Doreen – What the Heck Is Going On With All This All This Crazy Energy?? … Please Read – 1 July 2012

So do you feel like your so-called problems and personal issues are being AMPLIFIED at this time?  Well, it appears that way for many of us.  Constant recurring illness, struggling with family problems or money issues, and generally feeling like CRAP every day, no matter HOW MANY times we repeat affirmations, all day long.  Archangel Michael gave me a HUGE awareness last night, after a LONG two weeks of constant drama showing up for me.  Once I let go of my point of view that it was ‘drama’ rather than cleansing, I was able to HAVE this awareness..and now he’s asking me to share it with everyone else.

There is a MAJOR energetic shift and detox that is happening on this planet right now.  And in the past 2 weeks, it has been more than evident to even those who are not ‘physically sensitive’ to energy.  The things have been coming up for me were almost overwhelming, but after a some heavy duty energy work this week and changing my point of view again, I was able to get back to center…DETACH from the emotions…and see all of this from an objective standpoint (the ‘witness’ point of view, as I like to call it).  It feels like you are in your own little world with all your own little problems.  The truth is we are all connected and bound by the same Source Energy, and therefore when Earth goes through a detox, we ALL go through a detox.  Your issues are your issues, but we are ONE.  We are all connected.  Something that helps me tremendously to walk through my own shifts and change with ease and glory is to council others.  There are SO many ways you can help another person, and often that person’s ‘stuff’ will give you a new insight on your own, an awareness you were previously willing to have.

If you are also ‘suffering’ from recurring illness or issues that keep showing up in your life, the Divine is INSISTING that you either make some sort of change in your life, or you need to heal a past issue.  The most COMMON thing I’ve seen in in the past week with my private clients and my group sessions is that people are not willing to let go of judgment, and they are literally DYING to hold on to their points of view.  The old paradigm will NOT work in the new, 4th dimensional world.  We MUST let it go.  Let go of all the fear, the anger, the worry that there’s never enough.  Just look at a tree.  Do you see a lack of leaves?  NO!  There is abundance all AROUND us.  But it is our fears, worries, and the old subconscious programming that prevents us from having it.  And sometimes we have things we need to clear out of the way before abundance even has any room in our lives.  Judgments take up room.  So think of letting go of your judgments as cleaning out your closet.  When you clean out your closet and get rid of things you no longer wear or need, you make room for NEW things to show up that you can enjoy even more.  Do you see your situation as ‘bad’ or ‘difficult’ right now?  Then that’s what will keep showing up in your lives…bad and difficult to validate your point of view and judgment.  But what if you could take a step back and not attach yourself to the emotional drama of anything?  What if you could BE anger, but you didn’t have to actually come up with reasons WHY you are angry, who you are angry with, who deserves your wrath, etc?  Doesn’t that feel much lighter than trying to prove why you have a reason to be angry?  The feeling of ‘anger’ would actually go away in mere MINUTES as opposed to days, weeks, and even months if we could just let it pass and stop trying to hang on to it.  THAT is emotional freedom, my friends.  And it feels REALLY good!

The Divine loves you.  The Angels and Light Beings love you.  I love you.  No one and nothing has abandoned you.  You are being asked to be a bit stronger than you are giving yourself credit for being.  You are being asked to reclaim your power and get out of victim consciousness.  Are you willing to let go of all of that?  Are you willing to let go of all the reasons you ‘have’ for being a victim, for why nothing works for you, for why this person said or did this or that to you?  Are you willing to HAPPY, or would you rather be right??  That’s what this whole energy shift and detox is about right now,  Washing away all the old belief systems, lies, illusions, paradigms, and unstable structures that are no longer serving any of us.  It is an AMAZING time to be alive on this planet right now.  For the first time ever, humans actually get to ascend without leaving their bodies.  How did we get so lucky to experience this?

Please honor yourselves every day by doing something GOOD AND HEALTHY for your bodies, your minds, your emotions, and your SPIRIT.  Do you need get your body moving again?  Do you perhaps need to do a physical detox and cleanse of your own, like cutting back on animal products, sugar, and caffeine for a few days or weeks?  What is it that your body would LOVE?  Ask it!  It will give you answers if you get very quiet and go inward.

I’m sending each and every one of you pink love-light, and please know that everything that is happening is leading us on the right path.  We are all on the right path.  It’s just that some choices we make result in our lives being a little easier.  Everything is a choice.  Even happiness.  And this isn’t about blame.  Nobody has done ANYTHING WRONG.  It’s about reclaiming your power as a beloved child of the Divine.  You are worthy and deserving of all the great things this Universe has to offer…which is infinite abundance and love.

**Angel Hugs** (check out Doreen Virtue’s words below…)

This is from Doreen Virtue’s fan page on Facebook:

“There’s a lot of old energy being expelled during the worldwide energy-detox. It looks like flakes of fishfood sinking toward the bottom of a fish bowl . . . and we’re swimming in it!

When anything’s cleaned (including energy), there’s dirt and dust that are dissipated into the air. In this case, the old energy has to go somewhere. And they showed me that it’s staying on the earth plane level where we all live.

The energy debris is affecting highly-sensitive people as health issues and irritability. Of course, these two symptoms are also part of the detox process. So there’s a cyclical effect.

Here’s a powerful prayer we can all say (in your own words is fine of course) to clear and shield yourself and all of us from the psychic debris:

“Dear God and Archangel Michael, thank you for clearing and transmuting any heavy energies from our planet. Thank you for vacuuming and lifting all fear and its effects away!

“Please guide me as to how I can be a beacon of peace, light, and love. Thank you for shielding me and everyone from the old energies as they’re released, and please guide my thoughts so that I contribute love.

“Thank you for helping all of us to open our hearts to compassion for each being’s feelings, rights, and needs. Amen.”

Thank you for your presence, light, and love!
Namaste, Doreen” – The Galactic Free Press – link to original article

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