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Lucas – A Nightcap, Articles From Steve Beckow And A Video – 5 July 2012

I just wrote my short article about “We Can Do This If We Want To Together”. I refer to my own writing here in general. So I have not written it with someone particular someone in mind.

Here  also follow two articles Steve sent me by e-mail to post on my blog. I give you the links to it and you can read them at www.the2012scenario.com as I had a very energy pulling week almost behind me. Still I do these last postings for I go to sleep. Also I will give you a video from  Tom Lescher and thank Laura Bruno for pointing  it out to me. Continue reading


Lucas – We Can Do This If We Want To Together – 5 July 2012

I  skipped writing a long extensive article about the still around duality issues  that are played out now. Anyone who feels him or herself attacked so be it.  I forgive  you all and have compassion. I will sent you all love and light. Continue reading

Lucas – 1.000.000 Visitors Served – 5 July 2012

A short update:

One year almost full finished blogging in service to you al and already

1,000,470 visitors reached at 5 July 2012 –  7.00 PM

Time to celebrate , Thanks all supporters, readers, contributors, lightworkers,  awakened ones.

Love and Light,


Pat Donworth – Trio Of Top Banks Leap Into Action In Sign Of Alarm – 5 July 2012

Pat: “Ring around the rosy, a pocketful of posies. Ashes. Ashes. [They] all fall down.”

And “WE” rise up!

July 5, 2012 | Reuters

China, Europe and Britain loosened monetary policy in the space of less than an hour on Thursday, signaling a growing level of alarm about the world economy, although suggestions of coordinated action were played down. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Wonder, The Electricity, The Grizzly!! – 5 July 2012

I am so happy to say, I stayed awake all day and afternoon yesterday!  I am hoping that the intense tired and lethargy that has been here since July 1st arrive, is part of that 3 day linear process of new energy taking hold.  But who knows!!  We are all finding there is nothing normal or usual about the times we are in any longer! Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Here Comes The Sun & Caribbean Quake – 5 July 2012

Uploaded on 5 July 2012 by Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – France To Set Top Marginal Tax Rate At 75%, Permanently Increase Wealth Taxes, Hike Surcharges On Banks And Energy Companies; Further Tax Hikes Next Year; Poised To Implode – 5 July 2012

Many told me that French president Francois Hollande was making idle campaign pledges on tax hikes and worker rules, and the he would not follow through. Well he did, at least on taxes.

The Financial Times reports Wealthy hit hardest as France raises taxes Continue reading

Visionkeeper – WOW! – 5 July 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I don’t know about anybody else but I can sure feel these latest solar flares pounding the earth. My head feels like it is in a vice and at times it almost feels like vertigo beginning but then it flashes away. They were really strong this time. I received around ten flare alerts via email yesterday and awoke this morning to eight new alerts. I feel like I am on standby awaiting boarding instructions. We are moving folks and changes are happening if you just tune in and pay attention to what is going on around you. Continue reading

Corporate America Keeps Fighting To Keep Their Own Lies Alive – ALEC Presented As A Beautiful Fairy Tail By Corporate Mainstream Media – 5 July 2012

(Lucas :  Corporate America Keeps Fighting To Keep Their Own Lies Alive – ALEC Presented As A Beautiful Fairy Tail By Corporate Mainstream Media- What You have been reading in the alternative media and this blog included is more like the “truth”. Lots of corporations have been leaving the ALEC – American Legislative Exchange Council  – exposed as a forum for the corporate-sponsored bill making. The  following article explains how they are busy to keep the lies alive.)

Corporate Media Untells the ALEC Story by Peter Hart Continue reading

Banking Regulators Drop Libor … Adopt New Standard – 5 July 2012

… New “Limor” Standard More Accurately Reflects Banking Practices

Given the loss of confidence in the big banks in the wake of revelations that they have been manipulating the world’s most important economic benchmark – Libor – regulators in the U.S. and UK have announced that they will abandon Libor and adopt a new standard. In the run up to the change in standards, Bank of England chief Mervyn King had called for a benchmark based on actual transaction prices. Continue reading