Volubrjotr – Political Vel Craft – Breaking – Prison Time Looms – Romney Urged To Resign: Ineligible Mitt Romney – Begins His Cronie Organized Criminal Acts! – 2 July 2012

( Lucas : Political Vel Craft – author Volubrjotr reports on lawsuit against Romney that could make Romney resign.)

“crime and violence taking place at state conventions, where bones were being broken, fingers broken and voting machines rigged.” He compared the Romney campaign to “an organized-crime syndicate, like locusts, committing crimes to influence votes.”
– Attorney Richard Gilbert

Attorney Richard Gilbert explains that American popular support for Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is so strong that it was impossible for Americans to tolerate blatant criminal acts that were being repeatedly committed to steal the election.

Ron Paul’s nomination is too important and his legacy so respected that millions of Americans are demanding Romney be disqualified for election fraud. A mountain of evidence has been amassed from Team Romney’s careless trek from state to state breaking multiple election laws as an organized crime syndicate.

While Team Romney keeps spinning news on his differences with President Obama his lawyers and the RNC are now stuck with the impossible task of refuting literally hundreds of Republican plaintiffs who have signed onto the lawsuit and corroborated it with a mountain of very solid graphic video evidence.

The RNC facing an angry American public and a disqualified corrupt candidate no longer able to run is now waking-up to the fact that a Ron Paul Presidency would benefit everyone.

“Team Romney’s blatant election fraud tactics that that finally inflamed anger against the former Massachusetts Governor who now are demanding his disqualification.

Apparently Team Romney forgot one point before engaging on a nationwide crime spree of rigging state elections. The 21st Century…namely cell phones and the internet.

While election fraud is well known to exist this is the first time it is corroborated by massive amounts of hard video evidence as well as documents and testimony.

The rogue isolated group of senior RNC chair members including the national chairman can expect to see prison sentences for their work in undermining the votes of American citizens.

It’s hard to know why exactly they did it. After all active-military personnel give 10x more in donations to Ron Paul than Mitt Romney as reported to the F.E.C. every three months. Ron Paul also comes with seriously strong credentials. Air Force veteran, Medical doctor, Congressman, Economist with books in NYTimes best seller list.

Romney is a former Bain Capital take-over butcher. After buying a company, Romney would have it take out crushing loans, file for bankruptcy when the company couldn’t make payments then over see the sell- off.

When the RNC saddled up to their Goldman Sach’s candidate their backroom henchmen employed crass blatant election fraud tactics which have worked for hundreds of years.
For decades the Republican rum and coke committee men have rigged elections except that was before the cell phone and the internet.”

Ron Paul is the overwhelming Republican nomination of U.S. active-military personnel receiving more than 10x more donation than Mitt Romney as reported to the F.E.C. in quarterly campaign reports and published online.

In fact, in a face to face race against President Obama only Ron Paul can defeat President Obama because of his underpinning of support from not only Republicans but also independents democrats.

The lawsuit seeks to unbind the delegates and affirm law on the books that a national delegate is free to vote their conscience on the floor of the RNC national convention this August in Tampa Florida without threat of fear, intimidation or coercion of any kind.

The Liberty Crier

Mitt Romney is either very wrong or very “soft” on every single major issue.

“It would be a huge understatement to refer to Mitt Romney as a RINO (“Republican in name only”).  When you closely examine their positions, there is very, very little difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  Sure, Romney and Obama will say the “right things” to the voters during election season, but the reality is that a Romney administration would be so similar to an Obama administration that you would hardly know that a change has taken place.  What you are about to read about Mitt Romney should alarm you very much.  Mitt Romney would be a an absolute disaster for this country, and America cannot afford another disastrous presidency.

The fact that Barack Obama looked sharp and could give inspiring speeches helped him go a long way back in 2008.  Well, it is the same thing with Romney.  The guy looks very presidential and he sounds very presidential.  When backed into a corner, he is extremely slick.  He rarely makes mistakes and he is very polished.”

Mitt Romney has a clear association with the Marxist devil himself, John Holdren.

“[Obama’s] Science (sic) Czar John Holdren, a participant in ClimateGate who has advocated de-developing America and putting sterilants in the public water


“Holdren has also spoken in favor of forced abortions, confiscation of babies, targeted as well as mass involuntary sterilization, bureaucratic regulation of family size, and global authoritarian government. If there is a line between ultra-left ideologue and evil maniac, Holdren clearly crosses it.” <Source>

Obama Science Czar Led UN Effort to Hide Proceedings, Subvert FOIA, Records Indicate | Competitive Enterprise Institute – Read the CEI FOIA request

Mitt Romney is a “politician” in the worst sense of the word.  As his past has demonstrated, he will do and say just about anything in order to get elected.  The positions he has taken during this campaign season have been carefully calculated to help him win both the Republican nomination and the general election.

That is why so many call Mitt Romney a “flip-flopper”.  Romney will take just about any political position if he thinks that it will help him.  Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, once made the following statement about her husband….

“He can argue any side of a question. And sometimes you think he’s really believing his argument, but he’s not.”

So keep that in mind while reading the following information.  Mitt Romney is trying to claim that he is a “conservative” and that he is looking out for the American people, but those claims simply are not true.

So keep that in mind while reading the following information.  Mitt Romney is trying to claim that he is a “conservative” and that he is looking out for the American people, but those claims simply are not true.

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