Wes Annac – Misconceptions Of The Galactic Federation – Part 3/3 – 2 July 2012

Continued from Part 2

#6: Purported channelers of the Galactic Federation are only in it to gain fame, make money or gain followers.

I can say from personal experience of having been a channeler for a couple of years now, that it has not been easy and were one to get into channeling for the perceived ‘fame’ that some think can be gained, they would find themselves vastly disappointed.

It takes commitment to continue to follow and understand the realities of the communication one has gained with multiple ascended beings, whenever one is criticized by those who may not believe the ability is genuine or who may believe again, that one is only in it for the perceived ‘fame’ or to make money.

My own beginning finding of communication with ascended beings and posting publicly, the first channeled messages from such communication, served to garner me much criticism at first from some who for their own reasons, did not believe the ability was genuine and believed instead that I was misleading or being misled. As a result, I have learned much and am much better able to deal with criticism if and when it is garnered in these days.

I have heard every excuse and reason in the book from those who do not believe or who detract, why the communications given through myself, Mike Quinsey, Greg Giles and many other channelers are just not genuine; the actual purveyors of the messages are lower astral entities or are ‘ghosts’ looking to deceive; we are only channeling aspects of ourselves; the Galactic Federation are themselves deceiving through the many channelers and such channelers are being duped… the excuses and reasons could go on.

Small aspects of any given message are focused on and twisted around to make others think differently of the information being given, and the mindset that this is all ‘fake’ is employed exponentially as is the mindset that the source of the message is deceiving. Even some credible and vastly influential Lightworkers seem to turn away from the reality that is channeling and instead take to assuming one can only bring through small amounts of intuitive information that is laced with one’s own ego and expectations (the ‘channeling ourselves’ mindset).

That mindset in itself is a vast misconception as anybody who channels any ascended beings in the ‘proper’ ways knows that the influence of ego must be completely diminished before one begins the channeling session, lest the message be colored in the ways that some assume every channeled message is.

The path of channeling and working with the Galactic Federation or with any ascended being or collective, is one that is quite difficult and can garner much disbelief, criticism and ridicule, and it is not the glamorous Life of exposure and wealth that many detractors seem to misunderstand or presume it is.

Through much adversity we follow our hearts, our spiritual discernment, and the openings we are all receiving in ourselves that are seeing all of humanity, not just those who channel currently, able to find the contact with the Galactic Federation and numerous other ascended beings and collectives that are being brought forth on the internet and that are vastly helpful along one’s ascension path.

Another misconception in relation to this subject that should perhaps be mentioned, is the sometimes-fed misconception that those who channel are somehow more ‘gifted’ or able than those who have not yet found such contacts for themselves. I should say that this is completely untrue.

This Earth is a vast spiritual school, comprised of billions of souls from all different areas throughout Creation, all taking different paths and making new strides along their ultimate evolution paths. Many on our world are awakening, expanding and finding the contact with our Guides, be them Galactic or Angelic [believe me, there is little difference] who have been with us all along, simply awaiting us to go through the expansions and alignments that would see us realizing their presence around us and our ability to communicate with them and ‘channel’ them.

All of humanity has this ability.

There are some who are awakening but who have not yet found this ability in themselves, and this is ok – it does not mean that such a person is somehow less ascended or less able than those who are finding these abilities at this time, as we are all opening to our inner Divinity in our own ways and for some of us, this includes a near immediate contact with our Guides upon feeling the initial expansions of SELF.

For others, this does not include such a telepathic and feeling-based contact in the beginnings of their expansions, but it should be expressed that the collective as a whole is ascending at this point and as the collective reaches ever-purer strides along our ascension as a whole, everybody will find themselves opened up exponentially, to the extent that all will be able to utilize the telepathic and feeling-based abilities that have always been available to all of us.

Our Galactic brethren simply wish to assist us in finding these expansions and as they have not quite been able to expose themselves too boldly to us in our current decade because of the fear of outside invaders on our world, they have taken to speaking to humanity through the scribes and channels who have found themselves opened up in the specific ways intended to bring through the energies of the higher realms in the forms of communication with ascended beings.

The telepathic delivering of communications to humanity from our Galactic brethren and from the Ascended Masters and our Angelic Guides as well, acts in accordance with our collective freewill measures as anybody has the freewill not to believe in such messages, and there are many unawakened (and awakened) souls on our world at this point who would still choose not to believe that such a contact could be genuine.

