Visionkeeper – Take That Leap Of Faith – 30 June 2012


The final times of change are upon us I believe and freedom is close at hand. In order to complete this process it is time for us all to take that leap of faith into the unknown and put our trust in the universe. Time to cut the 3D cords that bind us in this dimension and fly free. The lies the dark ones weave into our web are the only thing holding us captive if we continue to believe in them.

These lies are not reality, they have no power unless you give it to them. They are the desperate attempts of the dark ones to hold on to what they don’t want to lose, their control over the world. But it is over, the beginning of our new world has begun and we must let go if we wish to move forward. There is no more time for questioning what is true and what is a lie, it is time to make up your mind where you wish to go and leap off! You can opt for the security of the known and endure the hell that will continue to increase in intensity, or you can choose to live in your heart and love the world and leap into the unknown trusting all will be well.

Are you ready for the shift? Do you have the extra necessary supplies on hand just in case? Medicines, money, water, food and pet supplies? They may not be needed but it is better to be safe than sorry. Cornered animals tend to be dangerous when they feel threatened and the dark ones are no exception to the rule. They have lost control and do not want to go down with the sinking ship, but they must, their time has come to an end and it is time for us to shine brightly. Change is always an unsteady move to make because there is always uncertainty, but we cannot avoid change, nor should we want to. Change is what keeps the waters flowing down stream and without that we become stagnant and toxic.

As uncertain as these times are and perhaps fearful to some, these should be exciting times as we move along towards our freedom at long last. Just the thought of being free to be who we desire to be should make our hearts race with anticipation and joy. There is nothing to be frightened of so stop buying into the lies you read and hear about. Fear mongering at its best. Remember the dark want to keep us in fear, so it is up to us not to fall for the fear tactics. Time to wake up and see the truth of what has been done to us and disconnect from that dark energy and stay in the light and love of our hearts.

So what is involved in taking a leap of faith? It is surrendering to a higher power be it God, Spirit, the Universe, whatever you are comfortable with. It is saying I trust that the path I am on, to stay in my heart and feeling love and gratitude is the correct path to be on and not the path of lies being offered up to us. It is believing in this with every fiber of your being, no doubts, no questions, just a strong trust you are making the right decision. Have the lies of the dark ones taken you to a place you want to be? Is life working for you, are you happy? If so stay put, if not, step off the cliff and fly!

This is what this journey is all about now, trusting and believing with all our hearts, and being able to just go wherever the flow is taking us, not knowing exactly where we are headed. We can feel in our hearts when we are doing what is right if we are paying attention, that so-called gut feeling. Get reconnected with that feeling because we will need it to make our way through the uncertainty of this journey. At present the dark ones are purposely creating scenarios designed to enrage and fire up the people. Do not fall for that either! They wish to create outrage and pandemonium so they can step in and take more control. Bite your tongues, stay aware and fight quietly for your rights in tandem with your fellow light workers.

That video I put on here yesterday has been removed from the internet. Anytime that happens you know you are scratching in the right place. That video for those who didn’t see it was about the post-it note revolution going on. Posting sticky notes all over, in stores, on walls, anywhere public. These notes are brief messages such as “Google Chemtrails” “Let chickens be free. Buy free range eggs”, “Google fluoride. Fluoride kills” obviously went on the tooth paste isles in stores. It is a great idea and it is what I mean by fight back quietly! Do NOT protest or act out and give them what they want. A chance to throw you in jail. We must be good, fight for freedom and stay in our hearts. Trudge onward, we are close now!

Blessings to you all,

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