Current Update – Ix-Nay From Bill Brockbrader (Bill Wood) On Wilcock’s Story – 2 July 2012

Just to show you how insane this tennis match is getting, this is apparently what Bill Brockbrader posted on Facebook about David’s friend who was given a lethal injection.

This is precisely why it’s impossible to provide information we can guarantee is Truth. It’s ironic, but at this point, the only ones I trust are the ETs, and since I’m not telepathic, I’m just going to trust them to ensure that everything comes out right.

We put the information we get out there, YOU make up your own mind about what is Truth.

Bill: I just need to throw the bullshit flag on this one everyone. Sorry but I know the person that David is talking about. As a matter of fact…Im sure everyone knows the person David is talking about. The primary reason Im in the legal mess Im in. Thank God I was in jail or I might be accused of attempted murder right now. LOL There was NO assassination attempt and zero of the sensationalism that David puts out is true. Now i have no doubt that David is putting out only what he was told by this individual but he should investigate his stories. I guess we won’t have to wait very long to know the truth since David’s inside source will be testifying at my trial…for the prosecution. Now if David wants to call me a liar…I’ll be more than happy to lay out all of the details and post the documents from the discovery in my trial on my show tomorrow night. I’m simply tired of good people getting con’d into believing complete bull. Frankly…there is far more important stuff to address this week but Im going to “kick back and watch the fireworks” until the right time to pull back the curtain on the illusion. You all want to know whats REALLY going on…what’ll really change things? Stay tuned and Ill tell everyone why this ‘mass arrest’ carrot always seems to be just out of reach. Just wait until you find out just how far down this rabbit hole goes. link to original article


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