John Ward – Hackgate Day 542 : Eighteen Months On, Plod Fianally Gets Round To The Mirror Gargoyles – 5 July 2012

Greig Box-Turnbull, 37, who worked for Trinity Mirror until taking voluntary redundancy in March, was arrested at his home in Morden Surrey yesterday. Two other people – a prison officer and a woman – were also arrested between 6am and 8am on Wednesday.

A Mirror spokesman said it could not comment: “We cannot confirm anything because we do not know.” It’s a classic example of the Diamond Defence. However, it appears that Mr Toxic-Butterball bribed a screw darn the Scrubbs. Allegedly.

This is the first time a non-Newscorp hack has been the victim of Felt Collar syndrome. We’ve a long way to go before Piers Morgan, but every journey must begin with the first step. And hello there all you Maily Telegraph Boat People….we’re on your case. link to original article

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