Drake – Update – 4 July 2012

More Socialist BS? Re: Canada Executive Orders

Please Read – About Yesterday’s Post on Canada Executive Orders 

It would seem that the Canadian cabal is still trying to have things their way.  The executive orders are nothing more than a failed attempt to ‘continue’ or further the same agenda 21 most have come to know.

The post was to let as many know and see that this mental/spiritual aberration (mental disease) is not going away…many are infected with it.

These people are sincere in their convictions and really believe they are doing the right thing.

I hope that Everyone understands that those of these convictions are an unknown enemy even to themselves.

With such people in power, we have an extraordinary job in front of us. The choice is simple, a real change of mind/belief in these people and/or removal. Due to the time limitations, I suggest removal and treatment at a mental health facility, at minimum.

According to Teri Hinkle, many have decided to voice concerns and objections.  Please give her a break,  I posted this for two reasons. First, how many know a pig with lipstick?

Second each of all of us need to be fully aware that we have the same problem here in America.

Do NOT be fooled, there is a large number of the cabal who are still very capable, and will go to any length or do anything to further the agenda or complete their mission. Just as with all the rest of this effort, being aware takes care of part of the problem, and We The People best be on our toes, ear to the ground, and absolutely ready for whatever it takes.

My last show expressed what I was given by those in command…The cavalry is coming…If we need you we will contact you…sit back and watch the fireworks.
Think about those directives. Clear and right to the point…they got the message and are acting on it.

Bear in mind that all plans are developing according to each action/incident, each being treated as an individual operation/mission.

The points in the post simply show a part of what everyone needs to be aware of….       ON GUARD!


http://www.americannationalmillitia.com link to original article


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