Lisa Gawlas – The Sleeping, The Swelling, The Kundaline Flowing – Oh My!! – 4 July 2012

Now I understand why we needed the whole month of June to ready ourselves for the month of July.  These two months, in my field of vision have been connected as if one continuous energy field for a month before we even arrived in June.  As we got into June I realized that June was preparing us for a full step up in vibration and use of these new intense energies of July.

What I didn’t realize was I was going to be sleeping thru July.  I cannot seem to keep my eyes open beyond 1pm any more.  Three days in a row I have had a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon and am still sleeping at my usual 9pm and fully (for me) thru the night.  There is just no fighting those naps either.  But the dreams too… sheez.  I almost never dream… those symbolic stories that are placed in your awareness as you awake, but lately, it’s all I do.  Which I am kinda glad for, I love a good dream!

Now couple all this lethargy with raging Kundalini energy!  Holy cow batman, my body doesn’t know if it is coming or going (no pun intended…smile.)

I really thought that the awakening of the inner raging teenage hormones had everything to do with Rick’s presence here, I think he was just the trip line because even tho he left my kundalini energy… wayyyy to present all day long, except when I am in an afternoon and evening coma!

So I have to pay attention to the energy of the readings these last three days.  It is like connecting to a field of really thick molasses energy.  The imagery unfolds sooooo slowly, yet with a vibrancy that melts my own wiring as I attempt to understand it all.  There is also an adamancy within this energy like nothing I have ever seen before.  It is DEMANDING your full and complete inner attention.

Each reading comes with this feeling, demanding expression that says “Look, we have work to do together, and unless you are completely conscious of this togetherness, we are not able to work like we are designed to.”

There is even this feeling as people try to bring “others” into their reading (spouses, kids, parents, etc) and their energy field just blocks so much with a reverberation of energy that says:  “look at what is inside of you and not at what is outside of you.”

I have also found a couple of common themes now that we are three full days into this new, amniotic like energy called July.  Something big, inside grows!

The field in which I read has become very distinct.  Inner field is representing your inner life, connection with yourself, the energies of Shambhala as well as the Tree of Life.  In fact, it is aiming to be all one connected, thriving energy.

There is a visible and tangible (to me) ring around the area that I will just say separates (in my readings) your inner energy field to your outer world experience.  The focus of the energy within readings…. all about your West field life.  The consumption of the harvested energy that is NOW available to you!!  But, I am finding, this is not an “outside” experience.  Most of the details surrounding the outer expression of your energy is blacked out.  The focus has become deeply within… quite fussingly so!!

On occasion, from the inner field, we could see potentials set up near the East side of your inner life… spring, new beginnings, new planting of gardens… but not unless you have consumed at least some of the harvested energy of the West.

I became very aware thru my readings yesterday, there is a vibrational doorway getting ready to emerge in the lives of those who have consumed, intimately, with their new energy harvest.  I could feel this doorway of energy in each reading… but could not see it at all.  Even now the thought is like being pregnant, you know something is growing inside of you, but not yet ready to emerge within the world for you to hold.

Can we just call meditation and the apple meditation pre-natal vitamins???? (smile)

Can I also just mention something that is now sitting on the forefront of my mind.  There are so many people watching with bated breath, the fall of the old world.  Do you realize, what you look at, you experience?  Just saying…

So, back to this emerging doorway that will give birth to your full harvested energy once it emerges and opens for you… there is something that is connected to the middle of July with it all.  Something so big and so (spiritually) secret that I can see and feel this connection, but the universe has cloaked whatever that is in a shroud of black energy (not anything bad, just to make sure I cannot see it.)  But like a pregnant woman, the energy bulges at the front leading to the future.

I also have become really clear on understanding the energy in the center of the field, what I wrote about that is very much like the eye of a hurricane.  That is where the energy of Shambhala and the full connection to the new Tree of Life is.  Deep within YOUR center.  The calm, sunny space within.

Going back to my little sharing about what you are looking at… if you look at the storm clouds building, that has to be what you experience.  Yes, a lot is going to start falling away (actually has started in earnest a while ago, but is building bigger) and if you keep your focus, hell, even your excitement there… do not be surprised if you go running looking for an umbrella.  Or you can simply focus on the new life and live there.  Choices, ya know?

In one of my readings yesterday, a man I have been reading for about every month for all of this year, gave us all so much understanding of what is happening… even if I had to drag him into his center by his feet… literally!!

Once I got this precious man near his center, details started showing up that just got me excited (once I understood what the details were!!)

If you can imagine looking side the body and seeing the network of veins and blood vessels feeding the entirety of your body…. that is what I had seen emerging from the calm center within him.  This network was red, the new energy red and started to grow outwards towards him.

But, because I drug him to this place within himself, the new energy life-streams could not connect to him… but I know they will cuz I know how determined he is on this crazy path of Aliveness!! (smile)

As I followed this network of energy to see where it came from, it all emerged from the calm center, underneath that, I could see the connection that will take place with the new network of vital life force energy and the Tree of Life.

I was sooooooooo excited.  Still am really!

Now, I am going to change the subject just a bit, only because I have Archangel Michael chomping at the bit to talk more about this crazy little phrase:

Aware is not Awake:

I love a good learning lesson / expansion opportunity more than anything in this world.  June was a living Odyssey for my adventurous side.  I have to giggle to myself at just how much I missed in any give moment… because I was busy.

