Lisa Gawlas – The Pulse Of Energy Called Life And Empaths – 30 June 2012

There is one true word for that which we call life and that would be the word, in all it’s splendor and meaning is Energy.

If all that we see in our 3D perception of this world disappeared, what would be left is an energy field.  Colors, sounds, vibrations of all sorts and degrees.

Energy is always in motion.  Energy is always expressing.  Energy is pure Love.

So that would have to mean life is always in motion, constantly changing its expression of Love.

Now, thru the entirety of Life, plug in a human.  Humans everywhere in the field of life, the field of constantly expressing and changing Energy – Love.

The human is the only form of life that has the built-in capacity to stop the flow of energy, we call that stopper: ego.  The human is also the only form of life that has the built-in capacity to accelerate the rate of Energy on this planet, we call that accelerator:  the Heart.

What a truly gifted creation we are!!

Before Rick and I changed our relationship to whatever it is now, I had laid against his chest one day… feeling the flow of energy.  It is the first time I had ever truly felt the “at rest” energy flow of a human.  I stayed in this experience for about 20 minutes.  His energy field at times would retract to the point of going behind his body, then find its way just in front of his chest, resting between us and both of these movements were like thin pencil lines of energy.  No doubt due to his mental processes.  I didn’t ask him what he was thinking… I was simply in the experience.

But the one that was so exciting, so important for all of us to find within ourselves and hold steady… when he was in his heart.  His energy would encompass both of us and had a very different vibration to it.  The only way I can explain it is fuzzy.  The energy itself was excited and expanded and instead of pencil thin, thick and vibrating.  I don’t know another word to really describe it other than fuzz, maybe the perception of being frayed!  Like it opened itself to plug into the field around it.  Somethings are really easier to see than find words to explain.  Ohhh I love google!!  This is too important to not understand so I found a picture that says it better than my words!!

So see the tops of the wires there… when your fully in your heart space, your entire energy field opens up with these little tentacles or something or another.  It is Life seeking and connecting to Life.  When you are in your mind, your energy field retracts like the wiring itself.  Cut off from the flow of Life around you.

Ricks energy field changed so frequently within that 20 minutes I didn’t know if he was coming or going.  But man oh man the feeling difference when he was in his heart, no matter how short the trip, it was vibrant, noticeable and encompassing to my own field.  The fact that I can see all of this really helps me to understand what is happening… even if that understanding is weeks later (smile.)    This is the power, and the erratic-ability of our minds to constantly change the flow of energy and the hearts ability to expand it.

Consciousness has always been the key to this energetic game of life!  Conscious of being fully in your heart center and purposely shifting back to it when the mind steps in and breaks the flow of connection.  It is the ONLY way to be fully Awake in the energy field of Life.

Yesterday, my inner vision was completely offline… save about 10-15 minutes in the morning connecting with the Tree of Life in the back yard.

My Lord, I think I just got something, actually, two somethings!!  God, I love mornings!!!  First let me share my experience and understanding in my morning connection.

As I sat in my chair near the reflecting pool, for some strange reason I looked at the time on my phone.  It was 5:55am.  Ahhhh change to the umpth degree.  I was excited to be in this experience.

It took me a bit to kick in my inner vision (I know it is in the garage being repaired… or maybe… super frayed!!)  I looked for the Blessed Mother again, I could not see her… but her presence was absolutely felt…everywhere.

As I looked up to the tree tops I notices the skyline peeking thru the trees to the left and the branches of the Tree of Life I was sitting in front of.  Suddenly I had seen a deep, rich gold, could almost be bronze really, sun.  I could also see the sun rays coming into the field from the sun (talk about frayed Light!)

That sun was the only constant thing I could “see.”  I heard spirit say, sacred geometry is everywhere and then the inner prompting to “see that.”  Can I just say I wouldn’t know geometry if it hit me over the head.  I have a severe allergic reaction to anything mathematical!!

