Lucas – Fearfactor – The Counter Attacks, Dis- and Misinformation And Doubts Popping Up Again – 29 June 2012

A couple of days he energies are really influencing the people. There is again a wave of people questioning all, denying all and fighting that what they think is the “wrong” vision with all weapons of duality. The  disinforming agents are at full throttle posting the fear messages. False flags messages, confusing thoughts and nasty messages via e-mail in comments in fora and other social media. They try hard to put you all out of balance and that what you only with your heart can discern.

If I see Carol Rosin’s  warning message about a possible staged alien invasion I get really tired. Drake was attacked as being fake and an intelligence agent. Ben Fulford was  already several times attacked called a MI5  and or MI6 agent (they could not make up their minds).  I hear David Icke again say we are just mind controlled, yes saying dummies of the illuminati. We have no control over our minds and they let us believe we have a free will choice and that is what they wants us to belief, according to David.

I am sorry to say that I am disappointed in you. Why are you all so easy to bring out of balance. Just keep in your heart that is the place your will find your strength to endure all these last efforts of people who should know better but can not or will not surrender to the light.

I myself will nog go into these postings of all these people questioning things and spreading doubt and fear again.  Yes, there are technics, instruments and (natural) medicine and chemical substances that can influence our brain and minds.  Like the fluoride water you may drink from your tap if you did not know is a neurotoxin. The dark ones  just do not have the power to override all the people anymore.  Now so many have awakened and the energies of our earths grid and our own energies are lifted vibrational in such level that we are not anymore that easy target.  So if you really go and connect and activate your heart chakra the new thinking center of the golden age you will see your real connection to earth and your creator. You will experience we are One and the duality game is now up and closing to make way for the unity consciousness and oneness of us all.

We need not give attention to all those things that do not resonate with our light being. We are all,  even the dark illuminati and dark cabal, from source lightbeings. We only had a role to play in this earths duality game. The evil one or the good, the dark or the light. This play will end now. Our creator has decreed we are to return to unity and unconditional love in the state that does not have duality anymore.  So all of you please feel how strong your love light burns in your heart already.  Acknowledge it.  Know what you have learned now in being awakened.  Know that the old paradigm and old ways are over.  So let go of it.  Also let go of your Ego. Just know all is.  And All will be. The time to know your are One is NOW.

Stop following the division and the separation games and let those who still play that game, play it on their own fading 3D illusionary playing field. We have stepped out and have seen the bigger picture of our hearts truth.  There is no matrix anymore if you see that. Do not belief but know from your heart what is true.

Go find some uplifting music, or go walk in our beautiful nature surrounding us and that is a gift of Gaia.  Let go of the mass-media, TV and Radio that are programmed to keep you away from being in your heart connecting with all your light to the creator and mother earth. You are a wonderful loving lightbeing.  Just remember.

Love and light,


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