Ruth Ryden – Ruth & Masters Of Light – 30 June 2012

Ruth says ~ My, my, what a time we are having! This prolonged drought causing such appalling and destructive fire storms have us all nervous and keeping close watch on our own towns and properties. Our forest is closed to campers now and no one can even step onto forest land that is not privately owned without getting a good-sized ticket! There is constant patrolling by the Forest Service, so we do feel as protected as they can do. Wild life are coming down from the hills to find water, causing a few bear attacks and wandering bobcats. Have to be careful with our pets now.

Our (Central Arizona for those of you who are new to this newsletter) monsoon is coming in now, with beautiful white clouds that turn grey with rain a little more each day. Trees and shrubbery are terribly dry and the lightning strikes that will be coming are what we have to watch out for. I have always felt very protected in this part of paradise and am not really worried, but many here are. It is a good time for prayers, not just for us, but for the millions of people who are in danger from fires and floods all over our land and around the world. The prayers should not be just for protection, for things will happen, but for the inner strength and courage of all of us to see what has to be done and do it.

Otherwise, July is still a month to enjoy, no matter what! Be careful with fireworks and such – have been keeping busy cleaning out storage areas, giving away and sharing craft supplies that I will never use now. What a great feeling! My garden is shot from the heat, but there is always next year!


Masters, what is causing these abnormal heat waves across North America– the rest of the world? How long are they going to last? How drastic will the effects be on food supplies/crops?

MASTERS: “You may feel the world is exploding around you, but it is not. The elevated heat around the world, yes – in many places besides your continent, is occurring because of the heightened frequencies as the Earth hits a closer orbit toward and around the Sun right now. Prior weather records show this happening every 10 or 20 years, but this orbit is closer because of the galactic re-alignment now taking place. Temperatures will start dropping off during the first week of July, then stay at slightly lower numbers for another two weeks. The monsoon moisture coming up from Mexico into the western states will bring relief to the dry forests but also cause many fires from lightning strikes. July will not be a laid-back time of vacations, but a month of highly unpredictable storms, not just on the North

American Continent, but all over the world. Temperatures will stray from what is
normal to intense drouths that has fried crops and dried up fruit on the trees. Water sources around the world will be seen to be erratic in their flows and amounts. Storm runoffs are already causing flooding and hardships. The intense suffering of humankind caused by all of this will continue to pop up as humanity continues its path of selfishness and greed, denuding lands of forests and prairies that kept nature in balance.

The hurricane season is starting off slowly, but we see violent storms to birth off the coast of Africa, as they do every year, but we see them changing course from the norm, hitting the American coasts slightly further north. The eastern Canadian Coasts may even feel the effects of these whirling winds during the month and into August.

As the world experiences these elevated temperatures, the opposite is always in effect. The arctic realms will be experiencing unusual weather patterns also, as temperatures plunge into unusual depths. Even so, deep under the seas the Earth’s inner furnace continues to heat up and is causing melting of the huge ice sheets. Increased calving of ice shelves will be reported and shipping lanes will see more bergs as they travel through these waters.

Europe is also experiencing elevated temperatures, while Australia will experience some very stormy weeks this month. We sense some earth movements in the northern oceanic islands north of that continent.

As these temperatures massage the planet one way then another, the seas will be reacting also. It is not a time to be cruising in deep waters as they are being pushed and pulled by the movement and temperatures of the restless continents. Water currents are especially dangerous near beaches where holiday swimmers enjoy their vacations.
Expect food prices to rise sharply in many areas as fields and orchards feel the lack of rain, then flooding. Time to stock up on canned/frozen fruits and favorite vegetables.
This is not a happy forecast we realize, but what each of you will gain by understanding what to expect and working out your own solutions is the real reward here. Bringing forth your own inner knowledge and strength is an important factor in the growth of humanity.

For too long, entertainment has been of the utmost importance to the younger millions who live by their electronic helpers and wallow in the senseless monster movies and violent music of the age. To survive, in many places, only good common sense and the inner senses of danger and/or opportunities will need to blossom again. No, God is not punishing you, and we know many religions will say this, but it is an opportunity to grow in mind and spirit when nature flares up against you. God does not punish; He (it, whatever you wish to call the Creator) gives created souls the means of overcoming anything and everything; it is your choice to give up or prevail over the difficulties. This is prime time for humanity – time to wake up and understand this universe. We are always here to help when you call.”


Masters, the subject of Crop Circles is still very important to a lot of people,. especially since now they have been turning up in different foreign countries. I am asking you , finally, for the truth in this matter. The Circles have been attributed to UFO’s, Little Green Men, frequency messages, abnormal energy in the earth, not to mention all the man-made designs that the jerks of the world insist on wasting their time and that of really intent seekers of information. Who or what is responsible for these beautiful and sometimes mysterious designs in the crop fields of the world (even seen in ice fields)? What are the designs meant to convey? Many of the earliest ones were faithfully mathematical and extremely detailed. I haven’t followed them for some time, but many do. At the end of this answer I will give a web site where they are recorded by a very reliable organization.

