Steve Beckow -Ellie On Earth As A Free-Will Experiment – 1 July 2012

Ellie’s favorite terrestrial cartoon (which she would regularly send back to the ships): her alter ago, Maxine

Ellie Miser, my favorite Pleiadian, has been released from hospital. I have a lovely long Skype call with her to share with you.

I asked her permission to tape a message for her readers and in it she goes into a mysterious and supernatural “event” that she both intuits and has been told about by her Pleiadian partner Plen on the ships, that she believes she is supposed to witness before leaving.

She says exact knowledge of it is on a “need to know” basis and she “does not need to know.” She denied that it was the mass arrests, which she doesn’t feel she needs to witness. She said she would watch the event and then view the consequences of it from the ships.

Listen: Ellie Miser on June 30th, 2012

She says she turned down a third cloned body, still has the mass in her lungs, but is in no pain – thanks to Plen. She says she will not need to go through the “death” experience, but will be taken aboard the ships before then and reintroduced into her Pleiadian form, which is in stasis.

She reveals (to me, anyways) that Pleiadians are on average seven feet tall and may reach twelve feet tall, are golden-hued, can shape shift, bilocate, etc. They have no jealousy and so may change mates as they choose. Life for Pleiadians is 100% playtime, she says.

She mentions higher dimensions where life forms may choose not to express themselves through bodies.

She discusses Earth as a free-will experiment and says that we are the last significant planet to ascend and that a lot of other planets in the universe are waiting for us to make our move before they complete theirs.

It isn’t that other planets, like the Pleiades, do not have free will, she says. It’s more that, when things go wrong there, intervention to straighten things out comes much sooner than here. A world war would never be permitted on the Pleiades, for instance.

She discusses how she wishes to take her body with her to the ships so as not to inconvenience her family but how they insist on her not doing so so they can complete with her. (I’ll probably be asking people to assist her family with funeral expenses when that time comes.)

She expresses her appreciation to readers (it may have been during one of the pauses when I was not taping) for their generosity towards her and her family and says that she has never been without.

It was a lovely long (probably 40-minute) call in which Ellie discussed many topics that none of us can possibly know about, in a very matter-of-fact way. I have to apologize for my rather crude cuts and splices. I’m new at this.

Anyone who wishes to contribute Ellie’s well-being may do so via her Paypal account:

Here are three additional notes that Ellie sent along for readers.

Thanks to all who sent prayers and thoughts! I KNOW they helped me clear out the pneumonia so quickly!

I was taken to ER Monday with double pneumonia – just got released at noon today – better but not strong yet so will not be on computer much for a couple days. In past when I had double pneumonia, I was in hospital for a minimum of 11 days – this time only 3 days! However, I am not out of the woods just yet.

I am on very strong antibiotics for 2 weeks then seeing a pulmonary specialist for another x-ray and contrast CatScan to see if the masses that showed up in both lungs have disappeared – one was of special concern as it is close to my heart – may need biopsy to see if malignant.

I am okay for now but very weak. I have missed my computer friends! So very glad to be back home!

Til later – going to get reacquainted with my own familiar bed now!

Blessings and love to all!


Hi, Steve!

Just a note to let you know Plen said “they” were debating whether or not to create another clone or just let me go into my waiting body on the ship. I guess they opted to fix my current clone body. Maybe the remaining time is too short for the clone process; not sure on that.  So far, I am still here and Plen keeps me pain free – that works for me. 

I am not feeling the effects of the antibiotics yet so still very weak and tired – have to rest a lot.  Am doing the best I can to stay off this computer but just HAVE to tend e-mail and play a game or two throughout the day.  Old habits are so hard to break!  Especially when they are fun!

Jerry, my son, has been sick with what I have from a week ago yesterday to today – he finally asked Plen for help and today he got up feeling good!  He takes such good care of me, I don’t know what I would do without him.  We could not afford for him to go to a doctor and he, of course, doesn’t have insurance so he just “toughed it out” til he is almost skin and bones.  I wish Plen could put fat on him.  But I guess that is asking too much.

Take care of you!



Hi, Steve.

SO great to hear your warm, comforting voice today! Always a treat!

Thinking over our conversation, I would like to add that I believe all the planets in our solar system had life on them, like ours, at one time – they all ascended into their higher vibrations, leaving us behind to work on our problems we were having with unlimited free will – having UNLIMITED free will caused humans to evolve into Service to Self instead of Service to Others which caused this world to be “quarantined” or held back until it could regain its balance between negative/positive polarities. That is my personal opinion, mind you, based on what I feel – have been told – have read, etc. over the years.

If enough Lightworkers can pull in, hold and distribute the higher vibrations of Love and Light, we can lift this planet into its new body and anything not at the same rate of vibration will be left behind on this “dead” planet to be dealt with – price paid for choices not for their highest good. That is what I believe!

I do not claim to know all things by any means and there will be readers who may not agree with much or any of what I believe but that’s okay – they certainly have the right to their own beliefs and I would not want anyone to try to change mine. When it is all over, we can look at each other and either say “See, I was right!” or do some apologizing.

5D Pleiadians are not perfect – that was not what I meant to imply in our conversation – we just have control over the positive/negative balance so that it SEEMS perfect. We have to be on constant guard to keep a balance or we could find ourselves “going back to school” on the next New Earth. NOT something to look forward to!

Looking forward to being “back home” but missing this one already! *smile* link to original article

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  1. pleiadiance

    Dear Steve
    Thanks so much for sharing. So very glad to know that Eliie is feeling better, and is resting and recouping back at home. The cartoon, the messages shared in her chat with you, are all so heartwarming. Sending much love and positivity to dear Ellie, and to you for all that you shar with us.
    Namaste ~!~