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2 Minutes News – 28 June 2012

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Jamye Price – The Weekly Lightblast – God Reflection – 28 June 2012

The mirror.  It’s easy to focus on what is in front of your eyes, it’s even easy to resonate to a lovely spiritual teaching you hear, read or feel.  What takes effort is to see beyond the obvious and to apply spiritual practice without judgment, expectation or obedience.  To see Divinity in each moment, each experience, each person, each challenge, each grain of dirt – that is God Reflection.  Different forms, different focus; yet God in form. Continue reading

John Ward – SKetch : Bob Diamond, A LIBOR Fine, And A Tale Of Two Cities – 28 June 2012

Long-term Slog suspicions about Diamond have been borne out by this disgraceful admission. However, the case has set a precedent – as a result of which, welfare scroungers may well find they face writing obligatory letters of apology.

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Bankia Valued At Eur -13.635 Billion; Spain Becomes Sole Owner, Shareholders Totally Wiped Out; Entire Bankia Board Resigns – 28 June 2012

Five days ago we heard from the Bank of Spain that Spanish banks only need between €16bn and €62bn in new capital.

For details, see Laugh of the Day: Stress Tests Show Spanish Banks Only Need Between €16bn and €62bn in New Capital; ECB to Accept BBB- Rated Debt (One Step Above Junk) as Collateral
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Steve Beckow’s And Channelers About – Drake’s Message And Mass Arrests – 28 June 2012

Drake in his radio broadcast today (June 27, 2012) said that he had received a message  (1) that “the cavalry is coming,” (2) that “if needed, we will be contacted,” referring to the militias, and (3) that we should “sit back and watch the fireworks” because “the happening is happening now.” Continue reading

BBC News – More Banks Face Interest Rate Rigging Investigation – 28 June 2012

A number of banks are being investigated and could face sanctions after Barclays was fined £290m ($450m) for trying to manipulate interest rates at which banks lend to each other.

Regulators in Europe, the US and Asia have said that investigations into other banks are “ongoing”.

The UK’s Financial Services Authority said the early signs were that Barclays had not been the only firm involved.

Barclays has said its actions “fell well short of standards”.

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Gregg Braden – Cure All Illness In 3 Minutes!! – Spread Love Not Hate – 28 June 2012

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Northwatuppa – Astrology For Everyone – The Astrology of July 2012 – 28 June 2012

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July’s chart is a comparatively faint reflection, a mirror image of June’s. Some might experience mild aftershocks. But for most it will be a time to reflect, recuperate, reconsider and regroup. Issues as well as possibilities – both – will increase in complexity. July is a month to dig deeper and prepare more fully.

Bill Ballard -Message To The Illuminati – The Game Is Over – Remember Who You Are (Video in 3 Parts) – 28 June 2012

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Heartbeats – 28 June 2012

God said:

When you want to show love, you may want to show it one way while the one you want to give love to wants to receive love in another way.

Some people make it easy for you to know what they would most like, and some don’t. Some might like cash for a gift, for instance, and some never. Some might like cut flowers, and others like a potted plant. Some may like gifts more than anything. Some may care about another form of love much more. The combinations are countless. Continue reading