided not to post rumors of pending military or arrest actions until there are hard facts. I don’t want to contribute to the panic some are feeling. The Internet can act as a kind of an echo chamber or rumors, what I find to be of substance I will report on immediately.   This seems to me to be the important thing right now, to maintain a space of peace and calm while the hurricane swirls about.   In my youth in Arizona we had a type of storm we called “dry lightening”.  It would get gloomy, threatening, and lots of thunder and lightening but whatever rain fell never hit the ground before evaporating.  There seems to be a bit of dry lightening on the web right now, especially on Facebook. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Its ALL Coming Down Right Now! Too Cool 2! – 27 June 2012

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Pat Donworth – Bill Brockbrader Update – O Happy Day! – 27 June 2012

Bill Brockbrader was released from federal detention today. Thanks to the generosity of his friends and supporters, and the tireless efforts of his partner and colleague Eva Moore, Bill left ADA County Jail this afternoon, June 26. He’ll be preparing for his much anticipated court date in July. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 27 June 2012

Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people. However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is happening, they will take the side of the people. Naturally there will still be those who take a defensive view of the happenings, fearing that the changes are going to seriously affect them. People do not want to face the idea that they are about to lose their power, or in some cases their ill gotten wealth. No one will escape the financial changes or sharing of wealth, which shall be even greater by the inclusion of Trust Funds set up for this occasion. Be assured that immense planning has gone into ensuring that this immediate period allows for everyone’s needs to be considered. It will take time to cover everything but first the old system must be rid off and a new one put into its place. Continue reading

Current TV – The War Room With Jennifer Granholm On Citizins United – 27 June 2012

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John Smallman – Saul – A Call For Peace Is A Very Recent Concept – 27 June 2012

The coming great event is exciting all as its moment approaches inexorably, even though so few of you who are presently embodied have a full picture of what it entails.  Just know that there will be no disappointments – they, too, are part of the illusion.

I cannot stress forcefully enough how extremely important your daily periods of prayer, meditation, or plain relaxation are, as the moment for your awakening draws ever nearer.  Yes, it is hard for you to hold your Light on high and remain upbeat and enthusiastic while it seems that the world is heading rapidly towards economic, political, religious, and ecological catastrophe.  But that is a perception from within the illusion where your vision and ability to understand God’s infinite Love for you are severely limited. Continue reading