Lucas – I Got News On The 5 Star Movement Italy That Makes It More A Freezer 5 Star In Intentions – 4 July 2012

Lucas : Via Andrea (thanks) a good friend of mine  I got new about the Five Star Movement via contacts in Italy.  It seems that there is something really wrong with it. Probably again a movement and it’s real face behind the mask uncovered. Here follows the news:

A trap 5-star (luxury)

How to create a single party that appeals to people?
(translated with google)
That gives the illusion that it really changed everything, that the old parties and die in their place the birth of a true people’s party, born from below, in a new way, through the internet, and it looks like hope for true democracy, but that can be easily controlled with hidden hand, as it always has been for millennia.
How to enforce it without people noticing, even causing the complaints in a loud voice as the only possible solution to the crisis era?
It takes sophisticated strategists, patience, years of waiting, just men and a testimonial of character, actor and intelligent.
Have not we noticed a peculiar dynamic media that up to a month ago the party and its owner had been judged politically unpresentable from newspapers and TV and after an election is not important now is already estimated to be the next largest party in the nation?
Nobody rings a bell of alarm?
There may have felt that this was the time of the false prophets?
Well, if you want to rate five stars in the upcoming election, do it, but first a little cross’ data with keywords on search engines, you can too, not just those of the system.
Tips on what to look you find in abundance in this long and accurate article by Leo Zagami, with names, surnames and nicknames. Happy reading.
Leo Lyon Zagami
On page 188 of my book THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATED VOL. First published this year in late February of 2012, published a very interesting document that shows how G.Mazzini and partners received funding from the Masonic Bank of England, and not coincidentally the next page I also jumped in the present and speak of Professor Giuliano di Bernardo, former known Grand Master of Italian Freemasonry now head of the mysterious DIGNITY and an Academy of the Illuminati, who speaks bluntly of the plans for the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon in a certain Freemasonry, the wire -British and Zionist.
Also in the second volume of my trilogy show in detail the links between Di Bernardo, Freemasonry and the Israeli project DIGNITY linked to his now-famous Academy of the Illuminati was founded in Rome in 2002. I also speak in detail of this dangerous mix with the help of internal documents, diagrams and eyewitness accounts and interviews from the same Di Bernardo, including the extremely revealing given to the author of the book “Brothers of Italy” Ferruccio Pinotti.
Then there is’ the direct link Di Bernardo (and also the Casaleggio) with China and his Freemasonry who leads the Chinese Triads and the Mob, now on the rise here too. Think it was by Bernardo in an interview in 2002 Pierangelo Giovanetti to talk about his projects in China, and the article in question was called for the note (1): “Good-bye now Freemasons World Dome (also China Involved ).
Giuliano di Bernardo
And you will say well that guesses it all including various chinoiserie with Caseleggio Associates and Beppe Grillo?
And in an article of 2011 in the famous Cricket BLOG which is hidden the truth ‘about who is and more often’ found behind the many mysteries of our Italy, always colony of foreign powers, it is an article short, a sort of promotional spot dedicated to a book that genuinely seems to want to talk about certain truths’ from the title of THE COUP ENGLISH Jose Mario Cereghino and John Fasanella (2).
Paper shows that historically the continued subjugation of our country during our first 150 years towards the British Crown and its Masonry. A situation that Grillo’s blog seems to show and promote them as if they were external reality ‘, supporting the historical thesis of the author but’ speaks of facts already ‘occurred not in becoming like the one about the “phenomenon of Cricket”.
By itself this does not seem a serious matter, but so ‘when you think that beyond the speculation more’ or less realistic about the likely presence or not of Cricket on the yacht of the Queen of England Britain in 1992, in reality ‘this pseudo revolution of recent years that has seen Grillo scaternarsi as champion of the people “sovereign” and the birth of his Movement 5 Stars and ‘was created and piloted by Casaleggio Associates. And Grillo and ‘now directly protagonist and pawn English Freemasonry and its consciously enlightened’ cause he certainly is not ‘an idiot, and now I explain to word for word what lies behind Grillo, so you put the’ soul in peace on the phenomenon once and for all and we think to make a revolution against this criminal government technocrat and servant of the New World Order.
