Steve Beckow – Memo (On Things Happening) – 4 July 2012

Some readers have written in and pointed out that there seems to be a disconnect between what SaLuSa says and what Archangel Michael has said in Monday’s An Hour with an Angel.  I do hear you and I do get the apparent disconnect. AAM says the cabal will be contained and SaLuSa says they will be arrested.

AAM paints a scenario in which not much is seen while SaLuSa paints a scenario of apparent dramatic action.

Others are writing in and saying that they are unhappy with being told once again that they need to trust that something is happening when they want concrete, tangible, visible proof. They say they’ve been waiting long enough and want to see some evidence. I hear you as well.

Fortunately my reading last week with AAM had to be postponed to this week and I’ll have the opportunity to ask AAM for comment on these matters. As soon as I have more to tell you that may reduce the apparent distance between SaLuSa and AAM, I’ll post it.

As for the waiting for tangible evidence, I can only say that I share your frustration. All of us will be happy when there’s something we can point to end this long, long wait for tangible evidence of a scenario which has largely gone on unseen. All of us want to be able to point to something concrete and show our friends and families that we’re not as crazy as some of them may think. I do hear you and I do share your concern. link to original article

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