It is funny to think… when our lives seem to be falling apart, changing fast and drastically, we often lose center and don’t really look at the depth of what is really happening.  Instead, we hang on for dear life to simply survive it all.  It may seem really strange, but when we are in a state of Bliss… same thing really.

We are seldom looking at the deeper meanings of what is taking place, instead, we are on a joy ride.  It is only when the ride ceases do we take a deeper look at what has happened and why.

We cannot work with the fullness of this energy in that way.  Too much is going to be missed as we look in the rear view mirror.

Please don’t misinterpret this to mean dissecting any given experience.  It means expanding your consciousness in every conscious moment and experience.

Had I known, for a single moment, that I was actually connecting to and feeling the energy of Archangel Michael and the entirety of the group energy he Is, I could have done and experienced soooooo much more.

I was constantly aware of the energies, the shifting in the days.  The growth and expansion of the field.  But surely not awake to really be co-creative with it all.  Instead, I was aware of what was happening and watched it all as it happened.  That really is passive co-creation.

Actually, holy cow batman, this really makes sense of the dream I had yesterday while in my afternoon power nap.  For the life of me, I could not understand it… now I do… more than I think I want to!  lol

The dream started out in an apartment of a man.  I obviously was in some sort of relationship with this guy who looked like a cross between Rick and a man who got me pregnant the first time (I had an abortion due to the constant pleadings and offering to pay for it, of my mother, when I was 18.)

All three of my children were present with me, all in this timeline (the ages they are now.)  It was dinner time and I had no desire to cook and really wanted some KFC.   Thanks to google maps I found a KFC a couple of streets away and we all decided to take a walk there.  This man held my hand and asked me about the state of “us.”  All I could do was kiss his hand.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him there was no state of us.

Other than that, not a word was said by any of us.  We walked into the building with the KFC logo on it and directly into an open door within that building.  It was pitch black inside that room.  We all stood there trying to find where the menu was.  I could feel the presence of another man there with us, and had this odd feeling of being in like a kitchen, there was even this soft glow of a t-shirt he was wearing.  There was a feeling of stoves, ovens, very metal like in feel.  Yet, not once did I think I entered this place thru the wrong door.  I was asking this man where the menu was.  Why wouldn’t I ask him where the light was??

He eventually pointed to the front of the building, and it was only then did I realize I was in the wrong place.  I was in the kitchen and not in the front lobby that was lit up and glowing red and white!  Which happens to be KFC’s colors and the important color scheme of now thru August…. energy wise.

Not once during this dream did I question where I was, why I was and how did I get there?  My kids and this man seemed to trust I knew what I was doing and no one questioned the pitch black of this room, save the man with the faintly glowing white t-shirt.

Once we moved into the front lobby and could see the menu, it was like everyone was awake and interactive.  Yet, it was simply due to the (false) light of familiarity.

Now lets relate this to my June.  This is sooooo relevant to all of us… in our moving beyond simply aware into AWAKE, in any given moment!!

My internal GPS system showed me that Rick was indeed Jorge, my bathtub Rock God.  Yet… something wasn’t quite right.  The energy itself, like landing in the kitchen of KFC had all the familiar sights and smells… but I could not, for the life of me, place my order (do the work I knew we could do together.)

I didn’t question it at all.

Then Archangel Michael showed up, always in the space of Ricks energy, soft black armor on with tiny pinholes of Light scattered about.  I assumed he was showing me our (mine and ricks) combined energy field and once we lighten up together so would the guise Michael was constantly wearing.

It never so much as crossed my mind that Michael and Rick switched places energetically.  That I was in a spiritual kitchen and not in the lobby!  That the energy and light I was experiencing was not coming from the man with me, but the cook of the kitchen Himself.

I was absolutely aware something was…. different.  But certainly not even close to being awake within my own experience to know what was really happening.  Nor did I ask.  Me, who always has 5000 questions, didn’t question much.

So I have to ask… why??  Once again, something I have said as well as been told for over a decade… who questions anything when they are in a state of joy??  This is why we (usually) enter this path from what appears chaos and destruction within our lives.

I now fully understand as well, why my kundalini energy seems to continue to be off the roof when there (appears) to be no one here being the Catalyst.  No abortion this time around (was that a clearing of karma??  if so, it was a great way to clear it!) instead, the threads, energy, seeds of the new life are still growing and vibrating!!  Phew…

I also want to mention the swelling many of us seem to be experiencing especially in our lower legs.  From ankle to calf is all about the foundation of the life you are living.  We are being infused with a whole new energetic, emotional foundation to live our lives from.  The swelling (tho uncomfortable) is your bodys sign post saying… you are filling with the New.  Happy dance??

We must be absolutely conscious and AWAKE at ALL times.  Especially thru this emerging Heavenly space of Being-ness.  To just jump on and enjoy the ride, we will not gain the power and wisdom needed to continue as the ride appears to subside.

When we truly and fully enter the eye of the hurricane, that still space within, we need to know, intimately, from the inside out… what to do with it all and how to build from your deep inner resources.  In this space, your guides, your soul and you are One.  No more external influence… ya gotta know how to work your kitchen!!

I love y’all…. so much!!   As soon as I know I will actually be able to stay awake thru my days, I will get active with the soul gym.  Right now… ain’t happening, sleep is taking precedence over everything!

(((((HUGZ))))) of bliss to All,

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