Be patient and you’ll see a attimino everything, including a statement that I made at the outset of Mazzini and Co. in relation to their funding by the perfidious Albion Masonic and the involvement of China that has always been ‘linked to secret plans of the Illuminati well before the public about releases made by Professor Di Bernardo.
He is simply following an old and well-defined plan for the establishment of a One World Government ruled by a Technocracy Sinarchica ruled by Zionists with the Jesuits and now the odd man out with China, which with the Jews has been enshrined in a pact that goes well beyond the usual chatter of a religious or diversity ‘on the cultural or not eating pork and has led the Zionists doc, at the top of the legendary Rothschild Bank of China. This with one of their leading exponents Edmond de Rothschild, in 2008, and ‘came with a shareholding of 20% that’s incredible, and a very important role in the Bank of China and in this business think there’ has even half the ‘Italian Carlo de Benedetti (3) which for years with the Rothschilds, which of course also control its publications including Limes and the newspaper La Repubblica.
Back in the autumn of 2006 I decided as some of you will know ‘to come out by powerful lobbies and companies’ secret of the New World Order and do so publicly because of my “Confessions” that my revelations put online on a blog, with everything about my experience inside the Illuminati and New World Order of which I speak in my trilogy now finally available in Italy thanks to the One Publishers analyzes so definitely more ‘depth my case.
In that moment for the Internet public and not only was an absolute stranger, I lived at that time in Oslo in Norway, and I was risking a lot with this move ’cause I was going against those who were my “brothers” Masons and occult controllers in various companies’ Secret that are part of what I call the Network of enlightened and occult in Freemasonry than that of the English Grand Lodge of England in which I served for some years.
So I tried to reveal the restroscena cautelarmi mainly in case something happened, because he had unleashed a domestic war on me that stemmed from their environments and that mysterious pidduismo Italian lodge that Licio Gelli Monte Carlo “the Venerable” of P2 with Ezio Giunchiglia founded some years ago, a war in which I had already been made ‘numerous death threats if I did not return to the ranks.
But I did not want to ‘play the game and of course I was looking for someone who could talk about my history, would make it public so that some criminals were publicly denounced for their crimes against humanity.
I turned then to the figures more ‘important information on the web including alternative Beppe Grillo which never received any reply to my mail, but three years later in an episode that say strange and perhaps not, but at the same time I made to understand all of restroscena Casaleggio and our dear Grillo man of the revolution there, the court jester of the strong powers of the enlightened and DIGNITY of the project to take the piss poor Italians who still believe in the policy so-called “Beautiful Country”.
In short to end the parenthesis on how I managed to make the story public, in the end the only two characters who at that juncture of time between 2006 and 2007 really helped me in bringing out to the public and reveal my truth ‘were renowned author and international lecturer, David Icke English, and American investigative reporter Greg Szymanski, and in Italy?
In Italy none of my friends had the courage to spread my truth ‘, if not years after the mission is accomplished you can’ say, when it had become an internet phenomenon hard to ignore for my compatriots are always ready to call me crazy or throwing mud on my person, and no prophet in his never said in my case this suits both me and my situation before I did know with my publications and my work also popular in Italy.
But back to Grillo and his Casaleggio, had now been 3 years full of adventures and big events in my life, including the arrest and indictment for espionage in Norway that I constrinse then return to Italy, and here I participated in June 2009 in an article put together by the vice of Giuliano di Bernardo for the promotion of the film Angels and Demons based on the book by Dan Brown. I’m talking about the famous lobbyist and expert in the field of media and communication Piergiorgio Bass, who entrusted the article that Giacomo Amadori (4), noted columnist of Panorama near the secret service accused inter alia of dossieraggio in 2010 (5) .
