Soldier Hugs – Affidavit Of Sovereigns And Acceptance Of Solemn Oaths Sworn – Remember! – 28 June 2012

Preface :

WHEN in the course of history, large deviations from the Framer´s ideals become apparent, it becomes necessary for the Sovereigns to take appropriate actions and corrections; in fact it is their solemn duty to do so.  This newest organic document of the Republic of the united States of America follows the Articles of Confederation; the Declaration of Independence 1776; the Constitution of 1787, and the Bill of Rights. While the former organic documents of our Republic were signed with written ink on parchment, technological advancements permit this document to be written in electronic form, publicly published on the Internet, and acknowledged electronically, to be kept, archived and posted as legal notice on the internet.

Because instant electronic telecommunications now exist, it is not necessary for this document to be static; this document is dynamic and co-signers may electronically sign, acknowledge, or print this document for handwritten signature, to be legal and binding upon such acknowledgement and signature. There have been insidious, unlawful, and covert attempts to hi-jack and derail our Republic by means of fascist corporate structures, and other equally unlawful structures.  We the sovereign people have noticed the creeping and unlawful replacement of Republican Structures with corporate structures, which can only be called Contempt of Constitution. Vile “adhesion contracts”, by means of various licenses or voter registrations without prior full disclosure or meeting of the minds, are not only unlawful and invalid, but also despicable. It is shockingly apparent that most of the Election and Electoral protocols, Judicial, Legislative, and Executive branches of our government, as well as the Public and Private sectors of banking, loans, financial, energy, education, health, medicine, agriculture, transportation, environmental, communications, religious and spiritual beliefs, scientific and technological developments, military, defense, police, and mass media is corrupt and fraudulent from Top to Bottom.

2012 Re-Declaration of Sovereigns of the several united States of America


Acceptance of Solemn Oaths Sworn


“The Constitution for the united States of America 1787”, by the illegal and covert enactment of,


Through financial sabotage and coercion, the illegal and covertly enacted “Act of 1871” formed not only the:


“Government Of The United States Corporation”, also doing business as “U S  Government”

Note the capitalizations, because these are important. These corporations, owned by foreign interests, were moved in and replaced the original “organic” version of the Constitution into a forgotten and obscure archive. With the “Act of 1871,” our Constitution was defaced and altered in the sense that the title was block-capitalized, and the word “for” was changed to the word “of” in the title. This Act set the course of converting the true and lawful organic founding documents of a de jure We The People´s Constitution for the united States into the false and imposter de facto Corporate abomination that is currently masquerading as the lawful united States Government. The illegal “Constitution OF the United States of America” says that it establishes “this Constitution FOR the United States of America”. The corporation establishes the contents OF the people’s constitution for ITSELF.  This document, a contract, established by the Corporation, then HAS to apply to itself, because no legal entity can bind any other legal entity on itself.  In other words: the Corporation cannot make legally binding contracts that apply to the people, without the legal representatives of thepeople having signed that contract in the name of the people. In order to be able to do this, the People would of course have to have legalrepresentatives of the people, as within the limits set by the 13th amendment. Our current House of Representatives, Senate, and Executive officers are acting as “bodies of the Corporation”, and as such, cannot and may not serve to represent the body of the People. It is not possible, legal, moral, or permitted for these bodies to act in any such “two hat” capacity, and as such have declared and participated in CONTEMPT of Constitutionand its CONTENTS. This was also the precedent of diversion, subjugation, and perversion away from “Divine Common Law”, derived and originating from ”Natural Divine Law”, which is the basis of our founding documents as written, intended and DECLARED. These subsequent and covertly illegal usurpation’s, of our original founding documents, began the replacement and enactment of new jurisdictional, and hence a false and unlawful perception of, “Civil Law” precedents, which are falsely and illegally used and prevalent today.


In addition to, the subversion of the original and organic united States Constitution of 1787, the above-mentioned Act of 1871, in its entirety, is completely NULL and VOID, as the Sovereign Republic of the several united States has been without a true, lawfully functioning and represented Congress by virtue of the representatives of the southern States walking out of Congress and the seceding of the southern States from the Union, resulting in the Civil war.  This secession and departure of the southern States and their lawfully elected representatives in Congress, resulted in thesine die adjournment of Congress, which persists to this day and has never lawfully reconvened, as there has never been a peace Treaty ending the Civil war nor any re-accession of the southern States to Congress or to the Union.


All solemn oaths sworn to support and defend the 1787 Constitution, including the original 13th amendment, against all enemies both foreign and domestic, by all oath givers, are accepted.  Oath givers, who do not keep their oaths in accordance with its CONTENTS, are committing Contempt of Constitution, which is treason and a capital offense. IN PARTICULAR, all members of the armed forces are reminded that it takes only one American national, born in one of the several States, to accept all of the Solemn Oaths Sworn, in order to make the oaths of each member of the armed forces lawfully and legally binding.  This is valid from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (presently Gen. Martin Dempsey), the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all the way down to the bottom of the chain of command.  The members of the armed forces have now been put on PUBLIC and LEGAL noticethat their Solemn Oaths sworn have been accepted and are binding; any failure to keep their solemn oaths sworn is Contempt of Constitution.


