Vatileaks, Bertone Wants To Resign. But Ratzinger Rejects The Request – 2 July 2012

(Translated via google from Italian.)
In late June, reports “the Republic”, the Secretary of State has asked to resign to Pope Benedict XVI after the scandal leaked documents from the IOR and the Holy See, which criticized him for his “management of government.” The Pope, however, prefers to wait for the policies of 2013
Editor of The Done Daily | July 2 2012
Tarcisio Bertone, who met Pope Benedict XVI Gave  his resignation as Secretary of State . Returned to sender because the Pope says, “is neither the case nor the time.” Ten days ago, writes Republic, the cardinal in the vortex of the scandal Vatileaks that reveal tensions within the Vatican circles, would have brought a wave of his hand back documents disseminated by the media and newspapers that gave him up for leaving . Reason that had brought the prelate to give an interview to the Christian Family in which he explained that the publication of the Pontifical cards stolen in the apartment violated a “constitutional right guaranteed in Italy” and Article 5 which states: “Freedom and the secrecy of correspondence and any other form of communication is inviolable. “
The Pope confirms his position as he had done also in May, when the turmoil in the Holy See had led to the dismissal by Ettore Gotti Tedeschi at the head of the IOR and the arrest of the Pope’s butler, Paul Gabriel, found in possession of confidential papers. The former president of the Vatican Bank also talk of a cranny opened at the institution on behalf of a layman used as a vehicle for money laundering. Without specifying, however, the name on that might be involved in cases Major events, P4 and Finmeccanica. For this reason, the currency of the Guardia di Finanza police of Rome is investigating “a dozen accounts for religious, but actually it was used as a straw man by whom he needed to move behind the screen of anonymity.”
Among the sensitive documents emerged in recent weeks the letters sent to Bertone, secretary of the Council of the Vatican bank vice president Carl Anderson and Hermann Schmitz. where you explained how Gotti Tedeschi threw “shadows on the work of Ratzinger.” And in February the Done was also published letters from Bertone former bishop of Milan Dionigi Tettamanzi, president of the Toniolo, showing that the Secretary of State in March 2011 arrogated to itself the right to dismiss the chairman of the symbol of relations between Church and politics.
As for Gabriel, however, on charges of aggravated theft was not an attack against the security of a State (or of receiving stolen property). Gabriel is considered a man of mild character, almost naive, incapable of conspiring against the Pope, even if driven by a good feeling, is not the mind, if anything, an arm. A cell of a network that was trying to convey the power and drive the conflict between Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, and the rest of the Holy See in fibrillation for succession and ambitions.
In documents leaked from the Vatican halls, the Secretary of State was quoted and criticized “for his handling of government”, because it had pushed for the third time to ask Ratzinger leaving office. The Pope does not want to give in to pressure from the Ravens and the controversy fueled by the press. Although, on the other hand, continued pressure from foreign archbishops and in particular the Australian cardinal Pell, convinced of the need for a replacement at the top of the Vatican Secretariat. But the right time has not arrived yet and probably prefer to wait for Benedict XVI in 2013. Only after the election results, possibly, could be the long-awaited change of guard. Or, conversely, a further extension of the assignment. – The Galactic Free Press – link to article


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