Lisa Gawlas – The Liquid Light Within The Crystalline Kingdom And Us! – 2 July 2012

This sharing is actually being prompted by two wonderful souls that share with me via Facebook.  I have been wanting to write about this anyway, I just don’t have enough time and energy in this crazy body for everything I want to share.

Today I was kicked outta bed at 2:30 am to give me plenty of time to compose two blogs… yay???

I am going to offer this sharing kind of like a split screen.  The information about the true and pure energy of the quartz crystals started to become part of my awareness on the mountainside in Vermont in 2002.  It wasn’t just my native american spirit guides sharing this wisdom with me… an entire lifetime that I lived in that very place started to unfold over the spring and summer of that year.  Details I could not even wrap my mind around back then stayed within my consciousness always.

My days and nights on that precious mountainside in Tunbridge, Vermont will forever be etched upon my heart.  Within days of arriving there I was gifted two Native American spiritual guides that I would later come to understand Chief Wandering Eagle was my father in the life I am going to share here.  His mother, my grandmother was the other spiritual guide and a very powerful medicine woman in her day named Golden Eagle.

During my stay on the mountainside, they taught me how to build and pray a medicine wheel (which I have renamed a transformation wheel) as well as how to connect with the totem of an Eagle to learn how to fly to and commune with the center and energy of the Sun.

But thru all their current moment teachings, they were also slowly unfolding a life that I had lived in that very place in the late 1400′s.  I died in the year 1502 in my early 20′s on my wedding day… long story, not relevant!

In that lifetime, I had a connection to the quartz energy like no other in the tribe.  That connection however, was groomed and enhanced by my family members of that time.

There is plenty of quartz and quartzite crystals thru this particular land of Vermont.  Milky white quartz energy threaded with beautiful flecks of mica.  We knew the power and energy this gift of the earth held and we used it.

One of the first thing they had shown me in my remembrance process was this very large, (maybe 10 foot tall) and rather thin (maybe a foot around or less) tower of quartz energy.  I knew the crystal itself was ground up crystal, yet thru a process I was never shown, reformed it to create this tower of Light.

I could see and feel the energy running thru it and at night it literally emitted a Light field… like a high watt light bulb.  It lit up the night field wonderfully.

But, there was weirdness (smile) shown to me as well.  The depths I am not fully sure I understand… yet.

I would also be shown ceremonies taking place.  The folks from the tribe did prayers and dances and made music while I sat on the ground with a quartz crystal half in the earth and half in my vagina.

Now, to be clear, when these two relatives spoke to me, they never ever used English.  They spoke in their native tongue of the time and I never understood a word they were saying.  But yet, I somehow understood the story or direction given… sorta.

I knew there was a connection between the ceremony of the crystal in the ground and me and the energy of Light emitted from that tower thing, but to this day, not quite sure what that was all about.

I was told that in this current day, that particular frequency of quartz was on the land I was staying on.  It was hidden from anyone discovering it, except for its intended use, which was this Light energy.

I was also told they would show me where this quartz is for as long as no one expects to profit from it.  A friend of mine that would come up to the camp at least once a month was good at using forks for finding water, I knew he could help me find the exact location with his forks.  He was excited to help!  Then the owner of the land, god to this day I don’t know where she went within herself, but she wouldn’t allow him to come up to the camp any more.  She didn’t want to have to share the find of the crystals on her property.

Before she “went there” we were all sitting around one day in the camp and since I was the only smoker I sat right in-front of the front door looking over the beautiful mountainside lit only by the stars and moon.  Suddenly I had seen an intense white glow way off in the distance, as I blinked and blinked (thinking I was just seeing something) I suddenly became aware of the exact location of this crystal area.  Now she had owned 33 acres of this mountainside and I knew the location of the glowing light was on her property.  I was so excited… that was the end of that.

Funny how greed can keep something so precious and needed in these times away from our consciousness.  Not everything in life is meant to be exploited or profited from.

During the rest of my stay there, and thru the years to this moment, I really started to understand about the liquid energy of Light that is housed in some crystals.  I say some because not all crystals have the same agenda in life, very much like not all humans have the same agenda in life.

I also knew too, months before my arrival in Vermont, that there is a potency of frequency exchanged when a female (sorry men, doesn’t work like this for you) inserts a crystal into her root chakra.  Literally.

