Marilyn Raffaelle – Message From The Arcturian Group – 30 June 2012

Dear ones, we greet you in this time of much change and seeming chaos. We are here to bring hope through the awareness that all is proceeding according to plan even though as of yet you are not hearing anything different than the usual on your news. Indeed much is transpiring that you are as of yet unaware. Hold to the truth dear ones, and do not allow yourselves to go into fear and doubt from those manifestations of duality and separation from which you are ascending in this lifetime. All is moving swiftly to bring you into the new energies now pouring onto your planet.

Every small loving deed you do for the world and each other–easing another’s burden, adds more light when done through the recognition of truth. Try not to act from the level of a “do gooder”. A “do gooder” is an individual who through a false sense of “holiness” goes about looking for things to fix and whose actions are often ego based, done with the expectation of a return in the form of money or in ego gratification. “Do gooders” work from the third dimensional belief in duality and separation, seeing people and things that need to be fixed. This is not a judgement, for this is where all start out in their evolutionary journey and much profound help has been given the world through this state of awareness, but you have moved beyond this way of seeing and working and are now required to work from a higher level; a level that knows there is really nothing to fix. We are not saying that you are to deny what you see in the world, nor are we saying that you are not to give a hand where needed. What we are saying is that it is time to begin to recognize that the outer forms are not God ordained, but simply the manifestations of concepts based in duality and separation. This is the journey of evolution dear ones, moving beyond seeing appearances as reality.

Do your work quietly, allowing it to flow out from a consciousness of oneness, seeing every life as in and of the Divine whole, even if they themselves do not yet know it. The bible message is true in saying that what you do for another you do for yourselves, for there is only One. Always examine your intentions when helping others, and remember that many have chosen their particular experiences in order to learn. Trust your intuition on these things, always working from compassion and not sympathy, for when you enter into sympathy with another’s problem you merge with the energy of it. In compassion you listen, offer what you can, but stay centered in truth and light.

Many moving into the light of new awareness are trying to incorporate their old familiar beliefs into the new. This cannot be done. You must leave behind all beliefs that resonate with duality and separation if you are to enter into the mystical message of Oneness. New wine cannot be put into old wine skins as is stated in your Christian bible. Many fear leaving behind that which has been their truth and comfort for perhaps their whole lifetime and which has been the glue holding together family and friends in common worship and beliefs. However, as you open to deeper truths, you must make a choice; “Do I stay in what is comfortable and familiar, or do I move into the new awareness presenting itself to me?”.

Often as with any profound change, there is the fear of upsetting or angering families or partners, and indeed this is often the case especially in strong traditional belief systems. Realize that human worship, ceremonies, and teachings of the past as well as now, are simply concepts of truths; truths interpreted though somewhat un-awakened states of consciousness. This is why in organization, the deeper truths of a message are lost once the original consciousness is no longer around to clarify. Sacred teachings are then interpreted by those not yet functioning at original teacher’s level. Know that through spiritual evolution you lose nothing of value, but simply move your worship to higher levels of that which is represented by the symbolic rites and rituals of many organized religions.

If those of your “group” are not yet ready to embrace the deeper truths, that is fine. You need not shout your enlightenment from the roof tops, but simply begin to practice it. Go within each day (and as often as you can), taking time to center and contemplate new awareness. This need not be long, just the incorporation of truth into your daily life. If you experience anger from those who wish you to continue in the old ways, ways you feel you have outgrown, then is the time to lovingly take a stand. Explain only once that you are examining new directions for yourself but that you honor them and their practice and allow them to also choose. Never apologize for your enlightenment but also never try to force it on another.

One of your famous people said that the definition of insanity was to keep doing the same things over and over again while expecting different results, and yet that is what many continue to do. Those that try to continue with what is old and finished after they have evolved beyond it, will consistently meet with failure because that which is finished, is finished. New awareness ready to be lived will be incorporated either the hard way through repeated failure of doing things the way you have always done them, or the easy way through moving into and living out from the new awareness. This is often seen with relationships where an individual continues to play third dimensional games of relationship after they are ready to live out from a deeper, truer sense of relationship. These individuals move from one partner to another, always seeking the fulfillment promised in old energy beliefs, and always experiencing painful failures until they “get it”. This is what you have asked for, chosen, and are receiving for yourselves dear ones, to evolve.

Many through ignorance or malevolent desire are still working to keep the old energy alive and well. You are the forward flank. You are those paving the way for others. You carry the burden of releasing all that is old and finished in order to bring the whole planet into readiness for the shift into higher dimensional light. You have chosen this. You dear ones, who are clearing and releasing that which is old and finished in your own lives are at the same time helping to clear and release these beliefs from the impersonal universal human matrix of beliefs; adding light for those others who are ready and are attracted to truth.

You are paving the way so to speak and because the head of the arrow creates heat as it moves through the air, so are you often catching heat from those not yet able to fully understand what you are doing, believing, or trying to tell them. Let this be of no concern. Your work is not to drag the world kicking and screaming into a new awareness. Your job is to simply do your work sacredly, secretly, and silently which will emanate Light wherever you are and those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”, will respond.

Soon you will see the fruitage of you labors. All is well.

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