Bill Ballard – Update – 3 July 2012

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As Above So Below, We Are On The Way!

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Monster Sunspot & Earth DIRECTED CME’s – July 3, 2012

Earth Facing M5.6 Solar Flare + Coronal Mass Ejection – July 2, 2012

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: Almost X-Flare as AR1515 Erupted with an M5.6 Blast(July 2nd, 2012).

Alert! All Solar Satellites Are Down (1st July 2012)



Galactic Infinite diversity guidelines and security protocols were attempted to be over-stepped by the archontic clone oppressors of EARTH but their attempt was met and stopped!

In short, death threats and attempts have been perpetrated on several earth allies without success!

This allowed for the release of galactic codes authorizing the long awaited super-green light operation to be distributed to the fleets and ground crews!

Yesterday Positive Pleiadian and Andromedean fleets outside GAIA’S orbit detected incoming high level gamma rays from a solar EMP blast which was a billion times stronger than the energy of visible light and about two billion GeV.

THIS intense burst of radiation coming from the release of the huge pulse of magnetic solar energy would not have impacted the Earth directly with the necessary force required to raise the light quotient to the critical level needed to wipe out the dark lower vibrations of the 3D MATRIX!

THE flux of the high-energy gamma ray super wave yesterday was 500 times greater than the sun’s normal radiation and was intercepted by the fleets and bounced off of 2 5-mile wide reflectors towards earth’s atmosphere! The true information about this super wave event was not reported through main stream media or through internet channels.

Our ships working in tandem harnessed the incoming X-18 solar wind and deflected the super-photon wave towards the earth’s outer atmosphere on June 1, 2012.

The pressure of this plasma light hitting the aurora produced a super green light barrier around Gaia creating a temporary impenetrable and inescapable shield!

The occult built 3D digital holographic low-vibrational SCREEN matrix received its death blow when this green light surrounded and penetrated the super-resistant synthetic earth-grid breaking the 300 thousand year old archon-created enslavement hologram completely apart!

This solar reflected laser pulse knocked out several orbiting cabal-operated covert satellites around the globe as it passed by!
This CME was not reported to be what it was in actuality, an X-18 Flare, but instead it was presented as an M-class! NASA’s servers were offline for several hours for ‘reported maintenance’ and engineers replaced the actual solar data with a version the public was to see!
This shield will stay in place for a few days until the CABAL-Clones and their human counterparts are all rounded up and dealt with!

A recent release of orgonite-phosphate into earth’s inner atmosphere not only targeted the NWO archontic false-authority clones for tracking and termination but also greatly reduced the chemtrailing of GAIA and its people and completely reversed the effects of this death spray on innocent people and all living species on GAIA! The cabal’s psychotic chemtrailing episode over the last 6 months was an effort to implant destructive synthetic archons into humans at the nano level. These alien micro-machine-organisms would have created a complete transhuman race in rapid time! This was a key factor for the higher races to set aside the prime directive and to intervene for Gaia!

The orgonite-phosphate dust was designed not to harm sentient life in any way!
A number of these archon soulless non-sentient clone cabal elite will be killed by this operation because it is known that they will continue to charge against the people of earth to do murder!

This spraying operation was implemented by the orbiting starfleet in a benevolent manner for the good of Earth’s survival and to ensure the safe ascension of GAIA and its life under codex guidelines.

Large numbers of military personnel have now been moved strategically into place under the guise of weather related states of emergency! The immediate removal of the cabal is the real emergency as we said!

The Military, with the aid of U.S. Marshalls, The People’s Constitutional Militia and instructed local peace keepers are clear to receive their calls with directives to move in on the cabal!

The Earth Allies on the ground and the Resistance Movement from inner earth are concerting efforts in tandem with the orbiting starfleet to commence actions by combining military force and advanced spiritual technology to inject super gamma light upwards into the 3D Earth Matrix.

