Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 5 July 2012

Duty, honor, courage. These are the attributes of the men and women who are today on your front lines making the arrests that your people of Earth have demanded and that are opening the door to freedom, sovereignty and prosperity for every man, woman and child who calls your planet Earth their home. What we are seeing in your world the last few days is a monumental site to behold, as doors are being broken down that have stood between you and the world that you all deserve, a world that has been possible for all of you for a very long time. We are delighted to report that the arrests of the members of your criminal cabal are proceeding and are proceeding smoothly and efficiently, with no problems, delays or obstacles presenting themselves that will slow or hinder in any way the delivery of the new world that, by decree, the people of your world demand for themselves and their families.
We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are also involved in our own way in these arrests. We are issuing updates in the form of bulletins to your troops and law enforcement officials who are on the front lines, and we are, through the means of our technology, keeping them abreast of the movements and whereabouts of those of your cabal who may try but who will not succeed to delay the inevitable which is their apprehension and incarceration into the same internment camps that they have constructed through the pilfering of your hard earned money for your arrest and incarceration in the very near days ahead if you did not obey each and every command that they chose to make. How ironic life can be, can it not dear ones? Do you see the lesson in this for those who have plotted and schemed against your people? We hope that they do see this irony, and we hope that from all this they can derive some sort of lesson that will assist them on their continued journey, no matter where it shall take them, which in many cases will be someplace far from you and your new world.
These men and women of your criminal cabal have very harsh lessons to experience before them now. This is the way it must be, and this is the way that they have chosen for themselves to learn what is necessary for a being to prosper, to grow and mature, moving on to new, more joyful, more educational and more fruitful experiences. Do not for a moment feel sadness for these beings, as all beings receive the experiences and the lessons that they need, and these beings are no different from any other beings in this universe in this regard. They have made their beds and now must lie in them, this is the bottom line, and there are other lines as well to read from this wonderful script. There are lessons in this play about love, about tolerance, about understanding, about equality, about righteousness, about doing others wrong, about greed, about peace, prosperity, determination, courage, guidance, friendship, hope, dreams, futures, and our universe as a whole and as an entity all in itself, living and breathing, thinking and delivering just what it is a being needs for him or herself to better him or herself, to strengthen him or herself and to grow, gaining wisdom, knowledge and experiences that will lift them up and out of a current existence that they are growing out of like an old pair of shoes when it is time to experience more of what this universe offers them.
What is being offered many of you at this time is a new beginning, a fresh start, a new world to call your home, free from the carnage, from the violence, from the pollution, from the never ending mounting problems and difficulties, shortages, conflicts, struggle and strife. A new world created and designed from scratch, right from the purest dreams, hopes, intentions and prayer of those children who will now call this new world their home. Are you, our Creator’s children, ready now to experience the blossoming of your new home now that the cabal’s days are surely numbered indeed and soon the playing field will be clear for us of the higher realms to come down from our positions in your skies and meet you face-to-face and begin restoring your planet to the immaculate condition she belongs to be in, deserves and has earned, just as you, her children, have earned and deserve? If you are ready, then we are ready. This is how it is, and this is how it has always been. We will not keep you waiting one moment longer than you have to wait.
We say to your men and women on the front lines clearing the way for this reunion to continue your brave efforts and continue to knock down those obstacles that stand before humanity and their new, beautiful, prosperous and free global society that will cater to the needs of every man, woman and child no matter where it is they live. A world that will allow each and every dream a being has to take wings and take flight, a world that will feed every hungry mouth and a world that will quench the thirst of every being whether it be a thirst for water, for knowledge, for freedom, for prosperity or for artistic expression. Whatever it is a being shall need or desire for themselves to prosper and to enjoy their world will be provided. There is no ceiling, there are no limits on what will now be offered you once those who have worked and schemed so hard for so long to deny you just about everything you could ever need or want are removed from your society to where they can no longer plot and scheme any longer against you. This is our promise to you; we will never allow these beings to walk freely the face of your Earth until a time when they are fully and completely purified and rehabilitated. This is the way it must be and there shall be no other way, you have our word, the word of your friends, families and cosponsors of your new and unlimited world.
Taking account of what is transpiring on the front lines, we will report to you that we now see many arrests taking place simultaneously, where at one time these arrests were few, scattered and far between. We see the momentum picking up as more troops and more agencies zero in on their prey and move in for the capture but not the kill, and this is important, as these beings deserve their right to fair and just rehabilitation services just as all the men, women and children who today languish in your prisons deserve a second chance at true rehabilitation programs and not the barbarism of medieval- like imprisonment behind bars and in small cells surrounded by no one who can shine light upon them to lead them out of the darkness that is their presence state of mind or condition. We, among many precious gifts, will offer you improved state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs that will effectively alter a beings desire to commit the crimes that they have been incarcerated for.
In the cases where crimes have not been committed against another individual, these beings will be released from their imprisonment after an examination has been performed on them to make sure they have not succumbed mentally or emotionally to the vibration that pulsated around them throughout, what is in many cases, a long incarceration. This preventive measure must be taken, as your new world will be a world of peace, of safety, of tranquility, where every being no matter where it is they live can walk the streets at any hour of the day or night without hesitation, without taking a risk for their safety or well-being. This is a huge project we will undertake with you, and just as all our other projects, we will require the assistance of a great number of you who are stirred within their hearts at the site of so many men, women and even children locked away behind bars for mistakes they have made, a mistake that in many cases has cost them their freedom for the rest of their natural lives.
We of the higher realms do not take what some of these beings have done to others lightly; please understand this, as all crimes against another are serious. We, however, have certainly different views of rehabilitation and justice, and we look very forward to sharing these methods and practices with you in the days ahead which now look to be approaching very rapidly as we continue to see a mounting number of arrests of your criminal cabal and associates that so many of your world have longed for with great eagerness and anticipation. As we have said, we would like to see you, the people of Earth, celebrate these arrests as a signal to your brethren that these arrests are good news and the news that your people have waited a lifetime for and even beyond into many past lifetimes.
Your world has not experienced the kind of freedom that awaits now just a short time ahead in many eons of time. Your world has not been free from these beings for many thousands of years beyond your current understandings of the beginnings of your ancient civilizations. We will share with you in great detail the true history of your planet, and you will discover for yourself how long it truly has been emerged in darkness due to these beings and their harmful agenda to control every facet of this entire world, including the thoughts, actions health, wealth, emotions and dreams of every being that was not one of them. We say to you it will be soon now when these arrests reach a peak and more of those that will be arrested are already incarcerated, finding themselves behind the bars and fences of the internment camps they had designed and built for you.
 Until we speak again, we say Godspeed to the men and women on your front lines who are doing their parts to make all that is possible for your people become a reality. You have our greatest appreciation for the work you are doing, and we wish you to remember that we are here in support of you and we will do all that we can to make sure no harm comes to you from any outside forces that may wish to interfere in some way with these proceedings .
We are your friends and your family in support of your mission to purify your world of those that have for so long plotted and schemed and have succeeded to oppress your people. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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