Visionkeeper – Stay Above The Madness -27 June 2012

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We all well know the madness that has captured the world these days and it is a struggle to fight our way through the lies. It is so important for each of us to stay high above the madness and stay grounded in our hearts. We cannot let any of the poison get in under our skin and begin infecting our sanity. Let a little in and it will multiply quickly and before we know it, it will drag us down into the lower frequencies and all of our sound reasoning will start flying out the windows.

The further removed we are from what is going on in the world right now, the better off we are. We can maintain a general knowledge of what is taking place then release it, but no getting dragged into the emotions the dark ones are hoping to ignite. All of this insanity is being done with the hopes they will incite mayhem if they push the right buttons. We must stay clear of this and keep our distance. This is our greatest challenge on this journey. Staying informed but staying removed at the same time. The trick is to allow yourself to know what is going on but being able to immediately release it and avoid the drama. If we stay in our hearts and always look for the good that will come out of the chaos and stay focused on what is right in the world, we can do this successfully.

When new outrageous laws are put into place or our rights are further confiscated because of some ridiculous happening in the country, all of these things are orchestrated and designed specifically to get people fired up and distracted. When we are sufficiently distracted then they begin their evil behind the scenes hoping we won’t notice. That is what false flags are all about. Create a drama such as war or terrorism and use it to either invade another country or take away more of our rights. We are leaving all of this insanity behind so we can move forward and begin creating our new world. We must break free of these constraints they create to catch us in their web of lies and go forward with our lives. No more swimming up steam.

Living in the lower frequencies not only takes away our abilities to see the bigger picture, it also destroys ones hope! This is what is so lethal about their tactics. People need hope to stay strong and they know this. Take away hope and you have desperation and when you have desperation you have the people on their knees begging for help and willing to comply with just about anything they throw at you like crumbs. 9-11 was how they instigated the Patriot Act which absolutely devastated our rights and our constitution. No, we will no longer fall for their ploys, we are strong and we have hope and courage and love in our hearts. We are on a journey to 5D and will not be side tracked by anything!

I think now would be a good time for people to keep a gratitude journal or a variation of one. Perhaps a ‘what was right in my life today’ journal. Either will keep you focused on the positive and far away from the negative. Write five things every night before going to sleep. This will help set the mood for positive dreams as well. I think one of our keys to winning this battle will be our ability to focus! Make that word your mantra, put it on sticky notes so you don’t forget. Let this be our battle cry. If we can keep ignoring their antics then we maintain our strength to go forward.

Times are trying and we are being tested on every level, but we must stand our ground. Be aware of the lies, stay on guard, do not fall to their petty ways any longer, and look up and look out to a better world. It is out there waiting for us to pick up the crayons and begin creating it. Choose bright joyful colors you resonate with and don’t worry about staying within the lines!! Purposely crayon outside the lines and enjoy every minute of it. You are creating the new you so have a good time doing it. Draw your dream and with focus and intention it will unfold before you. Have the courage to change and go for it!

Blessings to you all,

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