And it was in the period following the exit of this article I received a strange phone call from Bass Piergiorgio I actually called the office of Casaleggio Associati in Milan, and my name is’ not for me “Leo, how are you?” Or “how are things “but to reproach me for that request for help made three years prior to Beppe Grillo, an email that I thought was not lost even gone never received any response, at that moment that I knew nothing of the enlightened and Masonic restroscena Caseleggio except what I read here and on the internet, I was quite upset, and I could not initially understand the link between professional and Bass Grillo and I wondered to myself: Giuliano di Bernardo and enlightened Sovereign Grand Master of the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Dignity as he calls himself, what the hell centered with Casaleggio and the Movement of Cricket? And ’cause I hit the deputy’s office bacchettava Casaleggio asking’ cause I never asked for help in the first shackle years?
I knew I had already ‘bored Pergiorgio to more’ occasions when I asked him months before embarking on a political view of the dramatic sistuazione Italy already ‘on my return in the second half of 2008 when, despite the propaganda of Berlusconismo I could not see well, but Instead he declared himself ’cause he preferred the technocrats to Mario Monti, Mario Draghi, or to resolve the situation (happy with him), and then always asked by phone during the same call, what he centered a technocrat with cricket and had very little Casaleggio that did not seem like a company in the above parties but rather sided with the story of Cricket, and the answer was very enlightening in this case by Piergiorgio and unequivocal:
“Part of the Team Marketing & Communications of DIGNITY,” and then I said “Leo ever since you came back to Italy I will I take care of the image but you can not do this to me, it seems that just want to shackle hangers to remember that you are a Grand Master I want you to get on television, and maybe then we talk politics, I just spoke with Daria Bignardi perhaps you would like to have as a guest but you must not have more ‘no contact with Grillo “and I said” that looks Pigi I do lick my ass to anyone, then I needed help in 2006 when I left the Lodge of Monte Carlo and it seemed right to him asking him to help me in that moment of having a blog over ‘in view of the network and that’s that, Then I saw that his followers gave me a fascist and there was very bad, do they have behaved with opportunistic but publicly he did not want to do with me, and have offended a friend of mine, Prince Lolli Ghetti well as giving the Fascist to him. “
At that point I start Piergiorgio Bass ‘to talk about my involvement with the meet up of Terni by Beppe Grillo in 2007, but that I had’ never spoken with him but in fact I had seen in his time organizing a couple of lunches and related events with friends of various meet-up of cricket had as sole purpose to disclose my positions and my truth ‘to Grillini nothing more’, and when I realized that Piergiorgio knew all of these meetings that I had rather reserved had, I was even more ‘and shocked by what was now clear as day to me that Casaleggio was a sort of headquarters of the occult forces that maneuver Grillo and a place where the lights of his movement (which a little later would become Movement 5 stars) reported all their information to different members of Casaleggio Associates, which then in turn appealed to people close to the intelligence services as Piergiorgio Bass that I knew all too well, being linked not only to Masonry (Bass and ‘ officially sleep in a Mason of the Grand Orient of Italy) but the Italian secret services, Mossad agent all’Israeliano connection according to insiders, and as I have already ‘written, Bass, and’ the Most Powerful Vice Grand Master of the Illuminati Giuliano Di Bernardo.
In that time it became obvious to me, I finally figured out who was behind Grillo Pigi when I said that not only worked with them but that they had beside him a “brother” of the Academy of the Illuminati that I would have liked learn later, a man named Henry Sasson, and that ‘apparently one of the minds of Casaleggio and surprise of surprises comes from one of the most Jewish families’ important sign in the New World Order, is the one linked to the infamous Opium Wars that saw his family among the performers in the most ‘important of this sad chapter of recent history along with Rothschild which apparently are also linked by kinship.
