Tony Robinson Calls Out Britisch Banking System And My Comment On It – 1 July 2012

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Aired 30/7/2012. Actor and broadcaster, Tony Robinson has said that he no longer has any respect for British bankers and the British banking system.

Speaking after Barclays was fined £290m for manipulating banking interest rates, Robinson catalogued how the banks had let down the country for their own interests. Watch more on the Question Time website.

(Thanks to The Galactic Free Press  for pointing out the video to me  – Comment Lucas:  Still I see Robinson in his way arguing and acting in the matrix with his speech here. He does not step out of the matrix and says We the people  need to fix it.  No, he says the banks should clear up the mess. You are the ones that make the change not the ones who have made you believe all that nonsense and have controlled you and enslaved you in to debt.  I hope  you are getting it now!! Are you gonna make the change now or are  you still making others responsible for making things right ?)


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