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Steve Beckow – Mass Arrests Will Be Happening Around The World, Not Just In The US – 29 June 2012

America, yes, but elsewhere too

A reader from Brazil has asked whether the mass arrests will take place around the world or only in the United States.  The spokespeople for the galactics are explicit in stating that they’ll take place around the world. Let’s look at some of their statements. Continue reading

Michael Moore – More Than A Victory, The Supreme Court Decision Today Was A Mandate For Us To Act – 29 June 2012

Dear Friends,

Even though it’s been a few hours now, I’m guessing you’re still pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming. But yes, it happened. At 10:07 this morning, the conservative Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Roberts, not only joined with the liberal justices to completely uphold almost every single part of the Obama health care law, he wrote the majority opinion himself! In fact, he went even further. When he realized that the government had poorly made its constitutional case to the court, he went searching for a clause in their argument and the constitution that would give him the justification he needed to back the administration and to insure that his decision would hold up legally. In other words, even though he is on the opposite side of the political fence, he wrote the Dems’ paper for them. Stunning. Continue reading

The Shift To Unconditional Love – 29 June 2012

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Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Your Best Interest – 29 June 2012

God said:

Be grateful for what you have. Gratitude is a great tool in life. It carries you far. Ingratitude drops you right where you are. Kerplunk.

Complaining keeps you mired in what you complain about. Furthermore, complaining brings you more to complain about. Complaining is ingratitude. Ingratitude is a lack of gratitude. You may have just escaped an auto accident, let’s say, and, instead of appreciating, you may be irate that I let you come close and you may further be sore about your flat tire, and even hold Me responsible for it. Continue reading

Current Update: Liens Filed Against The Federal Reserve Bank – 29 June 2012

The complete legal document concerning the liens against the Federal Reserve. . . thanks to B., who suggests: If you will look at paragraph 5 on page 117, it appears that the claim is that the Federal Reserve is holding the assets that are in dispute. The form in the Wilcock blog ties into the claim. The lien is to prevent the assets from getting away before plaintiff is able to collect.

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 29 June 2012

The hot topic that occupies most of you is the commencement of the arrests so that you are in no doubt that the final days of the cabal have arrived.  Needless to say, it will cause a sensation across the world and the media will have to respond. They will be inundated with calls asking for an explanation, and eventually even those that are conservative will be forced to give the true reasons for what is happening. There will be official announcements in the US, and careful steps taken to ensure that people have the correct understanding of why the arrests are taking place. Doubt will exist until it becomes clear that the actions are in the interests of all people, by providing a scenario whereby they can be released from the hold of the dark Ones. There will be deliberate disinformation circulated by those still under the control of the Illuminati, but we will make it clear that the Military are involved as a back up for those making the arrests. They are not execution squads and will only use weapons if they or the Marshalls are attacked, in the course of their legitimate pursuits. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Weigh Everything Being Said – 29 June 2012

( Lucas:  Discerning everything as I have told you on this blog is meant for all articles. You have to decide if things resonate with you or not. Nobody else. That is your free choice. But that does not mean you tell others what  is right or what they have to read, write, think or have to do.)

Gosh, the articles just keep getting harder and harder to write. But they do need to be written and there are things that need to be said.

We’re being joined by more and more new lights – and this is all very, very welcome. But I believe we need to approach the new things that are being said with a goodly dose of discernment, even if they come from people who are, or are identified as being, lightworkers. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Evolution Revolution – Venus Direct : Time To Receive (Or Time To Stop Not Receiving) – 29 June 2012

 As Venus turned direct this week she wooshed her tail around like a big Mama Dragon, giving us all that final kick up the pants on the topic of Receiving. Any issues you still have with Receiving what you are worth, receiving what you deserve and receiving what you truly need may have been highlighted this week by a big in your face confrontation with the opposite: Lack thinking, ‘not enough’ type thoughts, feeling pressured to give more energy/time/money than you feel you have, feeling there’s a big hole where there should be a basket full of good stuff. Continue reading

Republic Roundtable Call – 28th June – 29 June 2012

(Lucas : As told I will report on both sides)

Republic Roundtable Call – June 28, 2012

Host and Moderator: Robert Zuluaga

Producer: Jeanine Stewart

Introduction and Opening Prayer Continue reading

Mish/Mike Shedlock – Germany Blinks After All-Night Fight; Italy And Spain Still Not Happy; For Now, Futures Are – 29 June 2012

It’s a love-fest in Asia futures once again, but will it hold on Friday or through the weekend?

One thing’s for sure, sentiment was so sour about this 19th summit, that any bit of good news stood a decent chance of temporarily igniting the market. Continue reading