So just read this and understand the disgust that there is’ behind the Casaleggio now rightly called by many the “CASALOGGIA”
The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, states that Sassoon expanded the opium trade in China and Japan. David Sassoon arranged his 8 children in the main centers of the opium trade in China. According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, 1944 “David Sassoon employed only Jews in his business, and wherever they went they built synagogues and schools for themselves. China moved to entire families of Jewish origin and set to work. ” Sassoon’s sons took care to Canton to spread the drug that destroys the mind. Between 1830 and 1831 they trafficked 18,956 chests of opium earning millions of dollars. Part of the profits went to Queen Victoria and, above all, the bankers Rothschild.
In 1836 the trade rose to over 30,000 chests and drug use became endemic in the coastal cities of China. In those days there was virtually no man who consume opium, including the entire army. In 1839, the Manchu Emperor Xuan Zong Daoguang (Tao-kuang) ordered him to stop drug trafficking. He appointed the governor of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu to conduct a campaign against opium. Lin seized 2,000 chests of Sassoon to drugs and threw them into the river. An outrage of which David Sassoon informed the Rothschilds who asked Goveno English to order retaliation. Thus began the first Opium War with the British Army as a mercenary employed by the Rothschilds. (6)
Gianroberto Casaleggio
If you wish to deepen your knowledge on various restroscena of the enlightened West in relation to the “Chinese Freemasonry”, the fall of the Chinese, the powerful Skull & Bones and the birth of ‘Republic of China and Taiwan small and big sea change, and strategies of the end of the recent British colonial period in Hong Kong and Macao to the Portuguese, and also because ‘the opium and’ long been the absolute king of the drugs that helped to finance not only one of the families one of the founders of Casaleggio but the very foundations of the New World Order, then I advise you of buying my new book THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATED VOL.2 (ONE PUBLISHER Orbassano). This will show you ‘in 675 pages the whole story secret that lurks behind the DIGNITY of Giuliano Di Bernardo was born in 1992 in Italy after that came the royal yacht of her Britannic Majesty, and we discussed how to divide the board privatization of our poor Italy.
A project of the very evil which also Grillo (present or not physically present on the yacht) through its Casaleggio Associates, the project is called DIGNITY and e ‘a project that was later made operational and well more’ ample international outreach including London, Rome and Jerusalem, passing through the former Soviet Union’s countries (Ukraine in the lead) in 1993, this year not only Di Bernardo then Grand Master of Grand Orient Freemasonry order a historic split in the Italian inaugurated on April 93, the Great Lodge of Italy, but his Dignity ufficializzò shortly before his presence in Switzerland to create a super covered loggia protected by Swiss law as a legally recognized association, and in good and who subsequently became a priory of chivalry.
DIGNITY, and about … I draw a short excerpt from page 258 of my book THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ILLUMINATED VOL.2:
This new project “Dignity”, which was already developing since 1992, and passed it to the operational phase. The operation took place precisely on the 11th of April 93, with the support of some famous names of international Freemasonry, like Lord Northampton, and key members of the Dignity future, as the banker Mario Conde and Professor Vittorio Mathieu. The presence, in that same body of Freemasons and “opusdeisti” seemed to be a sign that certain posts and certain irreconcilability past were now largely obsolete, as we shall see later in the third volume of my Confessions of an Enlightened One, and that behind all ‘ now famous “divorce” between Di Bernardo and the Grand Orient of Italy (which occurred between 13 and 17 April 1993) is his
new creation, Dignity. Among other things, the act of incorporation, located in Lucerne, Halden Strasse 40, we find the same ideals that were to reappear, after ten years, with the establishment of the International Academy of the Illuminati.
But if you still have doubts that behind Grillo there is the usual Masonic Zionist scum, arm in arm with Opus Dei, the Jesuits and the Vatican, like Grillo noted in May of 2012 declares bluntly to the Italian public that you voters and parties of our eternal servant Italy since the days of Hadrian Terms of Israelis and pro British Grand Masons, we should all thank him for not immediately dangerous drift of the Golden Dawn as a Nazi and ‘instead happened in Greece.
