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Global Voice 2012 Radio – Blogtalkradio – Drake’s Mid-Week Update – 4th Of July Celebration! – 4 July 2012

6pm CENTRAL USA =  European Mainland –  5 July 2012  01.oo AM
4th of July Celebration! – “Sit Back and Watch the Fireworks” ~Drake
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Steve Beckow – Memo (On Things Happening) – 4 July 2012

Some readers have written in and pointed out that there seems to be a disconnect between what SaLuSa says and what Archangel Michael has said in Monday’s An Hour with an Angel.  I do hear you and I do get the apparent disconnect. AAM says the cabal will be contained and SaLuSa says they will be arrested.

AAM paints a scenario in which not much is seen while SaLuSa paints a scenario of apparent dramatic action. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – A Beast Approaches – 4 July 2012

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Meghan Keneally – Court Orders Twitter To Hand Over An Occupy Wall Street Protester’s Messages – 4 July 2012

(picture courtesy of Twitter : Challenging the law: Malcolm Harris is charged with disorderly conduct as he was one of 700 people who reportedly stormed the Brooklyn Bridge in October) Continue reading

John Ward – The RBS Glitch : Hester’s Hijackers Go From The Ridiculous To The Incredible – 4 July 2012

My jawslog@gmail.com inbox is packed to the brim with stories of RBS and Natwest ‘glitches’ ranging from brazen theft via postdated restoration cheques and crazy delays on payments, all the way through to standing orders not being honoured….and now the latest, things being debited twice.

Thus RBS admitted last night that loan payments on credit taken out by RBS customers had been removed twice ‘in a large number of cases’. Earlier, the Group had said the problem was ‘small’ and ‘duplicate mortgage payments have not been taken during Natwest’s IT meltdown’. But some Slog readers dispute this. Continue reading

Common Dreams – Salvatore Babones – The European Financial Transactions Tax : Robin Hood Or Sheriff Of Nottingham? – 4 July 2012

Picture : Robin Hood Tax supporters create a pop-up casino opposite the Mansion House bankers’ banquet, 15th June 2011. Photo by Robin Hood Tax/ flickr

(Lucas Comment:  I am concerned about taxation in hands of non-elected institutions, even more than corporate governments. In this case there is no controll by us the people anymore. I thought we wanted to get rid of all those punitive taxes and taxes in general. I thought we should become free of our corporate governments  and unnecessary ruling by law and rules that contradict, conflict or abolish our unalienable rights as free sovereign beings.  Why do we play again cards in the hands of those who want to enslave us further.  Just see  that taxes 99% of the time are relayed back to us, We The People, and not those who should pay it. We pay the bill in the end again.)  Continue reading

Common Dreams – Token Fine For GlaxoSmithKline Won’t Stop BigPharma’s Bad Behavior : Watchdog – 4 July 2012

paxil Common Dreams staff

Pharmaceutical mammoth GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been ordered to pay $3 billion fine in what is described as the largest case of healthcare fraud in U.S. history. But critics say it is just as a slap on the wrist as the amount “pales in comparison” to the profits pharmaceutical companies earn and does nothing to preclude such further behavior from big pharma. Continue reading

Without Rule Of Law, Are All Men Created Equal? Glenn Greenwald Challenges America’s Elite – 4 July 2012

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 4 July 2012

Where the understanding of what is happening in the world is concerned there are virtually two camps, those who do not know or do not care and those who do know but account for them by various explanations. It takes someone with a very open belief system to accept changes that alter their whole concept of what life is about. The hardest part is acceptance that many of those you looked up to were puppets of the Illuminati, perpetuating the lies that held you in bondage to them. Fortunately, the rising vibrations are lifting people up out of the darkness, and as their consciousness levels increase are beginning to question their beliefs. Much true information now exists and by following your intuition you will surely begin to understand the truth. Seeking for yourself will prepare you for even a greater understanding, as with our coming along with many other advanced beings, the truth will be staring you in the face. Continue reading