Current Update – Drake’s Update Call For Sunday 1 July 2012 – Part 2 – 3 July 2012

Drake’s Update call for Sun. July 1, 2012  Part 2

This is going to seem urbane after the antics of the morning but there was a lot of good information shared on Drake’s call, thanks to his associates and callers.

Here are some of the highlights. I missed 15 minutes when I left to do the Mass Meditation requested by Cobra, and Kauilapele took the day off from the drama, so I’m not going to listen to the recording.

Chemtrails are a major concern for many, but it was noted that the ETs do neutralize the effect to some degree. One caller suggested that any pilots who lay down chemtrails are co-conspirators to murder.

One caller says private, commercial and military planes are spraying us, and every state gets a different concoction because we’re lab rats. They’re doing undisclosed testing on us all the time.

Another caller said to search YouTube for “smart dust” for more information.

There was some discussion about drones and Obama’s edict to use them on civilians, but it ain’t gonna happen.

The topic of Alex Jones airing of a cop’s testimony saying that in October it’s all over and almost being in tears as he tells listeners “the country is gone” is a load of hooey. Minute Man pointed out that police officers are trained to keep their emotions in check so they can deal with the appalling scenes they have to attend and would not react that way on a radio show. It’s pure fear-mongering, which is what Jones does best. The cabal is throwing everything at this now because they’re desperate. They know they’re done but they’re still trying to instill fear.

Denise and Terri were frantically trying to handle the dropped calls and sorting out the news that came in from sources that don’t get on the mainstream media so sometimes details are sketchy or non-existent but we appreciate that they at least gave us a hint of what’s going on in the world. In some cases I just couldn’t write fast enough to get all the details.

UK news said that Barclays Bank was exposed for rigging the Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) interest rates and ordered to pay a fine of $450 million. The trail led to several banks in Japan, Switzerland, Singapore and involved 6 dealers; threatened extradition from Britain to the USA.

Bob Diamond of Barclays was asked to step down, was told he wasn’t fit to run the bank operation.
See article here.

Canada is about to file a historic lawsuit and will be taking it to the Federal Courts. It’s a class action suit against the Church, the Queen of England, Big Pharma, the Vatican and others  for crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy. To be filed on July 4th.

Troops being deployed to unknown locations hasn’t yet been validated.  They haven’t found it in writing.

Read here details of the Chaos at the Federal Reserve Bank in NY

Ron Paul’s call to Audit the Fed passed stage 1 and should come up again for a full House vote in July.

Minute Man questioned why the National Guard was on I95 and they SAID it’s because of the storm.

The Keenan lawsuit has been withdrawn without prejudice because Keenan has more information implicating even more people and it will have more clout this time.

Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project released a trailer for his new movie. He says the most critical need for disclosure is not about the ETs, it’s about the release of many technologies  and safe, clean energy that will end human suffering and give our lives the freedom our Creator meant us to have.

Every patent registered for new technologies is NOT to protect the inventor; it is to sign over ownership of the rights. If the invention is deemed to threaten the “economic security” of the USA, it will be either hidden or rationed out, and that is why all the wonderful inventions of the past 100 years have not seen the light of day as far as the common folk are concerned.

M.T. Keshe’s plasma technologies and others have all been released to the world’s governments but they have still not so much as told us about them because it would make us healthier, and cut into their greedy energy profits.

Another caller revealed that there’s already technology  that will regenerate a limb in 30 days, cure cancer in less than 24 hours and that hearing and sight can be optimized within 24 hours.

A Canadian alternative news site was suggested:

Italy began an initiative to take back the power of the people that’s really taken off but we’re not being told about it. IT’s the 5-Star Movement, born out of protests and networking. More here.

The next Drake show on the Global Voice Network will be on July 4th.

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