Benjamin Fulford – Reader Update – 6 July 2012

Subject: Drake’s Green Light Announcement

Hi Benjamin,

I’m wondering what your thoughts are about Drake after his recent “Green Light” announcement. Tonight on his radio show he didn’t apologize for getting everyone’s hopes up. He didn’t even mention the fact that the “fireworks” we were supposed to sit back and enjoy turned out to be duds.
Instead of the best fourth of July we’ve every had I think most of us experienced a huge disappointment. Anyone who even mentioned that there would be mass arrests before July 4th lost their credibility. Anyone with common sense is now questioning how organized this whole movement is. There have been two announcements of mass arrests by Drake which didn’t happen. You and David Wilcock both verified that Drake is a part of the same movement you are.
If this group of “white hats” is so poorly organized that they can’t even make an announcement at the right time for the mass arrests how are we supposed to believe the “white hats” are going to take down the biggest criminal organization in the history of humanity?
Best wishes,
Answer Fulford:

My sources tell me Drake is connected to the military and is allowed to say things within limits. However, the White Dragon Society has never put out deadlines. Many people have given me dates that come and go without the predicted events happening so I have stopped publishing any such announcements.
However, it is very obvious from watching world news that the cabal is falling apart. Take a few examples: the Libor scandal, the Rico lawsuit filed against George Soros and Donald Trump, the Fast and Furious investigation against Eric Holder, the sudden stop to the C02 “global warming,” campaign, the promise by the BRICS 150 nation alliance to offer $500 billion for the poorest people in the world and for the environment, etc. etc.
The fall of the Soviet Union and the communist bloc in Europe seemed to take forever when it was happening but in retrospect it was really quick. The collapse of the cabal is a mathematical certainty and it is going on every day and becoming more and more obvious to all.
The important thing is to ignore their fear mongering and make sure they do not trick us into World War 3.

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