Lee-Anne Peters – Be Willing To…. Let It Go! – 4 July 2012

From time to time some old wounds surface – these wounds we may have thought were long gone and hello – they rear their ugly head. This can bring forth fear, worry, negative thinking and anxiety. It can be ‘out of the blue’ when these old wounds reappear…. so when they do – what do we do about it?

Firstly, if you can and if you think about it look to your tools and resources for self healing. If they dont come to mind then try this…
1. Do your best to let these thoughts and fears go. Continue to persist – they are likely to be very stubborn and persistent too.
2. During this time of persisting, do your best to continue setting into place supportive visualisations, requests for help (especially in the area that is of concern).
3. Reflect on WHEN you have felt this similar feeling, fear, resistance in the past… what is the connection to your current concern? Don’t look at the people involved, look at the FEELING.
4. KNOW that your truth, your knowing that everything will be okay and your visualisation of this WILL be what occurs.
5. Look at what is happening, even if the feeling subsides – which it likely will. Explore and be ready to surrender old fears, patterns or beliefs that hold you in this issue.
6. Reflect on blood ties and connections through generations (especially if you are worried about others, particularly in the family)
7. What can YOU do to break the patterns, to bring forth peace of mind or to heal these wounds?
8. KNOW you are LOVED, supported and you have the mental and emotional strength to see this through.
The best time to explore these sorts of ideas is when the emotion is strong, ripe and at the surface!!
Sending you waves and waves of strength, LOVE and support through these words, and one of the most beautiful freeing songs I LOVE to work with:

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