Visionkeeper – Stay Light At Heart – 2 July 2012


So much going on these days it is hard to keep track of what the dark ones are up to, to stay aware and on top of all situations when they present themselves. I would imagine that is by design. Exhaust the light workers so they can’t cause trouble. Well, hopefully, most of us have learned the fine art of informing ourselves then releasing the energies of it all. I see a great many disappointed light workers around the web who are angry that nothing has occurred yet. Something huge has occurred and they don’t even realize it. They have been successfully divided by the dark ones and their strength diminished to barely nothing! I have watched for months on end certain informers come forward and gain recognition and then run with the notoriety they have gathered. They are all over You Tube and radio, their articles posted all around the web.

The dark has successfully done its job for now. Light workers are now divided into different camps of believers and non believers, they seem fixated on the messages coming out and what they mean and they are anxiously awaiting something to materialize. Mission accomplished! They needed to be within themselves clearing out and living in their hearts and putting all their faith in the universe. If they had been there would be no disappointment or anger, they would be peaceful and content in the realities they had created for themselves. It is time to gather everyone together again and regroup and find our strength of unity. It is time to forget the messages and live with light and bubbly hearts and listen within instead of outside. Too many are busy with their task at hand of waiting for the big shift, they do not even notice they are drifting apart, floating off into separate spaces like a bubble.

Come back…come back…! Like lost lambs in a pasture your mother is calling but you do not hear. You race onward into the messages but do you know how to find your way back? You are needed by the light workers standing guard over Gaia and holding their love for her in their hearts, more energy is required to make the change. These informers hold everyone’s energy and interest yet we do not even know who they REALLY are or what side they are on for sure, just what we are told. Many have placed their trust in them and deserted their trust in themselves. Many have given their power away to the supposed insiders when it is they that need to be holding the power.

In reality one must ask themselves ” If these informers are truly insiders spilling the beans, why are they still alive, able to continue on with what they are doing? It is well-known what the dark ones do to those who cross their path and mess up their plans. They disappear, or die or get locked away in the loony bin to silence them, yet these people remain free to uncover their plans to the world? I think not. We are told about death attempts on the informers but also told we cannot be given any information to verify the truth of what is being told. Convenient.The dark ones are keeping their enemies close so they can keep tabs on what is going on. The message we all need to be following is the message of light, to stay together in our hearts and in love and to go within and gather our strength to make the changes ourselves to promote the shift.

Remember, the wise and connected Native Americans have been telling us all along it is we who we have been waiting for! Not the good military, not the White Dragons, US! Even if it were true, it is still WE who must raise the consciousness of the planet. We and we alone are the only ones that can stop what is going on by continuing to raise the frequency until it becomes unbearable for the dark ones to function in. It is we who must teach the world by our actions to open their hearts and love everyone as an equal. It is we who must continue to awaken those sleeping so we can gather more energy to our cause. It is we and we alone who will be responsible for raising humanities consciousness and putting an end to the nightmare.

Come back…come back…! the mother sheep called out to her lost lambs. Come back light workers for you are needed. See through false gleam of the jewels they have offered you to follow them. We have all we need amongst ourselves to accomplish what we set out to do. We need to stay focused, however, and not stray away like has happened. We must focus on the task at hand and do it with love in our hearts. I do not say this to criticize light workers by any stretch of the imagination. I say this with love and concern and I urge you to consider carefully the path you are on. We need you to float back to us standing here waiting for you. Lighten your hearts and return to your family. We love you all.

If I am wrong about my feelings I will be wrong with joy in my heart for I would love nothing more than to be saved. I will take the chance of criticism for writing this, because I feel so strongly about beckoning you back. We have much work to do. We need you to return to the circle.

Blessings to you all,

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3 responses to “Visionkeeper – Stay Light At Heart – 2 July 2012

  1. I cannot argue with the points you make and well made. I would agree that is the best way forward. But, we are told the light has won, and that consciousness is shifting anyway to a higher level, so whatever happens the dark are going , maybe not quite yet, but in the relative near future, it cannot be any other way, if we are moving up into a more refined density, where we will be out of polarity..but your advice is sound:)

  2. Very true, I knew this was a possibility from the start for me so I made sure I was careful in the messages I put out. I don’t fully understand all of the details around the people helping but I do understand the tricks being used against them. There are many! Even though they are scattered I see them coming back, so not to worry. There will be some more ‘damage up ahead’ from what I can tell but the overall picture remains the same in my crazy head and cannot be helped. I really like your work and you were one of the first people I found in the beginning of my searches and have been following you on and off. I don’t pretend to be anything exceptional or whatever but I do feel I am on a mission and I bring my voice to the table even if it’s just for a hand full of people, that’s enough for me. Keep on doing the great work!

  3. Right on! I completely agree. I listen and read what the “insiders” have to say, but my faith is strong and so is my love…I know that All is Well. I am not discouraged, I am excited! Bring it, baby! (Whatever “it” is!) ❤