And let me just say, if you are going to insert anything other than a penis in your vagina, don’t have it be a rubbery, oily manmade thing.  That blocks your frequency more than you realize, as does some (if not many) of the penis’ out there too!!

Go pure crystalline energy (smile, wink.)

Now fast forward to my present moment.  Several months ago I was gifted the most beautiful hybrid Lumerian/Quartz crystal I ever laid my heart upon.  It say for about a week with all the rocks that migrated from your land to mine to exchange energy and frequency codes.  A lumerian crystal is programmed to communicate with all life.  Love those little buggers!!

It has been a part of my bathroom collection ever since.  It has also become my main source of frequency enhancers within my journeys in the bathtub!

Within a day or two after Rick and I actually started to have wonderful sex together, I was sitting in the living room when my full inner vision was pulled into the bathroom to my collection of crystals in there.  I noticed my lumerian hybrid right away and it had changed.  Thru the center of this amazing crystal I could now see liquid light energy flowing back and forth, sort of like a very calm ocean ebb and flow.  I thought I was seeing things.  But I wasn’t.  When I went to take a bath, it was very prominent as well as quite detailed in what should take place with it.

Geez.  Sometimes, sharing is not the easiest thing I do!!   (Dad, if you are reading this, skip ahead a few paragraphs…. please.)

It clearly told me for the man to receive the benefit of this liquid light energy that it must be inserted into the vagina while ummmm…. he is having oral sex. (blush)

This creates a Light Field between the two partners and an energy field within the frequency area of your exchange.  For here, it would have been the entire field.

Well, we never got to see what that meant.  I did tell him and give him details but he didn’t understand the logistics (his words not mine.) of how.  If ya can’t feel with the how, the rest of the story will not make sense, and it is not an instruction set you should detail with words, but come from a deep inner knowing within.

Several days later, my crystal called me to a bath to use the liquid light energy within its core.  I am a dedicated servant of the Light and gladly accepted the request (grin.)

Thru the orgasm I felt the liquid light explode thru the crystal, thru my own core, our my heart and crown and made it was to the field.  The very next day is when I had seen the first glowing white strands of energy that I now call the Tree of Life.

Altho the liquid light energy is now the very lifeblood of the growing tree of life and not within my crystal any longer… the connection and instruction set is still very deep and very intimate in the growth process (of both me and the tree.)

In an intimate exchange with my precious crystal and my bedroom (as opposed to the bathtub)… a network of pure energy was created in my bedroom thru the many wonderful sexual exchanges with Rick and geez… Archangel Michael (it is his (Michael’s) energy that created this network… going back to my beautiful, wonderful, surrogate human.) and what was needed next still leaves me a bit puzzled.

Keep in mind, in this sacred sexual space within ourselves… it isn’t about sex at all.  No fantasy men to call in (or women, depending on your preference.)  It is about the energy… period.

Thru my own rise in frequency with my inserted crystal, a very thick silver/white energy cord was coming into the crystal via the Tree of Life.  A connection that went straight into my own core energy.

Now… what all this means…. we shall see and feel.  When I know more or experience more, I will share (like it or not lol.)

For years, no a decade now I have heard within myself and my crystalline friends how important the phrase “Liquid Light of Sex” is.  We have barely seen the tip of the ice burg in this understanding.

I even bought Barbara Hand Clows book “Liquid Light of Sex” hoping she would fill in the missing details.  Her book was about menopause and the change of life… a great read, but not what I was hoping to glean from it.  But like every freakin this on this crazy ass path of mine, I get the details thru experience only and almost never before hand!  Dammit!!

I have done the cougar thing now, I am ready for a spiritual elder!!  It is funny really how I had seen Jorge so young and all I kept thinking is I really don’t want a relationship with someone so young… never once thought of spiritual youth.  I do now tho!

The story will be continued some day, as the details fall into place and more understanding emerges.

Ohhhhh…. before I close, as spirit is putting this out for our men who choose insertions (smile) labradorite is for you!!  (And us women too)  It brings the upper chakra frequencies into the lower chakras.

Geez, one more thing for the ladies… NO cut and polished quartz please.  it completely traps and changes the natural frequency of the quartz crystal.  El natural is the only way to go for your full enhancement!!

Ok, thats enough of that for today.

Enjoy your crystalline journey!!  We are Lighting up Heaven on Earth!

((((((HUGZ))))) of Liquid Light to All

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