Lucas – We The People -The Power Of Us All – Shine Your Light – 30 June 2012

Where is the power of us all. Where is your light shining. Are “We The People” that should bring change.  It seems there is bickering, nagging and other negative stuff going on and authors and key persons  seem to get on top of each other to discredit all or everyone and say things are not gonna happen. Bluntly said what a (lightworker) bullocks and crap this is. You all need no internet trolls or disinformation agents anymore,  you do disrupt it yourselves. Shame on you for not getting behind the same goals and make it happen.

In whatever way you choose the key is to focus on the same goals  and things manifesting in the now. We want all in our hearts the same. We want freedom of the dark cabal/illuminati.  We all want abundance and peace for all. Why are you all kicking at and hurting the ones that wanna make a difference even your own co-creators and frontrunners.  What did you do. Did you go to jail, got arrested, are you in a lawsuit, are you preparing to act to get freedom on the way, etc.  Or did you listen to the news on tv and radio, surfed the internet till your behind is sore of doing nothing and say nothing happened.

Did you do something or did you give up on all without reason. Are you all that fast out of balance and letting your mood swing to anger and disappointment again and again. Are you one of those eternal nay-sayers that have still not heard of positive intent and thinking.  Did you say you understood the concept of unconditional love and stepping out of the matrix of duality. The dark loves us to do what we do in getting away from our mutual goals.

I have said to put our support and efforts behind people who will make a change. It don’t matter if you help Drake, Cobra, Bill Wood and many others with the same goals as us all. The help and support you give will bring us  success faster.  This  does not mean you should not do your part besides helping a bit and supporting.  Whatever you do, stay behind the scouts and men and women on the frontline in having  their lives and reputations at stake. Focus on the same goals.

Visualization, meditation, demonstrating, writing letters, spreading the news, supporting, helping  is something you all can do. The lightworkers need to focus on bringing forth their light and power of intent with the coordinated focus at certain times with as many people as possible.  Bill Wood, Cobra and lots of others have been doing this and asked for your support in it. Now do it. That short time of 15 minutes a day together with lots of you will bring the power of our creating abilities in the now and is the least thing you can do.

I wanna know now if you all are going to do something or  sit back as if you should not do anything and wait till others do it for you. As said you can focus on the mutual goal:  Freedom, Peace and Abundance for all.  See in  the NOW the new golden age we all want to have manifested in unconditional love. Go show the power of us all and shine your light.

Love and Light,


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