Lucas – God Particle Found? – Yep, Search On! – 6 July 2012

The experiment at The Large Hadron Collider  at CERN was brought into the news as if we had found the GOD Particle. For sure it is a nice discovery that gives us a bit wider understanding of things, but let us call it the discovery of the Higgs Boson Particle. They still need to further understand their findings. It was just one experiment.
We are so sure we know everything if  we scientific research all. We have to understand all in our boxed in thinking, of what the world and our universe and we are, is far more complex and different from that matrix we are still in. We still want to see things from inside that box and explain everything from that perspective. Therefore it might be true in that experience of the matrix but it probably is different in seeing it outside that box.
The experiments and our discoveries in space from our own 3D matrix perspective have made clear that our own scientific rules on earth can be so different from those in our universe, better said universes, multi-dimensions, outer space, etc., as things behave different there.  Quantum physics can not bring us an understanding of all.
Maybe stepping out of the matrix and search for it in an other way may.
I think a lot of us will get to see things in an other way. It might be that the key is found within our spiritual awakening!
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