Lisa Gawlas – Accelerated Growht Demands A Leap Of Faith In To New Field – 28 June 2012

I almos feel I landed right in the middle of an oxy moron!  Two nights ago I have Jorge shaking me awake three times in a row and when I finally wake up for the day, I have been in the “void” ever since!!  It is almost annoying!  However, I do understand it.

My first (and last) attempt at reading two days ago showed only one thing.  That which I refer to as my “antenna.”   I could not see any aspect of the field for the lady I was reading for, but seen a thick golden rope of energy stretched from my head out to the deep west end of the field.  The end of this golden rope was completely frayed.  The Fraying was interesting, it went out in a 360 degree circle and the frays were about 5 feet long.

And I thought I was simply being funny by saying “I need to put my antenna out in the field” before each reading.  Obviously tho, that part of me is being worked on and I am hoping due to the visual of fraying… more deeply connected.

We have all hit an acceleration point within.

This deep inner acceleration is leading a lot of folks to feel that something big is coming up.  Indeed it is!!  That something big is YOU!!!

This deep inner growth spurt is creating a lot of anxiety within the body for many people.  Imagine your whole body suddenly growing a whole foot taller in a matter of days.  It really does tax not only the physical body, but equally the emotional and mental body.  The feeling of anxiety, not uncommon.  Just breath thru it all!!

I really have been chomping at the bit to see the ooey gooey details of what July holds in store for us… like I said, I have not been able to read for another person the last two days.  Even this morning as I try and peek out the energy field… it’s completely withheld from me.  So I know… It’s gotta be BIG!!!

Even this void time, this spiritually imposed down time for my psychic senses is very different than any other time before.  No doubt, many of you are going thru this very same experience.

In ever prior void I could feel the incoming energy as it would melt my wiring in my brains, assimilate within my body and then expand somewhere along the line.

This time, it is a very internal process.  The energy, the codes, all that has spent the last 12 years re-networking itself within my DNA and energy body, is now coming completely online from the inside out.   Very strange, but wonderful feeling.

I have committed to the task of spending as much time in my day as I can in what today I will refer to as an altered state, but even as I attempted to write those few words I hear “your natural state.”

I feel like I am starting all over with meditation.  Meditation in my beginning was so flipping hard.  Even tho with this new task my mind is not running a muck, there is this overwhelming feeling of not knowing what I am doing or what to do next.

After I published my blog yesterday, I went outside to the area of the Tree of Life, which is also where the reflecting pool is and all my crystalline energy basks in the (really hot) desert sun.

I placed my vision on the tree’s themselves.  The twin flames that stand next to each other at the fore and the large one behind it representing spirit.  The Triad of energy needed to hold and expand the field of Shambhala.

Suddenly a feminine energy emerged from between the set of tree’s and showed herself on the left side of the tree’s.  I knew her energy signature even tho she appeared in a way I had never seen her before.  The Blessed Mother.  I was actually really surprised.

She was shrouded in golden energy.  Radiant, glowing, loving.  She had been an integral part of my inner healing journey, which is why I was surprised to see her.  This was not about healing at all.  Perhaps why she came in a very different guise.

She didn’t speak a word, not even when I asked her what she is doing here.  She just stood there and radiated such wonderful love to me.  I was open to receive that love!

I looked at the tree itself with a fusion of both my physical and spiritual eyes and I could see the life of the tree, of the branches, of the leaves and even noticed spirits (taking on semi-human form) playing within the branches of the tree.

I was in awe of the things I do not see that are always there.  Aware is not awake.

Meditation created the doorway of my awareness and now it is time to hold myself within that awareness to completely wake up to the Real and to allow myself to equally become a part of the Real myself.

It is funny really… so many people tell me they don’t have time to do meditation, when in fact they are really stating, it is hard, takes too much effort and my life is already busy.  I am feeling that very same way with this holding the Real reality open and becoming participatory within the experience… not from a meditation stand point but with this body called Lisa.

Now here is a profound thought…  one human in created reality changing the template of his or her reality, does so for all of humanity.

I hear this as I think of all those aligned to the new Tree of Life, Shambhala, whatever you want to call this new, beautiful adventure.  That what you do for yourself, you do for the All.  I am suddenly reminded of my 3 month Kundalini integration Odyssey back in 2001.  Granted, it appeared to be my experience, my inner happening (smile)… but the fullness of the experiences was threaded thru all of the created universe.

So let me tell you… when you think you aren’t doing anything for the greater good… every conscious thought, breath of light, heart shared of love… affects the All in profound ways you may never know.  YOU are doing more than you can even realize right now, even if it only appears to be sitting on your couch vibrating to kingdom come.  You are vibrating for all the world!!  YOU are more amazing and more effective than you can even imagine!!

As I once again contemplate July, I suddenly hear “We have hit the great divide.”  A time, where those of you holding the mantle of your own light willingly let the 3D world fall away from you.  A time when your only focus is the growing, emerging Light Field that is You!!

May we all leap, joyfully together, into the fields of July!!

I honor you, love you and celebrate you every waking moment!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of accelerated growth to everyone!!

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