Stefano Council – Nazis Protected By The Secret Service – German Intelligence Chief Resigns – 2 July 2012

(google translation from Italian)
Heinz Fromm, head of the Verfassungsschutz (the secret services of Germany), has resigned following an investigation initiated by the German judiciary on a series of unsolved murders dating from the period 2000-2010. During the investigations, the investigators have established a connection between the German Secret Service and the terrorist organization “clandestinity National Socialist” (NSU), a neo-Nazi terrorist cell accused of  at least 10 murders, many of them to the detriment of Turkish immigrants.
The resignation of Fromm, who held the post of intelligence chief since 2000, were presented to the Minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, through a formal letter. Friedrich has accepted immediately, stating that in the coming days will be designated to ask the deputy head of the office vacant.
The resignation of Fromm represent the latest chapter of an investigation started by magistrates last November. After careful analysis, the investigators concluded that the secret services were not only aware of the terrorist organization, but at the time of the opening of investigations have conveniently destroyed seven folders containing information provided by the militant neo-Nazi group, used as intelligence informants.
The theory of collusion between the secret services and terrorist organization, seems to be further confirmed by the complete indifference shown dall’intelligenze German compared to the alarm launched by the Italian secret services, who in 2003 suggested the presence of terrorist organizations of the extreme right in Germany . Italy’s interest stems from the fact that the neo-Nazi terrorist organization and they operate directly in Germany, financed by extremist groups in South Tyrol.
Shadows on the German secret service
Fromm’s resignation will not stop the work of the investigators intend to clarify the links between the NSU and intelligence agencies. Meanwhile, German politicians have spoken out in favor of the former intelligence chief, believed by the majority and the opposition “intact and unconnected with the facts on which the investigations are conducted.”
The political scandal caused by this investigation seriously concerned about public opinion, given the ease with which symbols and words are recalled from a past that Germany tries in every way to forget. Dike forgotten the horrors made by the Third Reich, however, threatens to create an opposite reaction than hoped. According to a survey done by the Free University of Berlin on a sample of 7,500 students of 15 years, half of them do not know who was Adolf Hitler and a third of them believe it was a protector of human rights. An alarming as to reveal the fact that burying the swastika hoping that nobody will watch, not so effective as empty of meaning through a careful policy of information that may fill gaps that might otherwise be filled by teams that make the ‘ignorance and fear of their strength.

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