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Graham Dewyea, Linda Dillon, Steve Beckow – An Hour With An Angel – Inlight Blogtalkradio – 2 July 2012

Call in to speak with the host :  (323) 784-9697

Direct Link to An Hour With An Angel – InLight Blogtalkradio 2 July 2012

starts  02.00 AM Euroepean Standard Time Continue reading


Geoffrey West – Cosmic Vision News – InLight Blogtalkradio – Special Edition – 2 July 2012

SPECIAL BROADCAST:   CVN  is planning a special broadcast this evening, immediately after An Hour With An Angel. Therefore go to the link and skip the first 60 minutes or listen live in 3 hours : Directt Link to Cosmic Vision News- Special Edition – 3 July 2012 – InLight Blogtalkradio.

This program will be addressing the galactic/celestial response to the idea of ‘mass arrests’, and the potential consequence this may have in the creation of the Nova Gaia or New Gaia.

The celestial realms gently share that the idea of ‘mass arrests’ has within it energies of negativity and punishment, and these energies cannot and will be sustained as the transition occurs.  The celestial perspective will be offered as an alternative to focusing on ‘arrests’

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Faber Says Germany Should Abandon The Euro – 2 July 2012

Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report, spoke with Bloomberg Television’s Betty Liu this morning and said that, “If I were running Germany, I would have abandoned the eurozone last week.”

Faber went on to say, “In the case of Greece, one should have kicked out Greece three years ago. It would have been much cheaper.” Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 2 July 2012

The seventh month of the year begins on a quiet and relaxed tone. You have this week to rest in the pause of the Fourth of July holiday [in the United States] before being romanced by the next big wave of expanded Light that is set to shine on us.  Make this a week of connecting to and with those individuals and activities that bring you pleasure. The peacefulness of the week will be perfect support for the nature of such activities, so go ahead, and plan a get together or a getaway. And to receive the settling of what Gaia has been cosmically gifted with throughout June take some intentional time to connect with land – tend to plants, hike or walk, spend the day at the beach or lake, have a picnic and eat on the ground, or better yet camp. It’s certainly not every week that the universe is in our corner giving us gentle hugs and down-time so take advantage. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Montly Visions : The Deconstruction Of Who We Thought Ourselves To Be – 2 July 2012

We are currently experiencing the complete deconstruction of who we thought ourselves to be, and the process can feel extremely disorienting even to those who are used to the ongoing shifts within this Great Shift.  A lot of our memories are being wiped from our spheres of conscious awareness and subconscious, specifically memories that are no longer serving us, including many cellular memories that have been held by our physical bodies and many soul memories that have been held by our energetic bodies. Continue reading

Stefano Council – Nazis Protected By The Secret Service – German Intelligence Chief Resigns – 2 July 2012

(google translation from Italian)
Heinz Fromm, head of the Verfassungsschutz (the secret services of Germany), has resigned following an investigation initiated by the German judiciary on a series of unsolved murders dating from the period 2000-2010. During the investigations, the investigators have established a connection between the German Secret Service and the terrorist organization “clandestinity National Socialist” (NSU), a neo-Nazi terrorist cell accused of  at least 10 murders, many of them to the detriment of Turkish immigrants. Continue reading

Current Update – Ix-Nay From Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) On Wilcock’s Story – 2 July 2012

Just to show you how insane this tennis match is getting, this is apparently what Bill Brockbrader posted on Facebook about David’s friend who was given a lethal injection.

This is precisely why it’s impossible to provide information we can guarantee is Truth. It’s ironic, but at this point, the only ones I trust are the ETs, and since I’m not telepathic, I’m just going to trust them to ensure that everything comes out right. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Misconceptions Of The Galactic Federation – Part 3/3 – 2 July 2012

Continued from Part 2

#6: Purported channelers of the Galactic Federation are only in it to gain fame, make money or gain followers.

I can say from personal experience of having been a channeler for a couple of years now, that it has not been easy and were one to get into channeling for the perceived ‘fame’ that some think can be gained, they would find themselves vastly disappointed. Continue reading

Andreas Wassermann And Peter Wensierski – Catholic Church Fears Growing Vatican Bank Scandal – 2 July 2012

A new scandal threatens to engulf the Catholic Church and this time the focus is money. Senior Vatican officials are battling over the future of the Vatican bank. While some would like total transparency, dubious transactions from the past and present could harm the Church’s image. Continue reading

Lucas – Freedom Is Lurking Around The Corner – 2 July 2012

The emotions of anticipation, doubt, insecurity, belief, anger, resignation, knowing, etc, are like a chameleon switching colors these days. The energies hitting us and the earth let us fade in and out of our balance of the heart center and let us experience strong based duality issues we have to let go of. Continue reading