For some, this is because of preset fears within themselves that have been innately fed through many movies and television shows based around the theme of alien invasions, as it is a subtle manipulation of the collective unconscious to continually bombard the collective with a certain theme; in this case, that of evil alien invaders attempting to destroy our world who in nearly every instance and movie or show, we must fight.

For others, this is because they cannot yet believe that such contacts could actually be possible as many assume that extraterrestrials have not made themselves known on our world because the governments and mainstream media have not yet reported such things.

Well, guess what, the United States FBI and the mainstream media alike have reported these things, and the examples of such admissions have been given in (part two of) this article quite a bit. It is truly undeniable.

So, if you are one who chooses to judge a channeler or the source being brought through, remember that we are all working for the Light and for this world in any way that we can as we find ourselves expanding and gaining new abilities. For some, this means becoming open to the ability that we all innately hold, to connect with and bring through the energies and guidance of our Galactic brethren and of our Guides who are assisting us at this time.

For others, this is centered more in the way of activism or using acquired positions of influence to spread truth and Light throughout humanity, but we are all assisting in our own ways. It is encouraged not to judge any soul, and this goes as well for any and every channeler who is truly not in it for the perceived fame, but only in it for helping humanity to find the Light.

Many of us incarnate Lightworkers have come to this world for this very purpose.

This next section was recently placed in this series after its initial completion. It features an issue which was presented to me by a reader, that clearly demonstrates another misconception of the Galactic Federation that is fed quite often and it leads us to number 7 on the list:

7: The Galactic Federation (GF) and the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) are two different Organizations, with one being more advanced or enlightened than the other.

I should say that while this mindset is indeed fed on the internet much of the time, there is no difference between the Galactic Federation and the Galactic Federation of Light. These two are the same Organization; they have simply been known by different labels, by different people for different purposes.

To some, this Organization is called the Galactic Confederation. Some prefer the Galactic Federation of Light and other prefer the simpler, Galactic Federation. What is really interesting to point out is that these beings are advanced and evolved, and more than likely do not need to represent themselves when among each other, by using labels and such as these beings feel and exist past the need for any labels of any kind.

While this is true, when Representing themselves to Earth and us Earthlings who have been bound to labels for nearly all of our experience, they must bring forth some type of ‘label’ of who they are so that we on Earth can have a better measure of their specific energy signatures.

The same is likely true with the Ashtar Command, and labels are only given to these Organizations so that we can better know and understand which specific Organizations and individuals are assisting us in specific ways.

And now, for the final, most influential and incorrect misconception about the Galactic Federation:

#8: The beings comprising the Galactic Federation are different than us.

The Galactic Federation is consisted of advanced, evolved and ascended beings – many of which have themselves spent innumerable Lives on Earth and have ascended from the surface of Earth in their own ways and timelines, and they understand and respect us and our Earth experience so very much.

The ultimate incorrect mindset that has been fed in all of humanity for so very long and that still continues to be widely fed, is that our Galactic brethren are different from us in any way. For so very long, the very preset concepts of extraterrestrials in the majority of humanity have been not those of friendly and benevolent Galactic humans, but of outside, unfamiliar and perhaps intimidating ‘aliens’.

These beings are no different than us – many of them have taken human forms in the past and many of them are currently taking a human form, and humanity will be surprised to see how close many assumed extraterrestrial races actually are with humanity.

Many recent television shows concerning alien invasions have been featuring such aliens first appearing in a human form, to gain the trust of humanity before performing their ultimate plunders. Is it not clear that the cabals are preparing humanity through the mainstream entertainment outlets, to fear the coming revelations and insights into the human nature of many of our Galactic brethren who wish to assist us with our Earthly ascension?

There is not much more that can be said about this subject, but to remind you all and ask you to remind others as well, that the ‘extraterrestrials’ whose presence on our world is going to be disclosed widely so very soon and that is already being disclosed, by the mainstream and by governments (7), (8) – they are not any different from us. They are us in our ascended form, and they Love us so very dearly.

In conclusion, it is hoped that this has been helpful in clearing up some of the still widely-fed misconceptions of the Galactic Federation.