But of course I thank our Cricket ’cause we’re so spent from the frying pan into the fire. ‘Cause you will not have the Golden Dawn for Greek Nazis, but we exist as a party, the Movement 5 Stars created a small table by the big powers to frustrate every effort ribbellione real and true revolution against these pigs as well as countries such as Inghilterrra, the United States and Israel have always manipulated behind the scenes on our system and just as Peter writes Orsatti for MicroMega 5/2010 (7): To understand the origins of the phenomenon Casaleggio, one must start from the Telecom company fibrillation between the end of nineties and early millennium.
Or rather, it is essential to analyze the events of a company of the group then in the hands of Tronchetti Provera and Pirelli, Webegg. CEO of the company at the time Gianroberto Casaleggio. Do not be fooled by its looks nerdy geek, from his hair out student from University of Berkeley, Gianroberto is one of the leading experts in Italy web, social networks (social networks), electronic marketing. And he, along with four other employees of the Galaxy Telecom (Enrico Sassoon, Eleuteri Luke, Mario and his brother David Casaleggio Bucchich) in 2004 to found the Casaleggio Associates.
The link between Telecom and intelligence agencies, and ‘was also highlighted by a scandal that has seen the involvement of the Tiger Team and not’ a case that I was definitely introduced to his time at the famous Fabio Ghioni involved in that scandal right in Holland by Piergiorgio his old office of PGB via the Scipios in Rome.
And on the information, the media operate as they have for those of Casaleggio If you say a newspaper, and that has direct relations with the daily Caseleggio for example?
Here is a short but interesting excerpt from an article by Miccolis Mauro appeared on his blog (8) we understand how mode ‘works in this field Casaleggio: a new world order based on the Internet and life in cyberspace will replace the governments of the world . And as one would arrive, according to them, to this reality? Using the so-called “Influencer” (
In other words, some (few) users condizionerebbero the masses of Internet users in their choices, from movies to watch during the weekend, until the list to vote in elections. As you can read here, Casaleggio Associates is also managing the computer part of Clear Letters, a publishing house that publishes books of Deputy Labor, and coincidentally is also published recently Grillo and Casaleggio, and has recently entered the shareholding of the Fact Daily.
And last but not least since we are talking of big business and big maneuvers not only political but also financial iluminati the shadow of the Academy Professor Giuliano Di Bernardo, you know what he’s done recently Pergiorgio Bass? Here you are the answer from the Express magazine a couple of years ago that also appears on the website of the company ‘of the Bass Group PGB (9):
Six hundred million of loans sold. In so much is the factoring operation ended by Enel and UniCredit with which the public power has transferred to the bank a portion of debts owed by the Public Administration. An operation that allows the company to Fulvio Conti to cash immediately on the figure.
At the same time, with the support of PGB Group in Basses Piergiorgio, Enel and UniCredit are concluding another operation of the 3 billion on all supplies of energy to the PA.
In exchange for a commission to Enel will Unicredit Factoring invoices with performance advantages on several fronts: by Unicredit Enel will cash the consideration of bills as they fall due, while customers can take advantage of extended payment terms from the bank.
What will ‘then the’ image that reigns in the office of Piergiorgio Bassi, who now spend more ‘time in Israel and Italy?
The candlestick with 7 arms or Jewish menorah? No you are wrong there ‘a photo of him and the one who bows to kiss the hand of the legendary Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone,’ cause my dear this is not ‘just a Judeo-Masonic conspiracy but a far more plot’ sees a complex definitive covenant between the parties sanctioned during the Second Vatican Council but of how we got everything ‘I speak’ in my trilogy, and especially in the third volume of my Confessions in output in October of 2012, hoping that by then you understand that Leo Lyon Zagami and more ‘credible Beppe Grillo, who certainly is not’ the solution to all our problems and our bad but … from bad to worse.
Of course I regret that so many good guys fall into the trap so cleverly stretched from the Grand Master Giuliano di Bernardo, through Casaleggio and his Grillo, who sits up there on top of the pyramid of the DIGNITY that you can see in the diagram that I include in this article from the supreme manipulator of this pyramid of power unchallenged. This diagram created by the Di Bernardo, where you see that sits at the top of his Order section of the Team “Marketing & Communications” which includes the Casaleggio Associates and PGB Group.
