Lucas – Independence And Freedom From The Matrix – 3 July 2012

We long all for Independence of our controllers and oppressors. We long to be free of debt-slavery. We want freedom to decide as We The People . We have to see we are divine  sovereign beings. We all do want this, but we have to manifest it and be it, only not by doing it the old way.  Skip the old paradigm.

Bill Ballard and I have been talking and writing already for some time about what it is to embrace and hold also those we call the evil ones, dark cabal, illuminati, banksters in our hearts and forgive them. See that they are part of our duality experience.  We need to see we all are One and coming from the same Source. The dark had to play its role in the duality matrix to let us experience the dark as well as the light as its opposite. The evil ones came here to play as lightbeings in their core  that role and even got that far evil that they forgot and almost are pure evil.  They need to awake to the decreed return to the light by the Source.  This all is being played out now in the  ending of the duality matrix cycle we now are going through. With our without help from angelic, lightbeing, ET and the Source all will be accomplished .

Yes, I know  it is difficult to understand for lots of you who endure still the pain, suffer, lose everything bit by bit and are lacking even the necessary things to survive to see this all. This group will for sure need our attention as lightworkers and our share of help to give them also the peace and necessary things to focus on the spiritual awakening.  There is also a group that still connects the dots from a 3D perspective and want all the change to come from within the duality matrix  they are living in.  This group has also difficulty in understanding what we have been talking about in accepting we can not make the change in doing the same over and over as that is what we want NOW to get rid of in our lives. If we want to go further in our understanding of ascension,  Oneness/Unity consciousness and unconditional love that our source/creator/god is, we need to know we can not be One if we act and think, and focus still in duality based consciousness.

We need to be conscious again of  us being the lightbeings that we are. We have been born into this world to remember we are that lightbeing. We are not that what we are in this 3D duality matrix.  We have been led to believe by our brothers and sisters of light playing the dark role in this cycle we are bound to  this  matrix. We have to understand that we are not in any way bound to this body, to this matrix and that we are living in as consciously created illusion. The veil it is also called. If we become conscious again from the heart and not from the mind, we will see through  that veil. We see the world then in another light.  If we step out of the matrix, out of our duality and leave all that is connected with duality behind, we are free. We can see in a helicopter view than all that plays out in the matrix and still be part of it if we want to.

You are your own freedom fighters . Not in the duality sence of the word, but as freeing yourselves from your own unconsciousness and duality. You will be freeing yourself from all the imaginary walls that are part of that matrix and see your new universe.  Do not seek your freedom in duality based, negative actions, like: hate, violence, retribution, paying for, killing, punishment, etc. To much the name all. I know how difficult to grasp for us all it is. We have to be the unconditional loving beings we are from our core being. This means, peaceful actions and surrounding the dark with love and light in help of their own awakening. We have the creational energy within us given by the Source. We can create our own reality from the heart center. This means our own freedom, abundance, etc., just by stepping out of the matrix and duality.  We have to visualize, meditate and focus on the creation of the new golden age on this earth already established in the N OW.

See your future and create it without the ties and ropes that bind you to the matrix. You are free if you wanna be free.

In Love and Light, Be free independent creators and unconditional loving lightbeings,


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