I did notice the sheer amount of V shapes covering the entirety of the field.  I couldn’t help but notice that.  Then, just near the gold sun, was a tree branch forming an inverted half circle.  I thought about the reading I had with the womb of creation and the penis with this inverted rainbow beneath the ummmm…. connection of penis and womb.  But I didn’t understand its relevance to what I was observing (still don’t really.)

I may not have been able to see much, but something happened with my feeling center.  Phew!!

After about 15 minutes I came back into the house, slightly frustrated I am embarking on a new task while in the garage.  But I am not one to shirk my spiritual promises!!

When I came back into the house, coffee and smoke in hand… I realized that first came the mother the next day gave birth to the sun.  I know this is relevant and important…

But what of all those V’s in the field.  Then I started getting hit with wave after wave of love, of ecstasy surging thru my whole body.  Those V’s represent YOU.  Many of you are already plugged into the receptacles of the Tree of Life. Feeding it, fueling it, expanding it.  I Am FEELING YOU!!  (You are so yummy, thank you.)

Now I so understand why the only thing I was able to see a few days ago in a reading was my own antenna.  Like the image above, I am only fully open at the  end so I can read for you.  I even then retract the expanded energy (frays) when the reading is finished most of the time.

I even retract my antenna between readings to kind of purge the energy field I just read from before my next connection.  I suppose, it is time to stop doing that!!

Even with that I get an amazing visual of forming a super highway of interconnected Light energy thru the guise of readings.  (Hey, how dare they call it a guise lol.)

The Conscious Empaths.

By nature and design, every piece of living energy (which is All of it) is emphatic.  We share of each other thru our feeling centers all the time.  Life, by natural design radiates love.  In truth, it can radiate nothing less.

We humans tho… we radiate the gamut of duality…. by intentional design.  When there is an empath picking up any sort of negativity, that is your inner cue to go in and seal that part of you with Love.  You cannot feel what you do not radiate.  Think about that for a long moment.

The magnetic resonance of frequency.  Like vibration seeks like vibration at the soul desire… for the expansion and union at hand.  This is not a sexual statement, but a love statement.  Love is not separated from itself.  It constantly seeks out love.  Love in constant motion and expansion.

For those who get pummeled by negativity of others, that is life’s cue that there is something left open, or really blocked up and bulging with desire to be freed.

Like was stated earlier, the negative aspect of ego stops the flow of energy, so then there is a backup of energy, because life doesn’t stop flowing, the ego just created a dam within your own personal flow.

When any part of your energy network needs addressing, you will feel the impact via those others who are radiating the same frequency.  It is not the time to block them or retreat, but go within your own self and release the dam, the ego part that has the energy backing up within yourself… once and for All.

You will find that once your own energy field is restored to its natural state of frequency (love) nothing deemed negative can affect you.  It is not that you don’t notice, it just bounces off of you.

Refining your love frequency will be the quickest way to get to the pureness of your own energy.  One extra ounce of love clears a ton of darkness in a nano-second…. then hold it there… forever!

I am going to close on that note.  There is so much I now need to ponder!!  I did take a moment and went out to the tree… nuttin at all.  My antenna is still in the shop!!

I am so excited about this enormous time we are all in right now.

Ok, a little side step here.  Before I closed this sharing I was suddenly prompted to go to, I assumed to see if the sun was spitting, it was.  But this was the real reason not only that I looked at that site before closing, but equally the full reason for this sharing today.

Here is a youtube video from Nasa called:  Hidden Magnetic Portals Around Earth.

Those portals exists thru us… thru our crown chakras.  As they mention in the video some portals are erratic and open and close sporadically… go to the above sharing of my experience with Ricks energy field.

Now, imagine when you have a fully aligned group energy on the same space of earth… combining their energy portals to create one magnetospheric portal.  This is what we are striving to do Now.

Just a little something to ponder!!

I love y’all sooooooooo much!!  Have an amazing day of Fraying your energy field!!  ((((HUGZ)))))

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