John Ward – Barclays & THe BoE : Del Missier Resigns As Web Of Deceit Unravels Lie Upon Lie, Until Nobody Knows The Truth – 3 July 2012

Amidst jaw-dropping attempts to treat the British public as if they all had a collective IQ of 44, The Bank of England, The Treasury, the Chancellor, Bob Diamond and Jerry Del Missier all made a game attempt to suggest this afternoon that none of them had lied at all about anything.

It truly is Malice in Blunderland.

Jerry del Missier, the co-head of Barclays investment bank, today resigned “because he’s fed up of the endless Libor lies” according to Slog and numerous other MSM sources. This was the Flash Harry who, it seems, (this from the Telegraph) ‘was the senior manager who misinterpreted the comments of chief executive Bob Diamond after he came off a call in October 2008 with Paul Tucker, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England’ – Diamond having last week said to colleagues he hadn’t passed on any message other than the order he was given.

But the Telegraph continues, ‘Due to that misinterpretation, Mr del Missier told staff that they had been instructed by the Bank to deliberately lie about their Libor submissions.’

Is there anyone on the planet who really believes an instruction as mega as this one stood a snowball’s chance in Hell of being ‘misinterpreted’? You’re Bob Diamond right, Master of the Milky Way and do not accept Imposters: and one of the few bigger dicks than you in the Galaxy rings up to say, lie your head off about Libor or we’re all dead. What’s to misinterpret?

“Oh, Libor you said – I’m sorry Mr Tucker, I thought you said Lie more. Silly me getting that wrong, what with so much at stake an’ all.”

So anyway, Diamond Bob passes on the message to Jerry.

“Oh,” says Jerry last week, a mere four years later, “You meant lie about the rate? Aw shucks Bobby, ah dun thought yo’ wuz tellin’ me ter lie about the date. Jeez boss, I’m sorry. Guess I better resign”.

What utter and complete bollocks. This is the Nixon White House with added neck.

Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden notes this afternoon, ‘The politicians, who know their secrets are safe if only for a little longer, are delighted’. He’s right on the money.

The Slog sticks by what it was told over a week ago by three separate high-ups in this sector….people who are also sick to death of Lie-BorGate: this caper could not have been organised without Central Bank cooperation at least – and very probably resulted from a CB initiative – see my Slogpost of last week.

Tyler Durden refers to Diamond and Del Missier as ‘casualties’. Jawohl: Georg von Ozzborn vishes to tell ze Red Cross zat zey vair most unfortunately shot vile tryink to escape.

But now with Diamond deciding to go through with the Select Committee testimony tomorrow, that spot is a must see.

Related: Knight escapes from BBA scandal just in time as BIS also seen to have lied. (It’s a shame this piece was overshadowed by the Bob & Jerry Show, as it is crucial to undertanding the international and politcially woven nature of this manipulation. ) link to original article

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