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Ruth Ryden – Ruth & Masters Of Light – 30 June 2012

Ruth says ~ My, my, what a time we are having! This prolonged drought causing such appalling and destructive fire storms have us all nervous and keeping close watch on our own towns and properties. Our forest is closed to campers now and no one can even step onto forest land that is not privately owned without getting a good-sized ticket! There is constant patrolling by the Forest Service, so we do feel as protected as they can do. Wild life are coming down from the hills to find water, causing a few bear attacks and wandering bobcats. Have to be careful with our pets now. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Take That Leap Of Faith – 30 June 2012


The final times of change are upon us I believe and freedom is close at hand. In order to complete this process it is time for us all to take that leap of faith into the unknown and put our trust in the universe. Time to cut the 3D cords that bind us in this dimension and fly free. The lies the dark ones weave into our web are the only thing holding us captive if we continue to believe in them. Continue reading

The Church Derive Profit With Porn: 1 Billion And A Half In Books For Adults – 30 June 2012

The Weltbild is a productive German company that owns a number of libraries and has a thrivingonline business. So far nothing unusual, the more daring might run just a smile, discovering that their main products are erotic volumes  and a considerable catalog of DVDs for adults, after all, in today’s world, pornography is no longer quite a stir, even.

The surprise comes out when he discovers that the company is fully owned by the bishops of the german church .1, 6 billion, not really a joke, went into the coffers of the clergy through this trade, we say, unorthodox, at least for those who profess chastity, abstention and ignores the most basic prevention practices in sex.

Ann Albers – Message Of Ann And The Angels – 30 June 2012

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Part of your human experience, dear ones, is dealing with rejection. There are times when others will reject you and times when you will have to turn others away. There are degrees of rejection that range from having someone simply look away when you give them a smile, to having the love of your life abruptly leave for no apparent reason. There are rejections that are done kindly, such as a friend politely declining an invitation, as well as rejections accompanied by incredible cruelty. Continue reading

Ute Possega-Rudel – Messages From The Realms Of Light – Together We Create The United Field Of New Earth – 30 June 2012

(Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012)
Dear friends,
many of us are holding their breath now: will the arrests of the cabal commence shortly – or will they not? Will there be first more signs of the old world crumbling and falling apart, before we can begin to see the light of the Golden Age truly and irrevocably dawning?
As we know, we all have been warned that in these endtimes a lot of misinformation is being spread. This is not to say that those who make public announcements about these arrests, have bad intentions, but they themselves could be used by those who have them. Continue reading

The Theory Of World Peace (Part 6) – 30 June 2012

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( Lucas:  Kauilapele posted this yesterday on his blog synchronicity as I had also found this video but forgot to hit the publish button yesterday as I had the article ready and therefore you can see this now!) Continue reading

Rtinge – Massive Global Banker Scandal Revealed – 30 June 2012

The news is swamped by all what is coming out the cracks and crannies of the dark vaults in the hands of the banksters.  You just have to read it. The Galactic Free Press already reported in an extensive summary what is going on also.

20 more banks were rigging interest rates: British bankers now facing criminal inquiry over scandal that was kept secret for years

Read the whole story at link to original article