Although officially no longer exists Dignity ‘, because it’ Di Bernardo to do some ‘said the disinformation of the mentioned journalist Giacomo Amadori in May 2006 in an article published by Panorama, the project foundered on bad publicity’, that’s what Amadori wrote in the article reporting the lies of Di Bernardo: “But the bad publicity scuppered the project, which was the light of the sun and had already received the consent of the canton of Lucerne,” he assures Di Bernardo.
So how come you are still encountered as Dignity in 2012 in Sicily? And have put on a website constantly updated as well?
Do not believe it here it here:
We’re not all idiots dear Di Bernardo, and we know what you’re doing behind the scenes with Casaleggio, the Vatican and Israeli friends, but you should be ashamed “Dignity”, you are the servants of evil. And now have more than one thing ‘that is safe for direct experience, or that the Academy of the Illuminati, the Casaleggio, Grillo and my now ex-friend Piergiorgio Bass are all liars and shameless profiteers who make money on the suffering of others and the Italians now have to read this article and wake up and make radical new choices to fight the enemy.
As they go forward in search of their “enlightened tyrant” as he calls Di Bernardo in his last book (9) that for some of his cronies and ‘already’ here and it would be called Beppe Grillo. I never tire of saying that he and ‘false a figure constructed from the New World Order and its enlightened that I will oppose until death and beyond,’ cause as the great Monicelli Italy today needs a revolution, But I would add, of a revolution not put at a table by these unclean beings, who are part of the problem and certainly not the solution or the PGB and the various Casaleggio of the situation then with the CIA, the NSA and Mossad have fun in his spare time to foment revolutions in which unnecessary does not change anything under the sun.
While the term paper I would like to include the information and I ‘has just been given by a Brother Mason and 31 ° of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, which is part of the GOI and my trusted informant who contacted me directly from the Ministry of Interior Saturday last year to tell me to be careful to Caseleggio and speak ill of them because ‘there behind’ the dreaded Mossad intelligence agency and secret service of the State of Israel that would kill me.
But Leo Lyon Zagami is not afraid of them or any of Cricket, and the Masons or the old politicians who have ruined Italy since World War II to today, spazziamoli away now and forever this scum, united there ‘we’ll make my friends, because ‘the real enemy, the terrorist who gambizza in Genoa and the mass murderer who blows up in Brindisi work for NATO and Israel, and they’re not terrorists, they are servants of the New World Order, and they often are in double or questre merdacce worse in military dress, those that maintain and promote the strategy of tension and the phenomenon of “casual Grillo” and his fake revolution for fools, for fear of bombs on pecking began, in parliament, and then while all this happens and the old political cry crocodile tears about the poor students remained victims of the tragedy of Brindisi and the various judges’ anti-mafia “make their theater, Israel continues undisturbed its plans for a third world war that will surely support of Cricket as the Casaleggio already ‘in a video announcing the product from their company that will begin in 2020 provides that the “Third World War” that will last even 20 years, but this does not seem to be described as an “evil” and this will be destroyed because “the symbols of ‘West, “and that” St. Peter’s Square, Notre-Dame de Reims, Sagrada Familia “.
It is not clear (or maybe it is too) because the “symbols of the West” to be destroyed are summarized with as many symbols of the Catholic Church. This “visionary” World War III will also lead to “reduce the world population to one billion people.” Of course, in 2040 the West (destroying its symbols) wins and “Democracy Network triumphs” Grillo at that point there will be ‘more but the “enlightened Tyrant” will come’ to take his place among the ruins of this civilization ‘.
But we, if you continue to follow the characters as Grillo now more ‘than ever play the game of the powerful and eventually you will be more and more’ oppressed and dominated by the Big Deal, but I would like to make policy but who will have ‘the courage to give me this opportunity’ ?
And what do you think?
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