Lisa Gawlas – The Surrogate – The June Seed – The Tree Of Life – 1 July 2012

The seed thought must be planted before anything can take root.  This includes a meditation I had several months ago about my parents and Franklyn, my daddy from the Pleiades.  I don’t even know where to look for that post to share it.  But in that meditation I recieved a bird’s eye view of my physical creation, with Franklyn embedding his energy in my daddy to create me.  This just sets the stage to my crazy, wonderful, wild ride called June!!

The Surrogate:

I have been trying to understand what has happened since Rick returned on the 25th.  It is like we are in an energy void, to the extent I have no connection to his energy field at all.  We have gone from zinging to zilch in less than 30 days.  Well, now I so understand.

The day he showed up at my door, there were no fireworks, nothing unusual at all except his blue eyes.  They are just beautiful!  We talked for hours then I felt it was time to give him a massage (he had already asked if he could pay for one, I gifted him one… little did I realize I would really be the receptor of that gift.)

Most of the time when I do energy work via a massage, I often time know exactly what the energy is for and what it will do, sometimes tho, spirit loves a sneak attack!  His first massage was exactly that.  I had no clue, we could just feel it!

Well I now know it was Archangel Michael threading his energy field thru Rick, and Rick became the physical vessel in which the seed of Light could take root in a consecrated land I call the back yard.

Thru every reading that has taken place since I moved into this place in January, we have been clearing the pain of the past, rasing the vibration back to its natural state of expression to the point, it was completely time to plant in the field.  No wonder I am set up in the East field!!

I have got to look at the numerology of this 16 day event.  5 days (5 represents change) building the energy field between Michael, Rick and myself.  6 days of sexual bliss (6 is soul partnership) and then 5 days retreating from each other before he (Rick) left for 5 days, then returned…. and is leaving tomorrow so he completed yet another 5 day period here.

It was never really about Rick, he was just a beautiful and willing surrogate, for whom I will forever be thankful for.

The Seed:

But it is kinda weird to think the energy field that drove my hormones crazy came from a revered Angel and the seed of Love that impregnated the field and birthed the Tree of Life came thru Michael as well.

And now, at least for me, this entire crazy, wild ride called June makes sense.

The Last Five Days of June:

These last 5 days of June have been like nothing I have ever experienced before within myself.  I also remember a few of the readings at the end of May and beginning of June showing a vibrational step up into July.  Just because I can see something doesn’t mean I know what it means to us as we move thru it. Well kind of like life, the spiritual path, in hindsight becomes 20/20!

Thru this deep inner process, I became absolutely aware that I do not see the field, or life the way I do when I am connected to someone.  When we are connected via readings, it seems everything becomes enhanced.  We can see details that just are not lit up when I am scoping things out in my bathtub.  This includes aspects of my own self.  You truly are my divine mirror, and I yours!!

When I was first realized my psychic sight was in the repair shop and was able to see my “antenna,”  I realized from where the fray was at the very end of that golden, braided rope of energy, that we have only really skimmed the outer most surface of your Light Field.

Nothing is ever shown in a reading without a purpose, even if we don’t fully understand what is being shown in the moment.  My antenna included.

Two days ago, I tried to do a reading and once again I could only see my antenna… but this time, it was very different from when I first seen it, as was the field of energy around it come to think of it.

The rope was much fatter than the first time I had seen it, and frayed all the down to the back door.  The color changed tremendously… from gold to strips of metallic coloring the entire spectrum of the rainbow.

Altho I could not see the details of the field itself, it was like all the energy I was able to pick up, was condensed somehow.  I suppose like to the room just got a lot smaller!

In my 5 day garage period I became absolutely aware of my feeling center.  With my vision down and hearing running at about 5% it seemed like the feeling aspect of me picked up all the details that didn’t come thru those two senses and often times I just felt engorged… in a very good way, but engorged none the less!  That must have created the thickness of the rope aspect of my antenna.

The Tree of Life:

The Tree itself has been growing, each and every day by and thru the love as well as the sexual energy of us.  We have truly taken up the active task of being life’s Gardner’s.   We have tended our garden so well.  So incredibly well.

I have had such a blessing of being able to see this Tree vibrate into life by forming simple strands of soft white energy that made up the lower half of the trunk of the tree.  Then I became aware of the root system (y’all) and this soft glowing golden energy at the very ground level (no doubt your loving fertilizer.)  Each day, the Light of the tree became stronger and fuller.

Then the surprising appearance of the Blessed Mother, which in my heart of hearts, I know is also Gaia herself too.  Golden, radiant, grateful.  Think about that for a moment.  We are so often in such a state of gratitude because of the spiritual assistance and love in our lives, have you ever thought about the gratitude from spirit that flows back to you because of your Love and what you do?

So the next day, when I seen a deeper golden sun shining down from the sky, sun rays streaming into the field, the tree of life all I could feel is the mother gives birth to the sun (son.)  But today, that goes even deeper.  The triad of energy made manifest.  The Tree of Life (us), the nurturing of both the mother and the sun gives life to the New Field of Life.

Yesterday morning, I attempted for over five hours to get a blog to flow, which I couldn’t because each paragraph seemed to be unpacking an enormous amount of understanding with me and I would go off on an inner journey of understanding.  I took several breaks in my continuous attempt including my time out in front of the Tree.  The entirety of the space was filled with spirits.  I could see and feel the Guardians (which really brought in elements of You) as well as the angels and so many realms ready for participation thru and with this Tree of Life that is us!  I was humbled and surprised really.

I once again attempted a reading, feeling my inner vision is returning… and what I had seen, absolutely humbled me… again!

The Tree of Life is now the same lines of metallic energy thru out the entire trunk area.  I could feel the actual bark of the tree itself with what I can only describe as extended frays of energy.  Altho I could not see my own antenna, I became very aware there was this little gap of white energy between me and the tree and until it is completely, I don’t know, dissolved, integrated… whatever, I could not connect…yet.  I also got the very strong feeling all should be in place by tomorrow (today.)

Ya know, as I write and feel with that above paragraph, I remember two readings a couple of weeks ago…. about that wedge of energy I could not move thru with a young man and his ascending steps.  Or the lady within the gold orb of magnetosphere energy and the four lines coming into it, save a gap of energy that didn’t have it all connected… yet.  These last five days of June was that energy wedge.

From the vision of the Tree yesterday I started to really understand that what we will be doing via the readings, is creating a link up with this Tree.  Funny, I suddenly remember the movie Avatar as they put those strands of connection at  the end of their (tail or hair, I forget) to bond with the tree’s or animals or whatever they were linking up to.  But the difference with us is… once we completely bond with this new Tree, it is forever.

I know that readings have once again changed.  I must have worried about this as I went to sleep last evening because I woke up several times with the Tree of Life glowing and I think either easing my mind about the readings, or teaching me how to connect with it via the readings.

It is going to be an interesting day in reading land today… and I cannot wait to share all the details with you!!

Have the most amazing, empowering, love filled July your heart has ever known!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of reflective, amplified, metallic energy!! link to original article


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