Ultimately, some misconceptions are going to continue to be fed until the existence of our Galactic brethren is disclosed through our media along with the disclosure of many other things. Those who seem to detract for a Living may continue to point to a lack of proof when much proof has been given in abundance; it simply takes the actual will to look for such proof rather than complaining and assuming that it doesn’t exist. Clearly, it certainly does.

It took me no less than a few internet searches and musings of what sources brought through myself have said about the subjects discussed here, to provide the entire bibliography of this message; every link and finding that has been given here.

It is literally that easy to find this proof for oneself, and it is hoped that with a sharpened sense of discernment, one will be able to work through the misconceptions by studying themselves about these subjects and allowing their own mindsets to be brought forth.

Some may not choose to believe that the Galactic Federation are a Lighted Organization or even exist, but I make a very important call for you to discern what feels right whenever reading a message from the Galactic Federation, or whenever reading another’s opinion of a message from our Galactic brethren. Opinions are just that; opinions, and they will only have as much influence as those receiving the opinion of another will allow.

If you read a message from the Galactic Federation that predicts catastrophic Earth changes in the very near future and you find that such a prediction doesn’t feel right or doesn’t resonate for any reason (again, for some it does and that is ok as all are on their own path), than simply turn away from that specific aspect of such a message and know that our Galactic brethren do not wish to ‘save’ us or control us in any way, nor is the Earth to experience devastating events on Her surface. It is just not how this ascension is planned.

Again, this does not mean that the source or scribe of the message should not be followed, as many messages that have predicted such Earth changes have also given us wonderful and helpful information and will likely continue to.

With everything, it is about how a communication or the opinion of another feels. If it feels right, integrate it into your experience and be thankful for it. If it doesn’t, simply let it be.

If you find yourself absorbing a communication from a Galactic source that feels Loving and has helped you immensely along your own process but then find others berating such a message and claiming it to be deceitful, than again, you can know and feel that the message resonates with your mind and heart and that others simply have not felt the same things you have from such a message.

Some as well are, in everything they do, seeming to work through a veil that demandingly proclaims that even the giving of a Galactic communication for Lighted purposes, must be impossible for various different reasons and much of the time, for any and every reason that can be found.

As a result, some can be quite childish and take to berating any and every Galactic message or messenger. Go onto any spiritual website, on any forum, and you will likely find at least two or three people brutally attacking a Galactic message or messenger, with demands for proof and claims that all of this is fake and that all who follow the Galactic Federation need to ‘wake up’.

Much of the time, the comments and opinions of these individuals are very patriarchal and no matter what, they seem to always try to present the Galactics in an unfavorable light. Such people seem to express themselves and their opinions quite rudely and dominantly, and in a way wherein they already assume or ‘know’ they are right and nothing that one can say will make any difference; everything will be twisted and distorted to fit their perceived agenda.

You may likely find such disrespectful and patriarchal comments under this message. Such commenters may choose to attack the Galactic Federation, attack me for bringing this message forth, or twist and distort many aspects of this message to make it seem that I am wrong or manipulative. The common themes in such comments will always be that the Galactic Federation are NOT accepted by such people no matter what, and that they should not be accepted by anybody else either.

I personally have dealt with many of such people on numerous different websites for years, and it is interesting to note that the rhetorics and mindsets brought forth on numerous different websites always seem to be aligned with those on other sites as if they all had the exact same opinions, mindsets and misconceptions about the Galactic Federation. Many of these aligning and conforming opinions are continually expressed on numerous different websites, almost as if it was the same person saying all of it.

I can say that there is no reasoning with some of such souls as no matter what is said to them, they will always twist and distort to bring forth a continual rhetoric that the Galactic Federation are deceitful, manipulative, lower dimensional or based only in physicality and most of all, unwelcome on this world.

The important thing is not to let yourselves be influenced by anything that seems twisted, distorted or attached to negative emotions, energies or intents, in any way. If that includes anything given by or through yours truly, than I say not to listen to this Wes Annac person as he does not resonate with your own vibrations. However, as with everything, it is important to let ALL have their own opinions and feel their own ways about things, rather than letting one mindset, especially if it is continually expressed in rude types of ways, dominate the public opinion and perception.

Every misconception about our Galactic brethren is going to be cleared up in the immediate period ahead when much is disclosed, about them and about the many Federations and Lighted Organizations who have been assisting humanity behind the scenes, for longer than we even know.

Wes Annac – Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC



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