Lucas – Warning : Fake Calls In Drake’s Name Made – 3 July 2012

There are several fake calls made  in Drake’s name by people posing as him calling upon militias to get into action and arrests anyone on site. That was reported on a facebook page now not to track anymore and one website at least.  I will not give them here and gieve them any attention. I will blacklist them.

These calls are not made by Drake. You know the official websites Drake uses and Lady Dragon has. As long as I see  no message posted there or coming direct from drake his e-mailadres towards me or is coming from  lady dragons e-mailadres and website I will not post anything of the sort.

We can expect these disinformation trolls and fraud actions. There are always people who can not keep their acts together and wanna disrupt things or are working for those who still have not surrendered and awakened. Hereby you are informed.

Love and Light,



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