Stephen Cook – (Upcoming) The Light Agenda – InLight Blogtalkradio – With Fran Zepeda – 4 July 2012

Call in to speak with the host: (323) 784-9697  Look up your own time or let them sent you a reminder via blogtalk service.

Direct Link to The Light Agenda – InlLight Blogtalkradio – With Fran Zepeda – 5th July 2012

Stephen Cook’s guest is FRAN ZEPEDA, healer and channeller of Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven, Sananda, Yeshua and Mira The Pleaidian.

Fran’s life story is one of confidence finally triumphing over fear, abuse, chronic illness, injury, learning disabilities and low self-esteem. But it’s a life that has seen Fran, being able to assist and help many of us because of her own light agenda.

In an emotionally-vulnerable interview, Fran reveals she has faced an extraordinary amount of trauma in one life. Yet her’s is a story with a wondrous and enlightening evolution which has only served to strengthen this engaging  mother-of two’s spiritual resolve. and

Stephen Cook presents The Light Agenda, a hour-long chatty, revealing enlightening conversation with those among us who are setting the Light Agenda via their blogs, channelling, broadcasts, opinions, writing and behind-the-scenes intel.

The Light Agenda is a place where Light Minds Think A-Light! You’ll hear personal stories of other’s light agendas – their knowledge, their beliefs, their views, their issues, their experiences…

The Light Agenda offers a new perspective on 2012. It’s a radio program created to help you find out even more about someone you may have been reading, hearing or watching each week – whether it’s within the last month or for over several years. It offers a place where you can hear something new; confirm something you may have thought or experienced; or find out how others feel about what’s really going on in this special year.

Come and meet those serving The Light Agenda!

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