Drake – 2 Updates – 6 July 2012

US Will Sign Gun Control Treaty on July 27 ?

This has been in the works for two years.

Obama and Clinton are DOING this NOW!

Wake Up!

http://www.americannationalmilitia.com link to original article


The New Ruling Class

It must be nice to be in the financial industry. Yuri Milner purchased an estate for $100 million, but got a 50% property tax break by having his property assessed at half that (article below). Here is a link to Google’s aerial view of Milner’s estate. Interestingly, Google briefly shows the most recent satellite image (with improvements), but almost immediately replaces it with a prior one (before improvements). You can view the switch again by clicking on the original link.

Here is another example of the New Ruling Class (the bankers that are too big to fail, and thus are never held accountable). Worldwide interest rates are controlled in London by a dozen investment companies that daily set the LIBOR rate, which creates the basis for most interest rates, including home mortgage rates. It turns out, these companies have been manipulating the number, giving rise to the new name “LIE-BOR”. The same companies also daily fix the price of gold, which determines the relative value of the world’s currencies (exchange rates) and which countries must contract, or can expand, their lending. The control of interest rates, exchange rates, and fractional reserve requirements are among the factors that allow the Rothschilds and other international bankers to manipulate the lives of people worldwide.

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