The Sovereigns of the several united States have noticed that at present, up until this declaration, there is no Civilian Authority over the Armed Forces.  The boat of the Republic is drifting in any direction, and heading for the rocks.  There are pretend elections, which do not elect the President of the Republic of the united States of America.  Instead, someone is privately appointed to be President (rather CEO) of the U S Government private Corporation and the White House private Corporation.  Therefore, there is NO legitimate Commander-in-Chief of the united States Republic armed forces.  There is no follow-up to the chain of civilian authority because all constitutional offices are empty and vacant; the Senate and House of Representatives are pretending, but they are also private corporations and not constitutional structures.


Appropriate paperwork has been recently filed by numerous several united States in Den Haag; this declaration is NOT meant to be in competition with, nor to detract from those efforts; our goals are the same. The authority to make this present declaration is God-given, as elaborated in theDeclaration of Independence 1776. With the publication of this declaration and with the acceptance of solemn oaths sworn, the Sovereigns of the several united States take direct civilian authority over the armed forces of the Republic of the united States, with immediate effect, until the Republic can be brought back on course and under its original and organic intent and Constitutional structure.

Order No. 2012-1: The armed forces are to cease and desist accepting any orders or any commands from corporate structures, or from any members of these corporate structures, including but not limited to, the U S Government Corporation and the White House Corporation. The lack of constitutional structures and the lack of a lawful Commander-in-Chief of the united States Republic for the People is to be quickly solved.

Order No. 2012-2:  The armed forces are ordered, and given a mandate, to continue with, and support by all means necessary and available, “The Plan” leading to “The Event”.  Preparation for mass arrests of all members of the dark cabalists, including all those aiding and abetting them, as well as an imminent, immediate all-out removal and eradication of the dark cabalists, must commence and continue until the dark cabalists are removed and adjudicated.

Order No. 2012-3:  Should the dark Cabalists be willing to unconditionally capitulate in return for the promise of no executions/no torture/no cruel or unusual punishments of their members, while accepting the NON-NEGOTIABLE conditions of surrender and adjudication, the armed forces are ordered, and given a mandate, to support and effect the removal and detention all cabalists members including all ascendants and descendants, as well as those aiding and abetting them, into military, militia, police or authorized civilian-guarded custody.  They shall be protected until their adjudication and sentencing.

If banishment from planet earth is the adjudicated sentence for some members of the dark cabalists, and should the fluxliners or other spacecraft of the armed forces not be suitable for the very remote banishment, diplomatic channels to the Tall Whites, Arcturians, Pleiadians, silicon-based Crystal Beings, or other Star Nations should be used to accomplish very remote banishment outside this solar system, and preferably outside this galaxy.  This does not violate any of the Ten Commandments and gives the cabal the rest of their lives to reflect on all of the misery and the deaths they have caused.

Before banishment, the members of the dark cabal will publicly on television admit their crimes and reveal all details of how today’s sordid situation came to be.  All of their sorted, dark, and malicious actions and the history of these actions must be publicly disclosed for all to see, with no secrets withheld, no matter how far back in time they may go.

Order No. 2012-4:  The armed forces are ordered, and given a mandate, to continue cooperation with other countries concerning a total reset of the present fraudulent financial system, in order to permanently eliminate fiat currencies, including SDRs, fractional banking, and covert securitization/ monetization of licenses, prisoners, court cases and judicial systems, CAFR, etc.  Disruptions during the transition are to be avoided as much as possible.

Order No. 2012-5: The armed forces are ordered, and given a mandate, to prepare a very long publicly-televised briefing series concerning the ET/ED/UFO question.  This disclosure is long overdue, and is relevant now along with all the other changes forthcoming.  Most, if not all, of the previously classified ET/ED/UFO documents are to be made publicly available over the Internet.

Order No. 2012-6: The armed forces are ordered, and given a mandate, to support and effect by all means possible, the rapid introduction of so-called free energy or zero-point devices.  This must be a Manhattan-style project of the greatest urgency.  The use of neutronic power plants to generate plutonium and heat up rivers and oceans must stop as soon as possible.  Free Energy devices that have too dangerous a dual-use will not be released at this time, but there are enough other types available.  Other technologies including, but not limited to, anti-gravity, tele-transportation, and non-electromagnetic telecommunications, for example those utilizing quantum-entanglement are to be released.

I attach my signature below as a Natural born and Sovereign person, on the soil of one of  these, several united States of America Republic,

Natural born National of these united States of America Republic                                State of Birth

*Please print 2 copies, and sign this affidavit clicking the “Print/PDF” tab below. Aware and motivated persons are advised to keep one signed copy for personal use, and take the other to your local county clerk for filing as a public notice. Please refer to the last sentence below with regards to emailing these public filings to us for archiving and back up. Printed copy signatories MUST be Natural born in one of the several United States to be binding. However any and ALL rightful American Nationals can support the affidavit with their Poll vote below.


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  1. I have a question : Being born in Hawaii has me as a Territorial being , not a part of the US at that time …. is this considered as a natural born National?