Assuming your answers will be forthcoming, and I do request a really definitive response on this, do or have these designs have anything to do with the current global problems of governments, politics, global warming, starvation of masses, etc., etc.? Do they have to do with the earth changes we are experiencing – are they an effort of some other planetary civilization to communicate with us? If so, are there sensitive people who are able to understand them and pass the messages on to humanity? I haven’t seen that yet, although they are trying very hard, but perhaps no one will listen. (What else is new?)

MASTERS: “ Your inquiry is most timely as the designs in the English fields are increasing now and will be seen in many parts of the world, even drawn out in crusted desert sands.
Listen to us. Higher Intelligence, the spirit world (whatever many of you wish to call it, or us), has, for centuries sent messages to humanity in many different forms, according to the ability of different societies to understand them. All of the ancient designs chiseled into stone by those whose minds reflected the designs were messages for those times. Concepts of Gods artistically created by all peoples have always been part of the messages that have been sent. Today, the crop designs are part of universal communications from Higher Intelligence in the universe to give humanity the realization that there IS a creative intelligence that is just as real as the sad efforts of some people to duplicate the designs.

You must realize the universe is primarily afloat with primary energy, which has created, and continues to create, conscious souls that are constantly cohabiting with the beings in matter on this planet and millions of others. Souls that have spent lifetimes on Earth are very active, especially trying to help humanity through their rough times of dealing with terrestrial problems. The differences in the designs have to do with the conscious knowledge of soul groups who have experienced human lifetimes, trying to get the attention of those who are able to see the message in them. Many others are from energy beings sending their concepts and knowledge to humanity in this way.

Are societies from other planets trying to communicate? Yes, sometimes. It is interesting that your art works have depicted the Hand of God as a finger reaching down to Earth. In a way, that is how the circles are created. The energy that is involved in laying down the grain stalks is extremely powerful and can be felt for a few days after their creation. Living beings are protected from that energy by only sending the designs to unoccupied areas. The lights that are seen by those who have had inner knowledge of a protracted design going to be made is high voltage energy, sometimes seen as balls of fire, etc.

Many of the designs have even been accurately defined as predictions to future planetary storms or earth movements, but that information is still not understood nor realized by humanity in general. Most of the designs are mathematical in nature for that reason. Some of the designs are simply a fingerprint of an energy being doing some art work. The consciousness that dwells in the far reaches of space has many concerns, experiences, concepts about life, etc., etc. that are generally not of real concern to humanity, but are very interesting to see and experience. It takes those who really study this to find the important messages in these phenomenon and to tell the differences between those messages and those of some fanciful spirit doing a little art work. The differences may be seen in the complexity of the designs. Modern aircraft whose pilots fly over the designs provide excellent records by photographing them from every angle, thereby making the messages available to the world.

As to the designs relating to current world conditions and problems, yes, of course. Your world is in a time of violent changes, both in your societies and in the physical planet itself. The designs are sometimes set down in what you would deem to be unusual areas, as a way of getting the attention of those who have not yet experienced them in a physical way. Energy designs have been with you for many centuries. Consider the beautiful designs drawn in colored sands by American Indian spiritual leaders. Designs have been carved into granite or stones all over the world by those who are inspired by their inner minds to put them to canvas and stone. They all have had significance to their societies and even for you today. As the intelligence of humanity continues to rise their messages will become more understandable.

To find meanings in the Circles , try first to find the basic design in each of the large mathematical designs and then work with the variables. Remember, there is not just one consciousness sending these designs, but many from sometimes all parts of the universe. At some point, the meaning is found in the reader’s own higher awareness – what comes into the mind through the Higher Self of the reader. These message designs come from intelligences that are still far beyond human understanding, trying to find a way to communicate. Go ahead and reach, for that is the entire purpose – to send out knowledge and information to those who are expanding their own awareness, and there are many of you all over the world. The great mathematicians of the world are starting to understand and work with these designs – quietly, of course.

Many people who are working with their awareness to be closer to spirit often receive the knowledge of a new design to be made and where to go to see it. They have learned to keep their distance while the energy “fingers” are laying down a new design in the field.
Listen for news of unusual designs being observed in the Middle East and in Africa that will be drawn in those crusted sands – sometimes far out in the deserts. Designs created by swirling waters are being seen, but disappearing quickly. Designs have been seen in ice formations. Cloud formations over disturbed land will sometimes take on simple designs that reflect the disturbance.

In essence, you are surrounded by intricate designs in nature all the time which simply and beautifully reflect the Creator’s creations of beauty and knowledge. Humanity is starting to understand this. Let your inner awareness see the beauty, be warned of difficulties to come, learn of the ultimate creation that will go on forever. There is an ongoing conversation to read and interpret in the crop circles. “

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