ET Contact Human Evolution Has Begun – 28 June 2012

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READ BEFORE LEAVING A COMMENT : The “Cabal”,Elite,Illuminati has fallen, and will fully within a short periode of time be with no power. This is all happining behind the scenes, without you knowing it, or maybe you know. The shift in consciousness is very real, many can’t feel it, see it,while others can feel the changes and has for some time. Many are focusing on the fearful scenario’s of “our” future. Whatever reality you allow yourself to focus which is negative will not happen. Not as of after 11.11.11. Some people might feel the need to bash the uploader for this video. If so, ask yourself why you do it.

Who wants corruption,hate,war? No one. Well, NOT the people.

Alot of alienpropaganda has been spread in the hollywood industry and more. Yes, also many negative E.T’s, such as the greys,draconians, reptilians have also been in control for thousands of years over humanity. Boosting us with fear,doubt etc. Feeding themselves with our negative emotions like drugaddicts. These have been taken care of. I know many will find it hard to believe that there actually is good E.T’s out there. I know. The doubt,mistrust and so on. All the good guys have ufo’s that are only of the light. Lightships. Yes, project bluebeam is real as well, but these only project ufo’s that look metallic, so are a few of the bad E.T’s ships,and many are ufo’s made by various governments, technology they all got their hands on in the 1940’s. Like USA,RUSSIA and CHINA.

Yes, they, the good beings from many starsystems are very real, and they have been busy working, and still are. People of earth are waking up from the duality. Negative and positive. Humans live to much in their mind, and not their heart, but that will all slowly change over time. To good to be true you might say. Well,buckle up, its gonna be a wild ride.

You don’t need to believe a word that is said, but what does your heart tell, your feeling?
You might think this is all a collaborate trap, or maybe you havent thought about that. But, its not any kind of trap. I know you are just reading some words on a computerscreen. But arent you tired of living in fear,doubt,disbelief,mistrust and so on????? What happened to all the youtubers, and the people who watch videoes online,play video games, watches TV, eating non healthy food?? Disconnected from one another, and who has and kinda still control all your thoughts?? Can you remember your dreams?? Thats right, the few, who has desperately been trying to lure us in believing life is built upon fear. All fear. When they themselves have fear, and that fear is for us to reunite,love eachother. Not just on earth, but elsewhere as well. Who controls the images you see from space?? Who controls what you should know and not?? Thats right again. The same people.

You dont have to understand, but all the uploader wants you to do, is stop fearing and start loving eachother. Do you really think humans are alone? Have you heard about starseeds,angelic,indigo,crystal people/children that are on earth?? If you ask one, who know he/she is one, ask them what they know. You will be surprised. Alot of these wayshowers are waking up in large numbers, and nothing can stop them. Fear not, because it is only for the better. 2012 and beyond many will see,understand, that all this is true.

Again, do not bash the uploader with mindless words, low consciousness, sedated and negative comments. We have enough of that. LOVE. Love yourself, not by ego, but by heart. Love others, not by ego, but by heart. Remember, we are a spirit in a body, not a body with a spirit. Thank you, love you all, God bless you all.



Thanks Adrea!


4 responses to “ET Contact Human Evolution Has Begun – 28 June 2012

  1. The video is lovely, and this truly needs to be viral. I’m very happy you’ve shared this information, although it was made in 2011, it needs to be here, there and everywhere.

    I don’t believe there are many left that would not find acceptance and love for our ET brothers and sisters. I for one, await their arrival and look forward to working with them in cleaning up what others have done to mother earth. If never before, we need you all now as we move forward in this transition. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. elizabeth sutton

    loved the vid but i’d love to know the name of the movie that was at the start and finish …….