You can now be informed that: ‘As Above So Below’ is the galactic code and tactical operation now implemented!
All light forces have exerted extreme pressure on the dark archontic clone-elite remains from above and below! All negativity left on earth will be forced to a higher dimension of light to be forever eliminated from this realm.

THE cyborg NWO Archontic Clones ARE NOW COMPLETELY trapped LIKE RATS and instantly sensed their own un-imaginable created fears as they realized their demise! OVER THE NEXT 2 DAYS all remainders of these mutant-BLOODLINES along with their human counterparts WILL BE rounded up, the clones dismantled and the human counterparts that are not-repairable will have their being completely dismantled and returned to the AEONS and forwarded to PRIME CREATOR for re-packaging and assembling as pure light! Turning evil into light is LOVE, understand this!

This is the ‘EVENT’ that will now move GAIA and its beings into the Higher 5th Dimension! (HEAVEN ON EARTH!) After this the majority of earth’s beings will ascend and all beings with a 51% light quotient will make this shift! The ones who are still in lower vibrations during the shift will remain in the 3rd dimension but without any negativity and many of you will volunteer to return again to 3D to help these raise their vibrations and ascend back with you, most within a few hours and days!

The False-Financials of earth will completely crumble over the coming days due to this operation. Do not look at this as a bad thing! Money has enslaved the masses for eons on EARTH! It has to go! You won’t need it! You will have all abundance to replace it! This has to happen because it is a cornerstone of THE ARCHONTIC CORPORATE COMMERCIAL TYRANNY MATRIX. YOUR POSITVE MILITARY WILL KEEP YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE AND PROVISION IN PLACE AND KEEP PEACE! This TEMPORARY disruption will be handled properly and safely so not harm or cause anxiety to Earth’s population! Do not be concerned about major money issues or survival plans as your positive military has carefully allowed for all of this since the early 1970’s.

We suggested before, use wisdom and store some basic necessities for minor disruption for a week or so!
Un-imaginable technologies that have been hidden from you and more will be given to you in phases over the coming weeks and months.


Disclosure will occur in five phases to smoothly integrate our contact.

PHASE-1, OUTER ORBIT DOCK. Our fleet and one other are already here and have been, this time around, for a few months! Our fleet is larger than any EARTH city and is docked and cloaked just outside of your orbit!

PHASE-2, THE INTRODUCTION. We will make ourselves and our intentions known to the people of EARTH through our Earth allies first. This will be done through selected channels and by direct contact.

PHASE-3, LOW VISIBILITY FLY-OVERS. You will see our smaller ships all over your skies on July 9, between 11 pm – 1 am.


PHASE-5, One-on-one contact (with higher evolved Earth beings first) and then we will gradually assign a guide to each of you who is ready to teach you the higher ways and prepare you for the next dimension!

Phase 3-5 will occur ONLY after the HOSTILE ARCHONTIC ALIEN CLONE CABAL is removed from your realm!

We so look forward to seeing you again after eons of time! You knew this day would come and you will see that it will be glorious. Your Archon-controlled media has told you so many ugly things about us that are not so! There were many negative and hostile ‘alien’s in your galaxy and realm but we have completely cleared them out! Most other galaxies have done this a long time ago! We do not expect you to trust us and as an advance spiritual race we know that we must be gentle, loving and earn your trust and never break it! This is something that most of you haven’t even experience on your own planet so it will be a wonderful thing!

Some have said that we do not feel emotions but as highly evolved spiritual beings the truth is we feel emotion fully and at the deepest level. We have learned to only feel positive emotions because we know that emotion is the engine of all creation. In time you will learn this as well.

We are VERY real, WE ARE HERE and we do love you! We created the Earth with many of you eons ago! When your 12 strands of DNA are fully activated in 5D you will remember and see it all clearly!

What we say is the truth!

Bless the Earth and its divine people forevermore!

End communication…

COMMISSIONED BY PRIME CREATOR – The Galactic Free Press –  link to original article


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