Lucas – We Can Do This If We Want To Together – 5 July 2012

I  skipped writing a long extensive article about the still around duality issues  that are played out now. Anyone who feels him or herself attacked so be it.  I forgive  you all and have compassion. I will sent you all love and light.

We need no authority figures nor gurus,  nor commenters and opinionated ones. We do not seek the only truth propagators, people who are putting oil on burning fires, etc.  We seek to discern ourselves with common sense as divine sovereign human beings.  We need to weigh the words ourselves. We have to use the free will choice. We need to look what resonates with all that  is offered out there ourselves.

But in all there is still the common goal we all have and seem to forget on our way home. We forget we  all walk the walk towards the new golden age and our ascension. We need therefore that what unites us put in front of us and focus on it. We all in our hearts want the same.  Let us see we can unite in common sense and manifest thereby our free world in peace, unconditional love and abundance NOW.

We can still make mistakes and have our faults but keep up with forgiving and doing that what is of the higher dimensional vibration and all will eventually be OK .  Often from chaos born is the new. Do not fear what is coming. The cosmic divine balance in all will be found.  It will happen.  We can make it happen faster in uniting as ONE and go for our common goal.

We can do this if we want to together.

Love and Light,


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